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Ghost Of A Tale Now Available Via Xbox Game Preview

Ghost of a Tale is now live in the Game Preview program for the Xbox One. The game is an Action-RPG adventure game, set in a world only populated by animals, with you playing a mouse by the name of Tilo. Your quest, to escape the jails of Dwindling Heights Keep while discovering the fate of your one true love, Merra. One thing to note comes from the website for the game, with one member of the five-man team speaking about what build the console version currently has and what to expect. "Unfortunately we didn’t manage to upload the latest build on the servers in time for the launch so what you’ll get at first is an older build ( 3.94 ). Since then we have fixed dozens of bugs (both large and small), vastly improved the visuals (textures, lighting, shaders, models, etc…) and done a big optimisation pass (framerate stability). The new build ( 4.35 ) should become available as soon as Microsoft can disseminate it to its servers. Which we hope will be done in a few hours."

AereA Coming To Xbox One This Friday

Just got the email come through for this one, so thought I would share the news about it while I can get on the laptop. AereA is a music-themed Action RPG in which players play one of four roles, Wolff the Harp-Archer, Jacques the Cello-Knight, Jules the Lute-Mage and Claude the Trumpet-Gunner. You must explore a floating island called Aazir that was broken into many pieces, with your goal being to return the nine primordial instruments to restore balance and bring peace to the world. Standard working your way through islands, beating quests, solving puzzles, and beating bosses. You know the drill. Got the look of Oceanhorn about it, a game I loved to bits so you can count me in. Like I say it's out June 30th and shall cost you £34.99 if you fancy picking it up. Bunch of features can be found below along with the trailer. Features -Enjoy the beautifully hand-drawn music themed graphic style -Experience the story to find out what happened to the floating island -Play as 4

Seven New Games Coming To The Xbox Game Pass This July

Seven new games are set to be added to the Xbox One game pass this July, with the trailer from the Xbox Youtube account showing these off found below. I'm yet to fully dip into and pay for the pass myself, but certainly felt like that the 14-day trial showed it to be something great for those with a limited library. Try the free trial at least if you're yet to do so, you have nothing to lose other than missing out on more gamerscore. The seven games joining the service this July are as follows. Bard's Gold Dead Island Definitive Edition F1 2015 Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition Resident Evil 6 The Flame in the Flood ( my review for this found here ) Monaco: What's Yours is Mine (Xbox 360)

Gaming Stuff Review - PDP 1.1 Gears 4 Customized Lancer

I've unboxed many many things in all the years I've had the great luck of doing all of this, but this item easily stands head and shoulders above anything that has ever been sent to me before. To say I love Gears of War would be a huge understatement. With me looking at the Gears series as something that has easily played a massive role in the gamer I am today. Gears 1 will always be a game that not only made the Xbox 360 the successful console that it was, but is a series that for me is the one reason I stuck with my Xbox One pre-order too, as no way was I going to miss a future Gears game just because the console never came out swinging in its early days. But this post is not about console wars, I'm here to talk about what is easily my favourite gaming item in my man corner to date. This replica Lancer is officially licenced by Microsoft, and being honest with you is super hard to find anywhere in the UK actually selling it. Getting in touch with PDP and them comin

Early look At The In-Game Engine Of Beyond Good And Evil 2

Like many of you out there who watched the Ubisoft E3 show, I think it's a safe bet to say we sat there with our mouths left wide open when the tease for the above game was shown to all. I've only recently just started playing the first game when news about this come out, so know nothing at all at what to expect from this. The below video was recently shared on the Ubisoft US YouTube channel, letting people take a look at some super early in-game engine footage. Obviously, it's far from looking as spectacular as the CGI trailer that was shown off, but I'm sure some of you out there would be interested in seeing this. The video talks about things like side quests and the home hub to mention just a few things, so the video is more about what to expect than how it looks.

