HXR Gameplay - Dishonored 2

I would love to be able to review every game for the site that I get to play, but with a wife and two kids, sadly games I pick up via rental or purchase have to wait. Last week saw me getting Dishonored 2 in the post as a rental, but with reviews that need doing currently, it's not something I can fully invest time in just yet. So what I will do with games like this in the future is just upload 20 minutes or so and let you guys just have a look for yourself and make up your own mind. I will try my best to bring a review via an Overdue Review at some point too if and when time allows it.

The first level of Dishonored 2 can be found below, with my stealth skills being some of the best you will ever see on the Internet (read that last bit as me being terrible at stealth). The game is out now if you like what you see in the video. Be sure to subscribe to the channel if you haven't already.