Watch The Xbox E3 Brief On Mixer To Net Yourself Some Xbox Goodies

We all love some free stuff every now and then, with Mixer seemingly loving to share some free stuff everytime an E3 show comes around. This year is no exception, with viewers who watch the Xbox Brief tonight and the Inside Xbox show tomorrow getting what Mixer calls a Mixpot of Xbox DLC and goodies. The last one saw gamers getting things like Rare Replay, with this year seemingly being DLC based but also offering a pre-order for the decent looking Outer Wilds too (trailer below). Simply be logged in and watching the show via an account that is linked to your Microsoft account on whatever device you wish and tune into the stream found on this very channel. Enjoy seeing what the Xbox team have in store for us for the next year or so, and then just sit back and wait for an Xbox Live message to come through to your console in a few days. I mean that's how it worked last time.