Vector Unit Showcase A Brand New Trailer For Riptide GP: Renegade

The lovely team at Vector Unit have released a brand new trailer for their upcoming racer Riptide GP2: Renegade, which is coming to Apple TV, Android, Android TV, Kindle, FireTV, Xbox One, PlayStation4, Windows 10, and Steam, with only a Q2 release frame at this present time.

The trailer shows off some of the new vehicles, characters, and tracks set to feature in the game, as well as telling you that the game will also feature both online & local multiplayer, which is a strange thing to see in a small release these days.

The game has not been given a stone wall release date just yet, with the guys at Vector Unit not willing to buge anything past a "we are working towards a May release" being as far as they will go when asked. Be sure to keep checking the blog and following me on Twitter to be kept up to date on this, and as soon as I get the email on a release date you guys will know asap.