Venom Announce Xbox Series X/S Charging Range Coming Soon

I'm a big fan of Venom, you should know this by now if you follow me on Twitter or have read my love for their cheap yet damn fantastic batteries for the Xbox One on this very site right here via a review I did. I also got myself the charging dock too, but never got around to typing up anything on that, but it's still something I use to this very day. And just as great as the simple but well-priced double battery packs I bought numerous times for me and the kids. But enough love, let us talk new stuff.
Venom are dropping three ways to keep either your X or S pads full of charge on the launch day of the consoles themselves, November 10. Dropping in black for those picking up an X, or white for those of us on a budget and picking up a Series S. All three of these are now available to pre-order on Amazon right now, with price details and links to all of them below.