Ghost Of A Tale Now Available Via Xbox Game Preview

Ghost of a Tale is now live in the Game Preview program for the Xbox One. The game is an Action-RPG adventure game, set in a world only populated by animals, with you playing a mouse by the name of Tilo. Your quest, to escape the jails of Dwindling Heights Keep while discovering the fate of your one true love, Merra.

One thing to note comes from the website for the game, with one member of the five-man team speaking about what build the console version currently has and what to expect.

"Unfortunately we didn’t manage to upload the latest build on the servers in time for the launch so what you’ll get at first is an older build (3.94). Since then we have fixed dozens of bugs (both large and small), vastly improved the visuals (textures, lighting, shaders, models, etc…) and done a big optimisation pass (framerate stability).
The new build (4.35) should become available as soon as Microsoft can disseminate it to its servers. Which we hope will be done in a few hours."

The game is available now for £15.99/$19.99 by clicking on here to be taken to the store.