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What New Games Are Coming To Xbox Game Pass This March?

Xbox Game Pass is finally starting to find its feet, with MS recently announcing that all first-party games going forward will join the service at launch, as well as another few new games being added this March for your gaming pleasure. Of course, March is when Sea Of Thieves launches and joins the service, but a few other games will be joining the service this month too. Euro Fishing Oxenfree Rise of the Tomb Raider Resident Evil Revelation 2 Super Lucky’s Tale Sonic CD Sea of Thieves (March 20th) The Final Station A decent little selection if you ask me. Of course, Sea Of Thieves coming later in the month is worth the monthly sub alone, but games such as Euro Fishing, Tomb Raider,  and Super Lucky's Tale make March a decent month overall. Of course the service has a load of games for you to try already, and be sure to check out the monthly challenge to earn yourself a prize, as one such giveaway has already seen me receive £5.00 gift from MS just for playing Sherlo

What Does This Button Do?

We've all been here at some point in our lives boys and girls. Buying that gorgeous looking RPG or huge adventure game, playing it for a week or so and then life just gets in the way. What follows is the torture of having that gaming friend who is not human telling us for the following year how great the overall package was for (enter game you're yet to finish), while also making sure that they especially mention that mind-blowing twist near the end, but you know, they can't give you a hint to what it was as you've "got to experience it for yourself" and the fact you would remove them instantly if they ever ruined it for you. Why they feel the need to mention in the first place mind you will forever make them a DI##. What follows is you and I lying to ourselves every other weekend for a good three years. Promising ourselves that this weekend will be the one where we finally decide to install that game we once sunk 40+ hours into, and you will finally make

Review - LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

After taking a LEGO break after losing a lot of hours into the Ninjago game recently ( review found her e), I decided this week my brain had rested enough to load up yet another LEGO game to play, but this time with the weight of many Marvel superheroes behind it. What with this coming out back in November (thanks life getting in the way), you can pick this up now for anywhere between £20.00 to £30.00 here in the UK. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 sees you take control of the plethora of talent behind the Marvel brand, with the likes of Spiderman, Thor, Captain America and many more ready and willing to smash the crap out of levels and areas the game throws at you. The bad guy of the piece is one Kang the conqueror, not someone I'm particularly clued up with due to my fleeting knowledge to all that is super and hero, but none the less, the standard type of bad guy we have come to expect from a game that is essentially smash up stuff, beat up things, and while doing all this never b

Final Piece Of Season Pass DLC Comes To Euro Fishing Next Week

The final piece of DLC for the season pass for Euro Fishing is set to drop next week, with the picturesque 15-acre lake of Bergsee being the DLC that will be hitting the Xbox store on February 13th. This lake is nestled in the foothills of the Austrian mountains, and also home to some of the largest coarse fish seen in Euro Fishing to date. Bergsee includes Carp that have grown to 36lbs, Bream over 19lbs and Tench over 14lbs, but more importantly sees the inclusion of a brand new species of fish, Perch. Before the DLC drops there will also be a free update to all players of the game, with this update  adding five new licensed lines from Ridgemonkey and 12 new baits from Baitworks, Hydra, Mainline and Enterprise. You will be able to get this DLC either by owning the game + season pass found here , owning the season pass which can be found here or by buying this DLC when it goes live on the store for £8.99 on February 13th. You can check out a review of the base game here if thi

Review - The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Over the last couple of years doing reviews, I've found myself covering more shorter gaming experiences, with these games more about the short experience rather than something that will be with you a few weeks down the line. While some of these games can be forgettable, some of them while not being a long lasting experience do stick with you if they nailed the story that it gives to you. Games like RiME and What Remains of Edith Finch are two games that instantly spring to mind, but going into The Vanishing of Ethan Carter only hearing it was a game that some followers enjoyed, I never really knew what to expect from it at all. In The Vanishing of Ethan Carter you play the game as Paul Prospero, a detective who at the start of the games speaks about receiving a letter from a young kid called (you guessed it) Ethan Carter, and taking place in Red Creek Valley. Carrying on from there, you must walk around and explore this place for clues to unravel what is going on and what dar