Review - Dead By Daylight Special Edition

It seems that 2017 has brought about a new popular sub-genre of horror games. The kind of game in which one player is tasked with taking on the role of a killer who must hunt and kill their victims before they escape. Basically, you could refer to this type of game as a more violent version of hide and seek. Horrific yes, but still a tonne of fun. This genre of game has been a huge hit on the PC indie market too, and one of the most notable titles available in this genre is in fact, Dead By Daylight. Now console players will be able to try this game for the first time on the 20th and 23rd of June for the US and UK respectively. Dead by Daylight (in my opinion) is a game which at first is easy to pick up and play, but hard to master. At its core, the game is an online 4 v 1 survival horror game in which the 4 survivors/victims must sneak around various maps and attempt to power generators and escape. All the time you're trying to do this you're being stalked by a killer who

Review - DiRT 4

Driving games and I have certainly had a love/hate relationship over the years. Back in my youth, I had no issues loading up games like Ridge Racer on my PS1 and being pretty handy at it. These days, however, I can't seem to string a few corners together when it comes to the latest batch of gorgeous looking racing games we see today. DiRT really isn't really a series I can say that I've devoted my life to at any given point in time either, with the only time I played a game like DiRT being that time I used to enjoy games like Colin Mcrae Rally also back in my PS1 days. Sure I've tried to play the more recent DiRT games when they've released, but soon as a bit of time passed I found myself putting them to one side. Would DiRT 4 be an enjoyable experience for the racer novice like me, or would I be sick to death of hearing my co-pilot shouting orders at me while I ploughed my car into a tree? Time to find out. DiRT 4 has been a welcome break from the recent batch

Black Ops III - Zombies Chronicles Now Available On Xbox

Of course seeing a release on the PS4 a month or so ago now, Xbox One owners finally have a chance of picking up this zombie DLC from today for Black Ops III. Zombies Chronicles includes: • 3 Call of Duty: World at War Maps - Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt, and Shi No Numa • 4 Call of Duty: Black Ops Maps - Kino Der Toten, Ascension, Shangri-la, and Moon • Call of Duty: Black Ops II Map - Origins Bonus Content • 20 Vials of Liquid Divinium • 2 All-New Whimsical GobbleGums • 5 Zombies Pack-A-Punch Weapon Camos This DLC is up on the Xbox store for £24.99/$29.99. Click here to be taken to the store .

EA Kick Off E3 With EA Play (Game Trailers Galore)

Last night saw EA kicking E3 off with their own show, with EA play giving them a chance to show what they have in store for gamers for the next year and a bit. A few games stood out for me which we will get into a bit. But first I'm going to get the sports games out the way, as those didn't really give much away in terms of looks but a few new details on what to expect did. I will link to trailers in the post rather than sticking them all up on the site. To view them just click the CLICK ME part after I speak about each game. Madden 18 will feature a FIFA like Journey mode this year, with the story for this being called Longshot. Playing the game as Devin Wade, much like the Journey, the goal is taking your guy to the heights of stardom after a three-year break from the game (Official website doesn't cover why the long break away). If it gives me a reason to check out the game not being an American Football fan, then I'm all for it. CLICK ME. FIFA 18 , well nothi

Free Ten-Hour Gears Of War 4 Trial Is Now Live

Free stuff. It's something we all love when we can get our hands on it. Getting to try out a game that recently came out (Okay maybe not this game) for nothing is a great way of letting people test something out, and if they enjoy they get it for a low price (low in terms of digital price anyway) while this trial is going on. Gears 4 now offers a ten-hour trial, with players able to access the full versus modes as well as horde mode, while also letting you playthrough act 1 of the pretty decent campaign too. Of course, only play the campaign if you are definitely going to purchase the game once your trial is over. I'm not saying that as you will get annoyed at yourself due to earning achievements for it, but also because the campaign takes a bit to get going, which you would know if you saw my review ;) If you've not got time to play this between now and June 15th then no big deal. Simply download the free trial while this offer is running and the ten hours will be t

Video Review - Cities: Skylines

Over the last few weeks, things got a bit manic at home. So much so that a written review for this game was the one thing that had been stressing me out the most for the last week or so. This game for me is something that needs the player to have spent a decent amount of time on to fully give it the review it deserves. Thankfully I have gotten to know some awesome people on Twitter who now and then can help a man out in his time of need. Steven plays the role of my hero for this one. After Steven (DontGoEasyOnM3 ) told me that he had put in a stupid amount of time (200 hours) into this game, I knew he would be the best person for the job to get this review out there for me. Please show him some love by giving the video a like and hitting him right in his YouTube comment section and telling him how awesome he is. Thank you for bailing me out of a tough spot my man. You can check out his other stuff by clicking here to visit his YouTube channel.

