Hey There, Remember Me?

Oh hey there stranger. Do people still come here or did my falling off the face of the earth not matter?
I mean we all know the few of you that popped over to show me some love haven't been here since around June I imagine. Right around that time I reviewed a game and then just started enjoying this whole life thing after loads of us got stabbed with a needle that claimed to let us once again do this world outside our front gate. Going well isn't it?

So why have have I dragged you here via a link on Twitter that I also hardly use these days? I'll be honest I do not know. For the first time in a long time though I looked at the laptop and just thought I should, I dunno, maybe use that domain and stuff I paid for way back in February rather than it just sit there. 

But what to talk about? It's not like while being away from here I haven't done any gaming. You all follow on Twitter, so you know I'm over here still pumping hours into a hobby I still love. We've had some pretty big releases over the last few months too, with Forza, Back 4 Blood, and Halo Infinite to name but a few. Game Pass has grown and grown into easily the most value for money service gaming has ever seen. We got cloud gaming now, so games are available at a click of a button which make testing out a game that you're maybe on the fence with or never heard a thing about more accessible. I mean truthfully, do we need reviewers these days when you can most of the time just make your own mind up on a game? Course we do, as what would people on social media do with themselves as they always need something to disagree on and shake their fists at.

So anyway, back on point. Why are you here. Well I'm going to try and get back into the swing of things again. Now yes I've said this many a time and done one post in a month, but cross my heart and hope to die this won't be the case this time. I've done my living of life, now back to trying to remember how to actually review things and make you buy stuff you don't really need. Not only that and to go on a more serious note for a minute, the help that typing up a review or playing a game with more than a purpose of playing it is great for a bit of focus and GREAT for those bad head days many of us tend to suffer with. So yeah, let's try this shall we? I mean I hope more than one person clicked on this and read it, cause I could really do with the views. No idea what I will review first but I shall return soon with actual site content and not me waffling on just to try and remember how to use this damn thing.

Love ya,