MX Nitro Coming To Xbox One This February

The guys who have seemingly been world leaders in bringing market-defining mobile titles to the world (or so said the press release in my email inbox) have revealed they are to enter into the console market on February 14, with the release of its arcade-style motocross game, MX Nitro. The game promises to offer the below features, with no online play and rather PVP ghosts being the one many will focus on.
  • Single Player Mode
  • Async Multiplayer Mode
  • PvP with other players’ ghosts
  • 13 Hardcore Bosses
  • More than 40 tracks from around the globe
  • 5 Unique Bikes
  • 55 Crazy Stunts
  • Solo Campaign and multiplayer
  • Bike and rider customization
  • Challenges and achievements
  • Hard Rockin’ Soundtrack