Dead by Daylight Coming To Consoles Later This Month

The whole game of cat and mouse with a murderous twist is a big thing of late when it comes to gaming. We've only just had Friday The 13th release onto consoles not so so long back, and now this, Dead By Daylight. Coming to the Xbox One on June 20th (23rd for us in the UK), the game is pretty much what it says on the tin, with four players trying to avoid the human controlled killer the best they can. I've watched a few streams of this in recent months, and much like Friday 13th it just looks a bunch of fun to play. The four survivors play the game in third-person and have the advantage of better situational awareness. The Killer plays it in first-person and is more focused on their prey The game is available to pre-order now on the Xbox store for £23.99/$29.99, which you can do so by clicking here .

Little Nightmares: Secrets Of The Maw Expansion Pass & DLC Details Revealed

It feels like only yesterday that I was dropping the £15.99 on Little Nightmares for a review on the blog, with the feeling coming out of it being an enjoyable yet very short lived experience. Today Bandai Namco Entertainment announced that an expansion pass for the game is now available for the Xbox One (and other formats), with the pass giving players three new chapters which will see you in control of a new character called The Kid, with these upcoming chapters offering a parallel escape story from that of the main game. The pass itself will cost just £7.99/$9.99 , with the first chapter (The Depths) set to be released this July. This chapter will see The Kid exploring a decayed and flooded basement where he must try to escape from an insidious threat that lurks underwater. The second chapter (The Hideway) will release in November and will see a machine-themed section where the Nomes reside. The third and final yet to be named chapter is set to be released in January and will wr

Review - Dreamfall Chapters

Dreamfall Chapters was yet another one of those games that I only came about reviewing at the very last minute, with the game not really catching my attention at all leading up to its release. With the review code dropping in my emails I had to do some research just to see its history and how it came to be, which when I did lead me to believe this game was going to be something special. Checking out the official website for the previous PC release back in 2014 (I believe), I was thrown a ton of review headers using such lines as "Looks stunning" and "Excellent" from a few big review sites, so surely this was going to be a treat. Following an episodic theme, this version sees all episodes thrown into one pile, with the game playing like an old-school Telltale experience, with just a few faults that will be mentioned as this review goes on. So let's find out how Dreamfall Chapters went down, shall we? The opening few hours of Dreamfall Chapters had me excited

Need For Speed Payback Trailer And Release Date Revealed

Excuse the lateness in getting this out, but a week of trying to wrap reviews up and keep two kids occupied on half term has taken its toll. EA announced this week that Need For Speed Payback is set for a release on November 10th, with a shiny Fast & Furious like trailer to go with it. The game sees you take control of three characters, those characters being Tyler (the Racer), Mac (the Showman), and finally Jess (the Wheelman). The game is set in the underworld of a place called Fortune Valley, with the story set to be a quest for vengeance against the House, a cartel that rules the city’s casinos, criminals and cops. Going through a variety of challenges and events if you wish to get these three characters what they want, the game also features the deepest customization options ever, with players able to craft and personalise a unique ride, or spend hours finding and tuning an abandoned derelict into a supercar.  If you enjoyed previous games in the series, then this looks like

Review - RiME

Trying to keep a review of a game like RiME spoiler free is a bloody tough task to do, let me tell you. Like so many games these days, RiME isn't just simply a game but is also an experience in which to get the most out of you need to stay well away from idiots like me whose role it is to tell you how good something is. If you know me well enough by now you will know spoilers are never my thing when it comes to reviews. I'm lucky enough to enjoy games without paying my own cash for then every now and then, so those who do go out and spend their hard-earned cash on games need to have the same experience I did with a certain game, and not have a buffoon like me ruin all the best bits for them. If you don't mind spoilers and want a more detailed review of things when it comes to RiME I suggest going elsewhere. This review will be me tip-toeing around things while trying my best to explain why RiME might just be my most enjoyable gaming experience of 2017 so far. RiME is a