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Review - Overcooked 2

The very first Overcooked which released a few years back was a big hit in my house, with me and the daughter having some decent times on it while reviewing it, and it also going down rather well with anyone that gave it a look. With the sequel now available, of course, I was going to reach out to Team17 and ask to review it. What does this new game offer? Is it worth picking up if you have the first game? Let's see, shall we?

Overcooked 2 takes what was already a great local player co-op game with the original and instantly improves on it the second you get to the menu and see that online play is now also possible. All modes now have some sort of online element to them, which really does make the game a whole lot easier to enjoy if you perhaps lack when it comes to having gamers in your house willing to play it with you, as it really does shine Overcooked in a much better light when adding more people.
The modes in the game are all simple and don't need that much explaining,…
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Review - All-Star Fruit Racing

We've all got that kart racing game we grew up with and love deeply still to this day, with all recent ones being judged on that one in your head and forgetting about them soon after. All-Star Fruit racing showed up my emails one day and I was looking forward to playing it just by looks alone, with the game having that whole cartoony Wreck-It Ralph look to it in the trailer and screenshots showing it off. What was it like under the hood (every racer review has to have this said in it, it's law) though was the only worry I had going in.

All-Star Fruit Racing offers both offline and online play, but the truth is online is already dead it seems, with me yet to get a single online game going in all the time I've played it. So certainly go into it as an offline racer if thinking about picking it up unless there is a drastic change to the online fanbase here as I'm typing this up. It also offers 4-player split screen local play, so for those that have the mates and controll…

NieR: Automata - Become as Gods Edition Review

Massive thanks to Jon for this review before things get going and you read his detailed review on the game. You can find his social stuff at the bottom of the post if you want to go snag him for your website to review stuff or bug him to do more reviews if you enjoyed the one below. Once again, thanks for getting this review out for me buddy xxx

Cast your mind back to E3, amongst all the glitz and glamour, amongst all the new games and amazing trailers, there was a little announcement that filled me with joy. It was for a game that had previously released to great acclaim on PS4, with players and critics alike applauding the gameplay and story. That game was Nier Autonama.

I'll obviously try and avoid story spoilers, but this much becomes apparent early on. Nier tells the story of 2B (at least first time around but we'll get to that later). She's a member of YoRHa, an organisation made-up of androids specifically designed to wage war. Their enemies are a gigantic horde of…

Review - Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Feels weird typing up a review for this now it has finally come to the Xbox One after those on the PS4 saw it last year, so I've already had that nostalgia trip over there when I dipped my toes into the darkside around the same time. Going into this a second (third really if you count playing the originals) time, I lost the trip down memory lane vibe that most other Xbox review sites got from it for that very reason. Going in knowing that once loveable bandicoot had over the years become a hater of fun is all that I can assume. Loving nothing more than getting the smile on your face when loading the game up again for the first time, ripping it off your face with gorilla tape, and stamping on it and laughing in your face while doing so. He hates you is what I'm saying. Dr Cortex doesn't get off the hook either, as he is mostly to blame for this tortured trip down an on fire memory lane too the total ******* **** jockey.

This N. Sane trilogy gives new players and lovers of …

Review - LEGO: The Incredibles

With every big kid's film there seems to always be a LEGO game releasing alongside it, and why wouldn't there be? Big companies love making money. This game will, of course, sell like hotcakes (whatever a hotcake sells like that is, never bought one myself) what with the UK Summer holidays either in full swing for you already or coming this week if you live in my neck of the woods. Kids need to be entertained for six whole weeks, so a game of a movie series they love ticks all the right boxes to keep them quiet for forty+ hours. Older gamers like myself can enjoy some sweet easy achievement points from a game that really requires zero effort to complete.

The game lets you play through both the recent sequel and also the original, with the storyline and certain memorable scenes playing out over twelve chapters of the game. But of course, this being a LEGO game you then have an open world section to it, as well as revisiting levels with new characters you unlock to be able to u…

Review - Vampyr

My my my, it has been a while, hasn't it? A brain that tells you everything you type is utter poop will do that to someone trying to be creative, but none the less I need to crack on and start getting this review list whittled down to lower digits, with Vampyr being the first one to get the treatment.

Much like the recent State of Decay 2 review (read that here to boost site numbers, thanks), Vampyr has been one of those games where it has had my brain doing bloody somersaults when it comes to making my mind up on how I feel about it now I sit on about 40+ hours playtime. Once again it was one of those games that require a lot of bloody explaining before getting down to what is simply you playing a sort of vampire who goes around trying to find a cure to a plague that has hit 1918 London, while also coming to grips with dying, being brought back to life as the previously mentioned Vampyr (hence the name of the game), quenching your need for blood on your Sister very early on, and…

Review - State Of Decay 2

At last, an Xbox One exclusive game to type up about. Something that seems to be a rare thing these days. Right off the bat, I shall hit you with some truth. The first State of Decay game I found just alright. with it being something I found myself not losing that much time in if I'm being honest with you. While it was fun for a bit, I sort of just moved on from it and never returned to it after a week or two. So bear that in mind for this review, as I have seen so much hate for people on social media who dared to not say how awesome this game is and have their own opinion on it. Internet people, it's okay to not all share the same opinions, life will go on, and you can still enjoy whatever things you want to enjoy. Just because Bob from Stoke said Cuphead was a bag of wa**, turns out YOU can still buy it for yourself and play it and enjoy it. Bloody madness, I know.

State of Decay 2 has been my damn nemesis when it comes to typing up words on it since the code came through a…