The Mass Effect Andromeda EA Access Trial Is Nearly Upon Us

The 10 hour EA Access trial for Mass Effect Andromeda is nearly upon us, with a scheduled release of March 16th being all that we currently know. From what I've seen on the web you will find yourself reaching a point in this trial where the story will not continue, but you will be able to explore the planet you are currently on. The MP will see no such thing and will be fully open and playable if you fancy using your time elsewhere once doing what you can in the single player. While the trial isn't set to go live until tomorrow, it has been known in the past that these trials do tend to go live a little early for us here in the UK, with trials for BF1 and others going live anywhere between 9pm and midnight the day before. I'm checking EA Access every few hours, so if you're following me on Twitter I will be sure to let you know once I know the trial is live.