Eclipse DLC Now Available To Download For Xbox One Black Ops III Players

DLC pack two for Black Ops III is now available to download for Xbox One players, with the DLC pack costing you £11.59 on the Xbox store here. The pack offers a brand new zombie experience, as well as four new maps, with one map brought back from World At War so getting that old re-imagining line in they love to use.

Spire: Take MP combat to a futuristic sub-orbital airport terminal set high in the clouds. 

Knockout: The Shaolin Temple with a retro twist contrasts exterior mid-range engagements and interior close quarters. 

Verge: This reimagined classic Call of Duty: World at War map, Banzai, drops MP combat into the center of a distant post-apocalyptic future. 

Rift: Head to the core of a harsh futuristic military complex, set above an active volcano.