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Review - The Catch: Carp & Coarse

Scroll back a few weeks in regards to reviews I've done, and you might go into this review wondering how I'm not fed up with hunting and more so fish and underwater antics by now. The Catch is from the same guys behind the much-loved Euro Fishing and the lesser loved Fishing Sim World when it comes to me anyway. In terms of Euro Fishing, that was a game I loved a lot when it first released. Getting me through many a night when it came to chilling out and relaxing. So what would The Catch have in store for me?

Straight to the point here, to a guy who dabbles in the fishing delights that Dovetail have previously released on the Xbox One, I can't say The Catch really offers anything that mind blowing different that needs to be spoken about. Simply put, If you got anything out of the previous games I mentioned above, this is much more of the same.
In terms of modes, you've got a handful to mess about on. The  offline mode you will use the most will be fishing trip. Here you can choose one of the five locations available, with a DLC venue also already available if you want to add that to the game for an extra £8.79. The locations you're given to pick from out the box as it were see you able to visit places such as Pearl Lake in Malaysia, to places more closer to home like Loch Mickle in Scotland. Each location having a bunch of species to try and catch, along with the ever elusive boss fish everyone seems to catch but me. Simple here, just get out there and fish.
Once picking your destination you can choose what tacklebox to take, with three default ones available right away, or one you've created yourself. You of course get new items by earning cash to spend by catching fish. Go to the shop and you can purchase things either in-game or by going to the tacklebox option in the customise option on the home screen. Here you can buy new rods, reels, lines, hook, floats, bait, new clothes to wear, and wraps for your boat.
Away from fishing trip you have modes like events. Here there are six timed events which ask you to catch certain species, with stuff such as total final weight, or length being the thing you want to be top of by the time the clock expires. The fishing league mode is very much similar mode to these events too, with this one requiring you to pay to enter, but the pull of a decent XP and cash haul if you finish in the gold, silver or Bronze spot. You've also got a basic MP mode too which you can host an open session or friends only lobby, with the options all here to mess about with in regards to the venue, rules, and time of day.
Also Dovetail live is worth signing up for at the start of the game, if not for anything else but the chance of unlocking underwater scenes like the basic one seen below that begins when leaving the menu screen alone for a few minutes. Who doesn't want a digital ocean scene on their TV while they potter around the house? You can unlock more by beating some of the mastery challenges available once setting up an account.
Overall: More of the same here for both Euro Fishing and the Fishing Sim fans out there., with this one seemingly combining both games together. The downside really is once again graphics outside the locations not being that great, and also only five locations to play with. Want more? Well you're going to have to get your hand in your pocket and pay for the pleasure it seems. That said great game to chill with or one to play and wait for a bite while you mess about on your phone with.

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