Overwatch and Fallout 4 Set For A Free Play Weekend From Today

On a tight budget and not played either of the two blockbuster releases in the title of this post? Then this long weekend is set to be a good one.

Fallout 4 is currently already available to download as part of the free play weekend right now, with Overwatch going live for us in the UK around 7 this evening. Both games offer a full weekend of free play fun, but I'm unsure if this means achievements are available too, but they have been given out on previous free play weekends so I don't see why not.

To find the games and install them simply go to the gold tab found on the right-hand side of your Xbox One dashboard, you will find them right next to the Games with Gold offerings (CHECK IMAGE BELOW TO FIND OUT WHAT TIME OVERWATCH GOES LIVE IN YOUR AREA).