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DLC Review - Aaero: 1000DaysWasted Drum & Bass Pack & Ship DLC

You saw my love for Aaero when it released last year with the review I did for it (found here), with the game also nearly making it into my top three games of the year when it came to it on my last post of 2017. So of course with DLC coming out I was going to use that excuse to load up the game once again to see what this cheap and cheerful drum & Bass DLC was all about.

Pricing for this stuff is all pretty simple, with the DLC track pack coming in at just $4.99/£3.99 if you feel like boosting the tracklist the full game has already. New ships on the other hand come as singular downloads, with each new ship costing 79p/$0.99, with Sol, Comet, and Phaser the three ships on offer. No bundle including all ships and track DLC is available. This being so players can pay for what they want and not end up buying stuff they don't care about.

While the game has a mixed bag of well-known artists and songs to play already, this pack highlights the talents of British born DJ and producer…
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Innerspace Coming To The Xbox One Next Week

No, this is not the videogame version of that decent 80's flick starring Martin Short and Dennis Quaid which saw Quaid being small enough to be injected into the body of Short, although this does need to happen now I come to think about it. Innerspace is an exploration flying game brought to us by Aspyr and Polyknight Games, and hitting the Xbox One (and other formats) January 16th.

What's it all about you say? Well the game began as a project among college friends and evolved into a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2014. The Story of the game is all about a place simply called the Inverse, a dying realm where entire civilizations have perished, yet ancient gods still wander. The website for the game gives a few other tidbits of info, but it seems to be very much a game where exploring and working out what's the deal is the whole point of it. You know, the really easy games to review without trying to spoil it for all. Trailer looks nice and that's what made m…

What was 2017 All About? (Totally Not A List Of Good And Bad Things From The Year)

It's that time of year boys and Girls. The time where people who write about video games give you a list of both good and bad games because we have nothing else to do now all the games are out. In previous posts like this, the only struggle has been to work out which top three I should choose to make up my list, whereas this year I can't lie, It's been a tough one.

Now sure, unlike previous year ending posts I've not sampled all games this year. Hell, I've not even played a few massive releases such as the latest Forza and Wolfenstein, so do note that. As with every year though, the choices for MY top three are ones that at the time struck a chord with me and stuck with me, giving me something a little different from anything else I've played this year. If you follow me on social media this list will offer you zero surprises, as these three have filled my Twitter timeline a lot when playing through them. So let me begin with my top three games of 2017.

3: Resid…

Review - The Lego Ninjago Movie Videogame

It seems a LEGO game is always just around the corner these days, and why wouldn't it be? It's a franchise loved equally by kids and even bigger kids like myself. Ninjango was something new to me, however, with other LEGO games all having links to something even I (an old dude) had some knowledge about. I was worried that this would play a big factor in my enjoyment of it all, that and just LEGO games now being nothing more than a copy and paste experience of the last game, all be it in a different skin. This is also another review that should have been done a long time ago as well, but you already know the story about my messed up life so I will skip that for this review.
In this, you once again take control of a bunch of characters (this time ninjas) who must smash their way through a bunch of locations and levels and defend their home island of Ninjago from the evil Lord Garmadon and his Shark Army. That is what the game website and info sections of where the game is being…

Zen Studios Offer Players Free Pinball FX3 Tables To Celebrate 10th Anniversary

In yet another showing of huge love for their community, Zen Studios have once again shown their loyal fans some love, this time in the form of a table pack being free to download from now until December 19th. I've tried both, and both offer the same high-quality fans have come to expect from these guys and girls.

It seems it's been a whole ten years since Pinball FX began, and to celebrate you can pick up the carnivals and legends table pack for zero pennies, with this pack offering you two new original tables to play, Adventure land & Son of Zeus. The base game of Pinball FX3 has always been a free download too, and also comes with a free table (Sorcerer's Lair), so that's three tables for absolutely nothing.

Honestly, if you are yet to sample the delights of a Pinball FX game then you have nothing to lose by downloading both of these, and who knows, you might find yourself dipping into to the many licensed tables they also offer.

Download Pinball FX3 with the So…

PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) Finally Joins The Xbox One Preview Program

In what is easily the most anticipated Xbox One exclusive this year. PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) is now available to download via the Xbox One store.

While still being in preview (meaning this is far from being the finished product we will see somewhere down the line), the game has had mixed feelings when it comes to you old Internet folk, with some being happy with what they have seen so far, to others saying that the OG version of the game runs quite badly when put against the version seen on the shiny and powerful X, Obviously this was always going to be the case, but I'm sure over time that all versions of the game will run the very best they can.

Check out the launch trailer below, and find the game on the Xbox store by clicking here. Sadly no hour trial is available for this like most other preview games, and I can't for the life of me think why PUBG would/should be any different. It's not like no trial will make more of us drop that £24.99 asking price…

Review - Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War

Boy, has my getting reviews out in a quick fashion gone to pot the last few weeks. Life has been a kicking me in the balls the last couple of months, which you would know if you stay in touch with me on social media, with illness hitting and just a few personal things that needed my full attention being some of the reasons even looking at my review pile brought me out in a cold sweat. Shadow of War hit my doormat what feels like ages ago now, and with it came outrage too, with gamers kicking off what I like to call the 'we ain't taking your crap anymore' period we currently find ourselves in. That said, and with the X release now upon us, Shadow of War is always mentioned as one game many buyers of the console were saving for it, so it just goes to show how quick gamers can have a change of heart these days.

I was always going to play this sequel after enjoying Shadow of Mordor a lot. So this outrage was not something that dampened my excitement for Shadow of War at all, …