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Review - Ultimate Fishing Simulator

I love me a fishing game. Infact, any kind of fishing in any game and if it's good I will waste hours on it. Ultimate Fishing Simulator was one of those that just appeared one day out of nowhere, with me being out the loop of upcoming releases that aren't constantly being shouted about on social media. Soon as it came to my attention though, of course I was playing it. This is gonna be a very short review for reasons that are quite simple, there's not much really to talk about now I've spent the last week losing every afternoon on it. Ultimate Fishing Simulator plays very much like a free-to-play game such as Fishing Planet. You have to just drop your money in from the start with the £24.99 asking price, rather than using that cash to buy items while you play. Instead you must grind away to earn your cash in-game for both locations and new gear. So let's talk a bit more on how it works shall we? Opening up with the Betty Lake location and a ready to go selection of i…
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Review - Maneater

When the first trailer for Maneater dropped (at what my brain tells me was around E3 time or maybe even Gamescom of last year), it was a game many of us took an interest in. Its release a few weeks back saw it dropping at a perfect time too. With gamers in lockdown just dying for anything new and a bit different to it. Maneater is definitely different, but does it offer an experience that will keep gamers coming back for more? Cue future me to finish this review off.
The game kicks off with a short tutorial teaching you the ropes, aswell as an introduction to the story side of the game and villain of the piece, Scaly Pete. The opening sets a path of revenge that I will let you experience for yourself, with the remainder of the game having a sort of Discovery Channel tag along adventure seen in shows like Deadliest Catch. The game takes place over multiple regions, with each one changing a little from the previous one in terms of looks and also things swimming in it with you. Each region…

Review - Streets of Rage 4

The day has finally come. The day many of us older gamers have wished for, an updated version of a classic series is finally in our hands. Streets of Rage of old but updated and with a 4 in the title is here. 
Now sure, reviewing a game that is part of Xbox Game Pass is a bit of a waste of time reallyyyyyyy. Just go to the store and hit install as it's only a 4.5 GB download and you can make up your own mind. It's not like any of us have much to do currently either is it? None the less, this game was always going to be the game where I put fingers to keyboard and tried to get my reviewing mojo back after having some time away. We all did it right? Did co-op on the older games with a family or friend? Well those are my memories of it. Not the best story in the world for a game by a mile, but man does the settings, enemies, music and even grunts of the characters you play never leave you. I never dug that deep when it comes to what Streets of Rage 4 was going to offer before loadi…

Four Games Up For Grabs This Weekend With Xbox Free Play Days

Every weekend Microsoft offers up a few games for Xbox Live Gold members to try out from Thursday through till Monday,  with this weekends offering now live. Each game also comes with a discount if you feel like keeping it full time after this trial ends. You also unlock achievements when playing through them via this trial too,  so why not try something new this weekend?
You can now download any of the following to try out this weekend via the Xbox store.
DRAGON BALL FighterZ (On offer for £12.49)
Saints Row IV: Re-Elected (On offer for £3.99)
PUBG (On offer for £3.74)
The Golf Club 2019 featuring PGA Tour (No offer on this one it seems)

Dates Revealed For New Games And New Spotify Perk Coming To Xbox Game Pass Users This Month

Xbox Game Pass has without a shadow of a doubt grown into a service that is easily one of the best entertainment based subscription services available right now. With its ever growing catalogue growing by the month, it just continues to get better and better. 
A few more games coming to the service this month on top of the already huge game coming tomorrow (Red Dead Redemption 2) have been announced. So check out below for a few other games and when to expect to get your hands on them, also some Info on a new perk set to be available soon.
May 7 DAYZ Red Dead Redemption 2
May 14 Final Fantasy IX
May 19 Fractured Minds (Easy 1000GS this one)
New Perk: US and UK Xbox Ultimate users will be able to claim six months of Spotify Premium. With users in Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, and Mexico being offered three months. Worth noting will only work on new spotify premium accounts.
On top of this the below games will also be leaving the service on the dates given below.
May 7 GTA V
May 15 Black Desert Do…

Six Games Available To Play With Xbox Free Play Days This Weekend

Another week has passed us by, which means more games to try out with Xbox Free Play Days. A few have carried over into this week from the previous post, with four more titles entering the fray. 
All games below are now available in the store to install if you are an Xbox Live Gold member, with all games offering the standard discount if you want to pick them up full time after the free play period.
Games Carried over: The Elder scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited 
Starlink: Battle for Atlas
New games added: Gears 5 Hitman - The Complete First Season  NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 Override: Mech City Brawl

Four Games On Offer With Xbox Free Play Days This Weekend

We are all pretty bored right now what with the world being a bit of a knob, and many out there reaching out to gaming to help keep us sane. Free Play Days for those new to the whole thing is where Xbox offers its Gold members a few games as a free download (achieves and all) over a few days (Thursday to Monday normally), with the game also discounted if you feel like keeping it afterwards. It lets gamers try a few games that maybe they were unsure about, while also letting you boost your gamerscore a a bit.
The games on offer this weekend are.....
Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 3
Starlink: Battle for Atlas (free to play till April 22)
The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited
WWE 2K20 You can find these in the Xbox Store or in the Xbox Gold tab on your console.