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Review - GRID

GRID is one of those series that is looked at fondly by both hardcore racing fans and also the novice guy like myself. The GRID series started back in 2008, so to still be going strong eleven years later must say the fanbase is out there and still wanting more of what it offers. Many would class GRID as an arcade racer I think, but for me as a guy who doesn't really tend to stick around these types of game for long, it certainly has a tinge of the serious stuff too, with tuning available and also just how the game plays. An arcade racer to me is something that doesn't take itself too seriously and also has a certain quirk to it, seen in games like Blur and Split Second. Grid really doesn't have that, with the only thing being the rewind feature which we see in every racer these days it seems.

Loading up GRID for the first time I was a bit taken aback by the content actually in the game, with this review certainly going to come in at the short side purely down to what I ca…
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Review - Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands

Stranded Sails was a game that popped up on my social media timeline one day and saw me sold on the idea ever since. Just something about games like this of late which see you having to go out and explore and take care of yourself and a bunch of others seems to be becoming my thing. Stranded Sails ticked a lot of the right boxes in trailers and in-game ideas the game showed off, but how did it go once I got my hands the game?

The game begins with you racing to your father's ship before they set off an adventure, with that adventure obviously going wrong once a colorful bird sits upon the mast of the ship and a storm comes crashing in. Waking up on an island you are shown the basics on how to do a few things which will help you in the game, with you finally making it to another island where your Dad lays injured inside the battered ship, with your job being to find the rest of the crew and also help feed and get them shelter, as you try to help them all survive and hopefully get h…

Review - Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered

The craze of remastering every game that ever released is very much still a thing. While I'm all for old games getting a little spit and polish and re-releasing to a brand new audience, every now and then a game gets the remaster treatment that makes me scratch my head a little bit. Ghostbusters certainly falls into this for me, as while playing it the first time around on the 360 and enjoying it a tiny bit, I'm sure most gamers who played it will agree it was far from a classic that deserves such a re-release. That said, Ghostbusters is still a big license to drop out there to (like I said above) a new audience that perhaps missed the game first time around when it released back in 2009.
The game itself sees you playing a rookie joining the team, with the twist and turns of learning how to bust ghosts and of course being the only people capable of saving New York from a Mayor who is looking a little shifty. I mean the story is dull as, but that is basically the gist of it, b…

Review - Super Dodgeball Beats

I find myself once again reviewing a game that normally I would have overlooked, with the final review being all about how I fudged up in deciding to cover this, or it has me finding out I unearthed a gem that hardly anybody has heard much about in the weeks since release. The fact this is like a month after release and I sit here scratching my head on how to get this review to longer than a few sentences, should tell you all you need to know.

So Super Dodgeball Beats eh, where do I begin?

For those that don't know me, I can tell you now, music games that require pressing buttons to match the beats have been a massive part of my gaming upbringing, Bust a Groove, Vib-Ribbon (he counts right?), Parappa and his rapping, to others like Rockband Blitz. Games that just require to press something to match a screen prompt, I bloody enjoy. Seeing Super Dodgeball Beats on Twitter, I was all for it. Adding in dodgeball was a weird twist, but I was in thanks to how bright and coulourful it l…

Review - FIFA 20

Here we are, the release of one of the bigger yearly releases every calendar year. Reviewing a FIFA game at anytime is a pretty pointless exercise no matter the year, as chances are by now the hardcore fanbase has picked it up and made up their own mind, and the ones who despise everything it offers are already basking in whatever the latest fault is while the game finds its feet after the initial release. None the less, I enjoy my yearly fix of FIFA. Every other night I love nothing more than loading up some Pro clubs and losing a few hours on it. Growing my pro so he can actually function and not play football like a 5-year-old kicking a ball for the first time. I'm getting ahead of myself here, so let us talks modes.
FIFA 20 had a little change this year drafting in a new mode called Volta. Volta is basically a basic FIFA Street which can offer a nice little break from the standard game of football seen in all the other modes. In this part of the game, you have a story mode if…

Review - The Adventures of Elena Temple

Hello all! It's your big pal jonnydarkfang, back at it again! It's been a good few months since I've written for the wonderful Honest Xbox reviews and I'd just like to thank my boy Tony for having me back.
And I'd also like to thank you guys and gals for reading!

Now, if you've been paying any attention to gaming at all over the past few years, you'll be well aware that many retro and retro-inspired, games have been appearing all over the place lately.
And that's what I'll be reviewing today, a retro-inspired puzzle platformer called "The Adventures of Elena Temple"
Before getting into it though, I'd like to tell a little bit about how the game presents itself. You see it pretends to be a genuine retro title, with the game even having an entire fake history chronicling the games "original" release on a failed computer, all the way through a list of pretend ports. If you've ever seen the "Forrest Gump" movie, or…

ID@Xbox Reveal New Games Coming To Xbox Game Pass Soon

ID@Xbox revealed a bunch of new games that are joining Xbox Games Pass by the end of 2019 in the latest video uploaded to their Xbox Youtube channel last week, with both brand new and also a few already released games joining this fantastic service over the next few months. You can find a full list of  the games revealed below, and also watch the video which I've stuck beneath for your viewing pleasure

Munchkin Quacked Quest - Day one XB1/PC
Yooka-Laylee - XB1
The Escapist 2 - XB1
Cities Skylines - PC
Lonely Mountains Downhill - Day One XB1/PC
Demon's Tilt - Day one PC
Genesis Noir - Day one XB1/PC (Not clear if going to make a release by the end of 2019)
Minit - XB1/PC
The Red Strings Club - PC
The Talos Principle - XB1/PC
Vambrace Cold Soul - XB1/PC
State of Mind - PC
Dead by Daylight - XB1/PC(BETA)
Descenders - XB1/PC (Beta)