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Football Manager 2021 Coming To Xbox Series X/S This December

It was bound to happen right? With the more powerful consoles upon us in just a few months, it's been announced that we can finally expect to see a Football Manager game on our console at last, with a December release date being all we really have at the moment.
The game itself will be Modelled more on the Football Manager Touch games (none of which I've ever played). The Xbox edition will be a streamlined version of the desktop classic, and has also been "carefully redesigned" for optimal performance with the Xbox controller. More details on the game can be expected around November time.
Official website post can be found here.
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Doom Eternal Coming To Xbox Game Pass This October

With the recent addition of Bethesda to the Xbox family, it was only a matter of time before the current games started to surface on the best subscription service on the planet. That being Xbox Game Pass, of course.
On October 1st Doom Eternal will be the first of many Bethesda games to join the already packed catalogue on offer to its console subscribers. As a guy who never really cared that much for Doom on release, and I guess like a lot of other gamers out there, this will be a great way of trying out a game that would easily get looked over away from its hardcore fanbase. PC Gamepass users will have to wait a while mind you, with a date for this joining that service not revealed as of yet.
Checkout a trailer here

Review - The Catch: Carp & Coarse

Scroll back a few weeks in regards to reviews I've done, and you might go into this review wondering how I'm not fed up with hunting and more so fish and underwater antics by now. The Catch is from the same guys behind the much-loved Euro Fishing and the lesser loved Fishing Sim World when it comes to me anyway. In terms of Euro Fishing, that was a game I loved a lot when it first released. Getting me through many a night when it came to chilling out and relaxing. So what would The Catch have in store for me?
Straight to the point here, to a guy who dabbles in the fishing delights that Dovetail have previously released on the Xbox One, I can't say The Catch really offers anything that mind blowing different that needs to be spoken about. Simply put, If you got anything out of the previous games I mentioned above, this is much more of the same. In terms of modes, you've got a handful to mess about on. The  offline mode you will use the most will be fishing trip. Here you …

Review - Hunting Simulator 2

Not since Call of the Wild have I donned my digital camo clothing, grabbed my sniping rifle from my backpack and looked down the sight of it to see a poor defenceless animal begging to be shot in a vital organ. That changed when Hunting Simulator 2 popped up on my Twitter timeline one day a few weeks back offering a hunting experience that saw you having a doggy companion tagging along with you. A few weeks have passed since launch, but a week or so later after finally getting around to playing it, here we are. You kick off the game choosing either to be a pre made male or female hunter, and after a quick skipable tutorial the full game is available to you. You can go out and explore one of six locations available to you, with them having a mix of the thirty three animals out there for you to hunt. Coyote, ducks, deer, elk, you got a decent mix here. Throw in fast travel tents to find, along with stands that help scope out the area a bit, and it will give you a reason to explore the wo…

Review - SpongeBob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated

Spongebob facts I knew going into this review.
1: The name of the game is an absolute mouthful. 2: He lives in a pineapple under the sea.
3: He's absorbent and yellow and porous is he That's it, I'm out of facts 
I can't sit here and say I'm the biggest of Bob fans. Nor can I sit here and say I played the original to this game back in 2003, so the whole nostalgia aspect I've seen many reviews rave about is totally lost on me  I just went it hoping to have some fun and hope it didn't feel too dated. Did I get that? Find out by reading on. The game kicks off with a character called Plankton building a robot building machine with the plans of taking over the home of SpongeBob, Bikini Bottom. Plans go wrong of course as Plankton forgets to pull the obey me switch down when creating these robots, and before you know it your off working your way through locations collecting golden spatulas to progress through the story and to save Bikini Bottom. What follows is a decent…

New Games Coming To Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft have just revealed seven new games (more for those on PC) coming to Xbox Game Pass over the next few weeks. Those games and the dates they are being added are,
Forager - July 16
Mount & Blade: Warband - July 16
Carrion - July 23
Grounded – Xbox Game Preview - July 28
Nowhere Prophet - July 30
The Touryst  - July 30
Yakuza Kiwami 2 - July 30
All of these are coming to the PC apart from Mount & Blade: Warband being on console only, but Golf with Friends is being added to PC on July 23.

Review - Ultimate Fishing Simulator

I love me a fishing game. Infact, any kind of fishing in any game and if it's good I will waste hours on it. Ultimate Fishing Simulator was one of those that just appeared one day out of nowhere, with me being out the loop of upcoming releases that aren't constantly being shouted about on social media. Soon as it came to my attention though, of course I was playing it. This is gonna be a very short review for reasons that are quite simple, there's not much really to talk about now I've spent the last week losing every afternoon on it. Ultimate Fishing Simulator plays very much like a free-to-play game such as Fishing Planet. You have to just drop your money in from the start with the £24.99 asking price, rather than using that cash to buy items while you play. Instead you must grind away to earn your cash in-game for both locations and new gear. So let's talk a bit more on how it works shall we? Opening up with the Betty Lake location and a ready to go selection of i…

Review - Maneater

When the first trailer for Maneater dropped (at what my brain tells me was around E3 time or maybe even Gamescom of last year), it was a game many of us took an interest in. Its release a few weeks back saw it dropping at a perfect time too. With gamers in lockdown just dying for anything new and a bit different to it. Maneater is definitely different, but does it offer an experience that will keep gamers coming back for more? Cue future me to finish this review off.
The game kicks off with a short tutorial teaching you the ropes, aswell as an introduction to the story side of the game and villain of the piece, Scaly Pete. The opening sets a path of revenge that I will let you experience for yourself, with the remainder of the game having a sort of Discovery Channel tag along adventure seen in shows like Deadliest Catch. The game takes place over multiple regions, with each one changing a little from the previous one in terms of looks and also things swimming in it with you. Each region…