AQUA KITTY UDX: Xbox One Ultra Edition Coming To Xbox One Tomorrow (Feb 3rd)

Checking my emails last night before going to bed, I was surprised to see that someone from Tikipod (the publisher of this game) had without me doing anything decided to get in touch and provide a review code for this upcoming release. I've laid off indie reviews for a little while now due to things being super busy at home, and also just because there isn't enough time in my day to cover every release, and I hate not giving every little guy a chance a fair shoutout. If a publisher takes time out of their day to get in touch with me by themselves mind you, well I just got to return to love, haven't I?

AQUA KITTY UDX: Xbox One Ultra Edition is coming to the Xbox One tomorrow (Feb 3rd), and will cost you the small price of just £6.39 if you live here in the UK. Have I seen much of this leading up to release? Well no, no I haven't. I have however given the below trailer a quick look at while downloading the game this morning, and judging by that it looks to offer those shmup fans out there something that they might enjoy. First look I instantly thought of games such as Defender back from when I was a kid, but no hands on time for me as I type this post up stop any sort of opinion coming out of my fingers. Expect some basic gameplay from me on the YouTube channel sometime over the next few days (ps: I suck at shoot 'em ups), with an honest review to follow on this very soon.

An all new, 13 level DREADNOUGHT MODE which plays like a fine blend of Uridium and Defender.
Remastered music, plus all new music tracks and sfx in Dreadnought mode.
Optional local 2 player coop, great if you need an extra cat buddy to help you out!
HUD art retooled and enhanced for greater clarity on busier levels.
Rebalanced levels, such as extra weapons for INFINITE MODE, and reworked CLASSIC MODE levels.
Depth based weapon generation system, allowing you to tactically choose which powerup is spawned and where.
Tricky ARCADE MODE which fuses the gameplay of Defender with the upgrade system of Gradius.