Free Multiplayer Access For All On Xbox Live Silver This Weekend (Feb 16th - Feb 19th)

If you've got an Xbox One without Xbox Live, well other than what the hell are doing????? This weekend is a great time to sample the wonder that is Xbox Live Gold for zero cash. As of yesterday Xbox Live Gold is free for all, so finally those with silver accounts can sample the likes of Gears 4, Halo 5, Call of Duty, FIFA and more online. So be sure to get that mate told whose parents torture him by not getting him gold even though they bought him an Xbox this Xmas. Or even that friend who says his life is too busy to pay a yearly sum for a service he will never use.

For those of us enjoying the Gold service already, we can also get something out of this weekend too. Just load up your favourite online game and laugh like a maniac as you get yourself some easy XP beating or killing some of these noobs wth ease. A good weekend gaming to you all.