Did You Like Lifeless Planet? Then Lifeless Moon Is Something You Need To Know About

I reviewed Lifeless Planet way back in 2015 when it launched onto consoles, with the game getting a 2.8/5 (what kind of di** gives a 2.8) when I reviewed it when I was part of Honest Games Reviews. Without reading through that review all over again, I think back and remember having an okay time with it, with the only bad thing being that it was very much a one time play and done with it experience.

The three-person core team at Stage 2 Studios today announced a new game is on the way in Lifeless Moon, with the blog page going on to say that the game is more a prequel than it is a sequel to Lifeless Planet. While Lifeless Moon looks to offer more of the same to that of the previous game, the small FAQ post on the blog page does say that Lifeless Moon will have a deeper focus on puzzles than that of Lifeless Planet, with the core experience being one of exploration and also discovery.

The events of Lifeless Moon take place in the early 1970s during the first human missions to the Moon. with the game being set before Lifeless Planet, but also being loosely connected to it. Other than that, all we know currently is that "during an expedition to the Moon, two astronauts find themselves in a familiar town back on Earth. They soon find the town is the beginning of a strange and mysterious journey".

The game is set for a release in 2018 with no formats being confirmed as of yet, but a Kickstarter is planned (WHICH I WILL ADD HERE ONCE IT GOES LIVE). This post is more to make people aware of the game than it is to say the game is coming to the Xbox One. Sure that may happen, but only time and a successful Kickstarter will make that possible. If you want to be kept fully up to date then be sure to follow Stage 2 Studios on Twitter here. Check out the trailer on Vimeo by clicking here too.