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What was 2017 All About? (Totally Not A List Of Good And Bad Things From The Year)

It's that time of year boys and Girls. The time where people who write about video games give you a list of both good and bad games because we have nothing else to do now all the games are out. In previous posts like this, the only struggle has been to work out which top three I should choose to make up my list, whereas this year I can't lie, It's been a tough one.

Now sure, unlike previous year ending posts I've not sampled all games this year. Hell, I've not even played a few massive releases such as the latest Forza and Wolfenstein, so do note that. As with every year though, the choices for MY top three are ones that at the time struck a chord with me and stuck with me, giving me something a little different from anything else I've played this year. If you follow me on social media this list will offer you zero surprises, as these three have filled my Twitter timeline a lot when playing through them. So let me begin with my top three games of 2017.

3: Resident Evil 7
Being honest here, this spot was the toughest one to fill, with AC Origins also being a game that up until having to stop myself playing it, could have easily seen it slotted in here. In the end, though, Resi 7 come out on top, as when looking back it was a game that not only offered one of the better experiences this year, but it made me remember how much fun scary games can be, a genre I tend to avoid these days. Check out the review here.

2: What Remains Of Edith Finch
I always love when I get to review a game that in normal circumstances would normally slip under my radar. I went into Edith Finch expecting a totally different experience to what I got. With me coming out the other side having been given one of the better story driven experiences of 2017. Click here to read my spoiler-free review.

1: RiME
RiME is another one that while lacking in replay value or game time, just stands out thanks to the experience you get out of it. Another one I'm not going to spoil other than saying buy it, with the game offering not only a gorgeous game to look at but also a soundtrack I still find myself listening to today via Spotify. Check out the review here.

Games that nearly made the list
Aaero - One of the best music-related games in the last few years. Review here

Sonic Mania - It was the classic Sonic we've always wanted. Review here
The Worst
This year I've probably missed a bunch of rubbish games, as unlike previous years, I really do have to stop myself reviewing a bunch of things at once, as being one guy it just doesn't end up working out that well. I still have some slip through the net though, with the below games ones to avoid if you ever see them on the Xbox One store.

Troll & I
This game was the one that made me take stock and start to become pickier in what I choose to review for the site. Bluntly put, this game is bloody awful, made worse when you have to play it to really give it a chance. Review here, but let's forget about this game quickly.

Crazy Strike Bowling Ex. This review says everything really.

Things to be excited about in 2018
So as a gamer what am I excited about in 2018? The delayed Crackdown 3 for one, with that delay being a tough pill to swallow when it was announced. No matter what console you own though, 2018 looks to be another great year where we get to escape our day to day lives and get to play like the kids we all are deep inside.
Red Dead Revolver 2, Sea Of Thieves, Monster Hunter World, Far Cry 5, surprises of E3, and these are just things off the top of my head. I'm sure the indie guys and girls working hard out there will surprise many of us once again too, just look at my top 3 list to see how easy it was for them this year. The X will have a year to find its feet, with games running and looking better than they have ever before. So yeah, 2018 looks to be an exciting year.
What about the site and things?
2017 on a personal level has been a bloody rollercoaster like every other year, but on the whole, it's also been one where I think I've finally found my feet and what I should expect from myself going forward. I've pretty much bored you all to tears with my life every now and then, and I'm sorry if sometimes that turned you off following what I do. I will try my best to not do it as much going forward, promise. To Those who have stuck around though when I was really in a bad spot, just thank you. To those who went even further by getting in touch via DM, I love you. The thing with the Internet is people love to think we are all happy people that smile 24/7, but we all have bad days/weeks/months, and weirdly chatting about anything that is on your mind with someone, anyone, helps lots in just getting this worry or thing getting you down off your chest. If you're out there reading this and you ever need to just vent or get something off your chest, just know my Twitter DM box is always open for you. Just ask and I will try my best to make you laugh or at the very least bring a smile to your face, but most of all just listen to you and chat it out ;)

Have an awesome knees up to smash 2017 out the way and see you lovely lot in 2018.



  1. Great selection, my top 3 would be Resi7, Forza Horizon 3, Forza Motorsport 7. (Yes I like racers, Resi7 was just great and yes like you said Horror game done right)


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