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Review - FIFA 20

Here we are, the release of one of the bigger yearly releases every calendar year. Reviewing a FIFA game at anytime is a pretty pointless exercise no matter the year, as chances are by now the hardcore fanbase has picked it up and made up their own mind, and the ones who despise everything it offers are already basking in whatever the latest fault is while the game finds its feet after the initial release. None the less, I enjoy my yearly fix of FIFA. Every other night I love nothing more than loading up some Pro clubs and losing a few hours on it. Growing my pro so he can actually function and not play football like a 5-year-old kicking a ball for the first time. I'm getting ahead of myself here, so let us talks modes.
FIFA 20 had a little change this year drafting in a new mode called Volta. Volta is basically a basic FIFA Street which can offer a nice little break from the standard game of football seen in all the other modes. In this part of the game, you have a story mode if…
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Review - The Adventures of Elena Temple

Hello all! It's your big pal jonnydarkfang, back at it again! It's been a good few months since I've written for the wonderful Honest Xbox reviews and I'd just like to thank my boy Tony for having me back.
And I'd also like to thank you guys and gals for reading!

Now, if you've been paying any attention to gaming at all over the past few years, you'll be well aware that many retro and retro-inspired, games have been appearing all over the place lately.
And that's what I'll be reviewing today, a retro-inspired puzzle platformer called "The Adventures of Elena Temple"
Before getting into it though, I'd like to tell a little bit about how the game presents itself. You see it pretends to be a genuine retro title, with the game even having an entire fake history chronicling the games "original" release on a failed computer, all the way through a list of pretend ports. If you've ever seen the "Forrest Gump" movie, or…

ID@Xbox Reveal New Games Coming To Xbox Game Pass Soon

ID@Xbox revealed a bunch of new games that are joining Xbox Games Pass by the end of 2019 in the latest video uploaded to their Xbox Youtube channel last week, with both brand new and also a few already released games joining this fantastic service over the next few months. You can find a full list of  the games revealed below, and also watch the video which I've stuck beneath for your viewing pleasure

Munchkin Quacked Quest - Day one XB1/PC
Yooka-Laylee - XB1
The Escapist 2 - XB1
Cities Skylines - PC
Lonely Mountains Downhill - Day One XB1/PC
Demon's Tilt - Day one PC
Genesis Noir - Day one XB1/PC (Not clear if going to make a release by the end of 2019)
Minit - XB1/PC
The Red Strings Club - PC
The Talos Principle - XB1/PC
Vambrace Cold Soul - XB1/PC
State of Mind - PC
Dead by Daylight - XB1/PC(BETA)
Descenders - XB1/PC (Beta)

Games With Gold - October Games With Store Links

If you're anything like me, then while looking forward to what free games we can expect with our Xbox Live sub each month, you can bet your ass we've forgotten the game come the 16th of every month. So here's my plan just to remind myself more than anything. Do a post like this once the games are announced, just so I can pin this post on Twitter, so once they go live I can just use the below links and go add them to my download queue. If you wanna use this once it is pinned on my Twitter, by all means, do. Below are the games coming to Games with Gold this October.

Xbox One
Tembo the Badass Elephant - Oct 1 to Oct 31
Friday the 13th - Oct 16 to Nov 15

Xbox 360/BC
Bolt - Oct 1 to Oct 15 (actually a fun little game this that I remember enjoying with the kids)
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge - Oct 16 to Oct 31

Review - Pilot Sports

What feels like many moons ago (back on August 6 to be precise), a game popped up on my Twitter timeline and I thought that it looked like it needed my eyes on it. That game being Pilot Sports, a game available now and priced at just £16.74 over here in the UK. The reason it caught my eye was just by looks, as just look at any images used in this review and if your brain doesn't say PilotWings then you and I are of a different age, and to be quite honest, I don't think we can ever be friends in the outside bubble that is the Internet. PilotWings on the Super Nintendo was a game I lost a fair few weekends on when fully starting to sink myself into all that is gaming. Much like Pilot Sports, it wasn't the best-looking title back then, but it just offered gameplay that was both a challenge and also threw in enough fun to want to keep coming back for more.

What does Pilot Sports offer? Well, not much in terms of content would be my honest reply to that, starting off the revie…

Review - Sea Of Solitude

A few weeks ago a game released that I had totally forgotten all about what with homelife being a bit frantic recently. I remember seeing Sea of Solitude shown off at E3 last year and thinking "oooooo, looks right up my street that" so once I saw tweets appearing on my Twitter timeline a few shorts days before going off on holiday I jumped right over to my EA contact and got asking about a review code. Truth be told I finished this a few days after getting it, but with previously mentioned holiday with the family that weekend, this review has had to wait a little bit.

In Sea of Solitude, you play a character by the name of Kay. Drifting out at sea in a small boat, you awake to find yourself in stormy seas with a beacon of light you only hint forward. The feeling I got very early on was that of a small indie release that I played a few years ago called Submerged. Now yes, while Submerged was hardly a classic, it has the same sort of exploration on both water and land seen in…

Review - Super Tennis Blast

It's been a long time since I put on my digital sweatbands, tight shorts and got out my dusty racquet and let out a grunt like I'd stood on some LEGO, but Super Tennis Blast, brought to us by the guys and gals and Unfinished Pixel, let me do most of those things with their latest game coming to the store recently.

I last dabbled with an Unfinished Pixel game way back in 2015, with Spy Chameleon being a game I reviewed elsewhere, and a game which didn't really stick around too long in the memory banks, and soon forgot all about when reviewing it way back then. Here they are bringing their talents to a sports game for the first time, not only that, but also a sport that doesn't really see much love on consoles these days, and if a tennis game does come out it tends to be well overpriced for what they offer most of the time.
Super Tennis blast, in a nutshell, is an offline tennis game which also offers the player a few little mini-games to boot when stepping away for the…

Review - Snooker 19

Over the last week or so I've been playing games that have one thing in common..........balls. I've become that obsessed with balls that even in what many class as downtime (I've been having far too much at that lately, just check the post count, whoops) I've been loading up more games that offer even more balls. Snooker 19 was the game where it all started, with this weekend seeing me sit down and give it the time it demands to type up some words on it.

I can't lie to you lot, snooker isn't something I've paid that much attention to the older I've got. Memories of snooker are more as a kid and Dad watching legends like Jimmy White, Steve Davis, and the guy with the upside down glasses *types upside down glasses snooker into Google* Dennis Taylor, that's him. The one guy I know these days is Ronnie O'Sullivan, and that's purely because he seems to win things a lot. Snooker 19 in terms of players on offer to you not only offer the previously…