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Review: Forza Horizon 4

Over the last few weeks, it has been mental. I've tried my best to play a silly amount of games and get a review out before yet another big release hit, and the term struggling is an understatement. Here we have some words on Forza Horizon 4, a game that if you follow me on Twitter will already know what you will be reading for about the next two minutes. It's a bloody fun game innit? I'm a big fan of the Horizon series purely because it trims away the serious side seen in Motorsport, gives you a decent sized map to explore and drive in, and it also lets you take loads of pictures like you're some sort of top end photographer for a car mag. Many of which will litter this here review, because why bloody not? Listen, I'm not going to sit here and tell you that FH4 has changed the series massively since we found ourselves flying around Australia, as in truth it really hasn't in terms of how the game plays or how it feels when flying down a road at 200MPH.

Review - Space Hulk: Tactics

As a kid, I remember going into school on the last day before the Xmas holidays. Everyone had brought in toys, board games, Gameboys, all that jazz. In amongst the various Monopoly boards, Scrabble tiles and Buckaroo pieces was a box containing the Space Hulk board game. The cover art instantly hooked me and I spent the rest of the day convincing the owner to play it with me. I never saw the board game again (despite asking Santa), and eventually, I moved on and forgot all about it. A few years later, my younger brother got into 40k, collecting the figures etc. I started to see the artwork and books around the place, and over time, grew to love the art and the lore. Flash forward 20 odd years and, while going down the YT rabbit hole one day, I started watching 40k lore videos. Nestled amongst them was an advert for the (at the time) upcoming Space Hulk Tactics video game, and it was a turn-based strategy, a genre I've got a serious soft spot for. I was immediately interested and

Review - Dovetail Games Fishing Sim World

I'm sure you guys remember my love for Euro Fishing a few years back, but if not the review is here . My backlog of games right now is terrible, so in truth have I given FSW a lot of my time when we have stuff like Forza Horizon and Tomb Raider around? No, I haven't. I have however given it enough of my time to know what it offers, and if its worth picking up if you loved Euro Fishing, or simply wanted to cast out your digital rod in this latest fishing offering from those at Dovetail. Fishing Sim World takes what Euro Fishing offered and tweaks the graphics ever so slightly, chucks in a few new things, and still offers digital fisherpeople (is that the correct term these days?) to load a game up late at night, slap on that chilled playlist on Spotify, and totally fall asleep while waiting for a fish to bite on something that is a bit more comfortable than a 2 quid deck chair from poundstretcher. In terms of what modes FSW offers, well let me briefly cover that shall we.