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Review - Bombslinger

Recently seeing this pop up in the store, I had been keeping my eye on it purely because since moving over to the One my daughter hasn't been able to get her Bomberman fix as of yet, with that game series not seeing a release on the One until June 14th. That begged the question, could Bombslinger plug the gap until then, or would it be one of those reviews that end with the old "it isn't so and so" at the end of it?

This will be quite a short review of the game because Bombslinger lacks any real content that requires a lot of words about them, all being pretty obvious what they are just by the title they are given. The game comes with two modes for you to play. One is the single-player adventure mode which sees you play an ex-bandit turned rancher who is on a journey to avenge the brutal murder of his wife from his former posse. With the other mode being battle which is the standard offline MP affair you would come to expect from games like this. No online play is p…
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Shenmue I & II Coming To Xbox One

Waking up this morning I did my normal eyes filled with sleep look through YouTube that I do every day, expecting to see the normal boring stuff to pop up. This morning was different. Scrolling down to Sega Europe I saw two words that made my lips just turn into a giant grin, with those words being Shenmue & Xbox.

For whatever reason SEGA decided to wait until the middle of the night to announce that both Shenmue I & Shenmue II were coming to the Xbox One (and other formats of course) in 2018, with you able to pre-order this double package of goodness in digital and retail stores very soon.

This re-release will stay true to the originals but with modernised features including fully scalable screen resolution, choice of modern or classic control schemes, an updated user interface and the option to enjoy either the original Japanese or English voiceovers. No price details as of yet, but will be sure to let you guys know when that information becomes available.

Review - Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

I currently find myself in the Easter bubble still, with the kids still having a few days off school before I get my quiet days back again, and new releases only being something I find out about when loading up the store the last few weeks. Far Cry has stolen much of my time recently, but when opening up the store over the last few days I saw a trailer that told me I needed to see what this certain game was all about. I went in knowing nothing about the past this game had. Not knowing it had already seen a release on the PS4, nor that it had seen somewhat mixed reactions when it did release on that console. One thing I did know before going in was the game would be best played while wearing headphones. It's not required that you have to wear a pair to play the game, so don't worry if you don't have a pair for whatever reason. But doing so certainly adds to the experience you get out of the game when playing

You play Senua, with the game opening up to you floating down a r…

Review - Venom Twin Rechargeable Battery Pack

If you thought my last review about a charging dock must have been hard work to make an interesting read, how do you think I feel doing it for a Twin Rechargeable Battery Pack? You have already read (I hope) my thoughts on my previous way of getting all that power to my controller of many worlds, with this one being less shorter than that just because this pack is a lot more basic when it comes to what you get in the box. It's also worth noting that for a few quid more you can hook yourself up with the docking station version of this pack if you wish, so be sure to check out links to both products at the end of this post (neither of which will give me anything if ordering off. Just so you know).

I've dealt with Venom a few times in the past when it comes to reviewing their items. With me being lucky (depending on how you look at it) enough to getting my hands on some of their headsets and reviewing them elsewhere in the past. The one worry I had spending some money on a Venom…

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Free Play Weekend Coming Later This Week

Another free play weekend is upon us this week, with Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands coming to most consoles and Steam from April 12th until April 15th. You can play this game for no money at all, and even with mates who happen to own the game already. Great reason to give it a look and earn those free achievements if you ask me.

Device Review/Rant - GAMEware Xbox One Dual Charging Station

Just before Christmas my well-used charging device for my controllers decided to pack up and die on me, so with the big day nearly here, and both kids getting a new Xbox on the big day, I needed such a device more than ever. Not having a battery charger of some sort for your console these days can mean a lot of money being spent on new batteries, with decent ones costing anywhere between £4.00 to £5.00 these days. While out shopping one day I saw GAME here in the UK had a sale of their own brand of docking charger, offering me two rechargeable batteries, a docking station, and USB cable to connect it all up to the console or any USB port I had handy. Liking the whole idea of a docking station after enjoying using the PDP device I had used for so long I went ahead and parted with my cash.

Being honest, I've never been a fan of GAME branded products in the past, with the two kids breaking things like Xbox 360 headsets way too easily only a week or so after buying them. I had hoped …

Review - Burnout Paradise Remastered

We bloody love old stuff don't we? So much so now that companies have clicked onto our weakness of wanting to play with things we once loved, so we are now seeing mini consoles selling for stupid money on Internet selling websites, and also modern day prices for games we once adored. Burnout is a game that has surely been played by every gamer out there, with the game for me being one of the first games I played on Xbox Live, an experience that has stuck with me to this very day. Burnout no matter the number or cool second name it was given was just a blast to play, with speed and action taking center stage at all times. I will be honest here, Paradise was perhaps my least favorite Burnout game that has come out, I can't put my finger on why, but it just didn't grab me like other games I've played in the series.

When the remaster was announced the Internet went crazy about it, with many of us more than happy to throw money at EA once again (Forget most people said the…

LEGO The Incredibles Coming To Xbox One This July (June for you Americans)

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games, The LEGO Group, Disney, and Pixar have just announced that The Incredibles will be getting its own LEGO game this July. The game will cover both the first film and the upcoming sequel in the game, with the game featuring scenes and action sequences from both movies as well as characters to play with too. The game will release on July 13th (the same day the movie comes to cinemas nationwide). June 15th for you guys in North America.

Review - Pure Farming 2018

Gamers are more spoilt than ever when it comes to choice on our consoles these days. One second you can be slaying zombies or dragons, to minutes later taking in the day to day role of a fireman, or in the case of today's review, a farmer. I have mixed feelings with these types of games though, with one side of me always thinking I need to play them as I might like it, to the other side of me always being a little disappointed with what the game is once I've got my hands on it and after putting a few hours into it. After the standard bad experience with these types of games, I always tell myself I will never return to them ever again. I do though, as I'm a weak person who has to play anything that has a chance of surprising me.

Pure Farming 2018 comes with three modes for you to tackle and play, each offering something no matter how much skill you have in games like this.

My First Farm: This mode is the one for the novice guys and girls out there who struggle with these ga…