Kitty Powers' Matchmaker Sees A Small Delay On The Xbox One

Chances are most of you are either saying "I don't care" or "WHAT IS THIS????" when reading this post, but I for one was looking forward to seeing what the game was all about. With the game originally being planned for a February 7th release, I was disappointed to see that for some reason it wasn't appearing on the store yesterday so looked to the Internet as to why, and this is when I heard the terrible news over on the Magic Notion website.

So a short delay is all that is needed to fix this "technical issue" with us being told the game "SHOULD" and not 100% will see a release before Valentine's Day. None the less, I shall be covering this via a written review for your eyes once codes are available. So if like me you're a little intrigued as to what this is all about, then please do stay tuned.