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Dates Revealed For New Games And New Spotify Perk Coming To Xbox Game Pass Users This Month

Xbox Game Pass has without a shadow of a doubt grown into a service that is easily one of the best entertainment based subscription services available right now. With its ever growing catalogue growing by the month, it just continues to get better and better. 

A few more games coming to the service this month on top of the already huge game coming tomorrow (Red Dead Redemption 2) have been announced. So check out below for a few other games and when to expect to get your hands on them, also some Info on a new perk set to be available soon.

May 7
Red Dead Redemption 2

May 14
Final Fantasy IX

May 19
Fractured Minds
(Easy 1000GS this one)

New Perk:
US and UK Xbox Ultimate users will be able to claim six months of Spotify Premium. With users in Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, and Mexico being offered three months. Worth noting will only work on new spotify premium accounts.

On top of this the below games will also be leaving the service on the dates given below.

May 7

May 15
Black Desert
Lego Ninjago
Mega Man Legacy Collection 2
Metal Gear Survive
The Banner Saga
Wolfenstein II

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