HXR Giveaway - Win Titanfall 2 & A month of EA Access On Me

With the recent addition of the Mass Effect trilogy to the EA access Vault, and not forgetting Mirror's Edge Catalyst, UFC 2, and things like a 10-hour trial for both Battlefield 1 currently available too. I thought now was a good time to give someone the chance to sample this bloody fine subscription service for a full month. Click here to find out what you can currently download if you win the code. On top of this the winner will also receive a download for Titanfall 2, so just think of all the games you could be playing when this ends in seven days.

How to enter can be found below. Obviously the more you do the better chance you have. Thanks for visiting the site, and be sure to have a look around while you are here too. HGR Giveaways - One Month Of EA Access