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What Games To Expect This November With Xbox Games With Gold

Four games coming at you on the month most of us will be picking up our shiny new consoles. What can we expect? Well take a look. Up First we have Aragami: Shadow Edition on the Xbox One and Full Spectrum Warrior which is an Xbox OG release, but of course has been enhanced for the Xbox One X. Can't really say much about either of these as not played either of them. Following up on these come November 15th we have Swimsanity which was an Xbox One release, with the Xbox 360 version of LEGO Indiana Jones wrapping things up for the month of November.  Check out the video for this announcement and a better look at the games by clicking here .

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Drops Onto The Xbox Store

I think in all the years of gaming, this has the be the one TV show I feel like I've played numerous game versions of, so another wouldn't hurt right? It's available on the store from today, coming in at a somewhat pricey £33.49 at launch for us in the UK. A bunch of offline and online ways to play are of course included, with six TV show sets to play on where the show is massively popular, as well as upto 2,000 exclusive question for each of these countries. The one thing I'm massively interested in though is the Battle Royale mode, in which you face upto 99 other players in a race for that million. Check the game out on the Xbox store by clicking here .

Xbox One Free Play Days Games Now Available To Download (Store links included)

If you've been living under a rock and have no idea about Xbox Free Days, before I tell you what games are available, let me explain it as quick as possible.  Free Play Days is where Microsoft picks a handful of games for Xbox Live Gold/Ultimate Members to try out, free of charge, from Thursday until Midnight Sunday. We tend to get a decent little mix of games to try, with these games also sometimes being on sale too. So if you want to keep the game after enjoying this free play you can at a lower price than normal. Achievements also unlock when trying these games out over the free play period. The xbox store link to the games now available for this weekend are as follows. Dead by Daylight: Special Edition On sale for £9.99/$11.99, but is also part of Xbox Game Pass. The Silent Hill edition is also on sale for £35.99/$39.99 if you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Jump Force Doesn't appear to be on sale as it's still a whopping £59.99 if you

Venom Announce Xbox Series X/S Charging Range Coming Soon

I'm a big fan of Venom, you should know this by now if you follow me on Twitter or have read my love for their cheap yet damn fantastic batteries for the Xbox One on this very site right here via a review I did . I also got myself the charging dock too, but never got around to typing up anything on that, but it's still something I use to this very day. And just as great as the simple but well-priced double battery packs I bought numerous times for me and the kids. But enough love, let us talk new stuff. Venom are dropping three ways to keep either your X or S pads full of charge on the launch day of the consoles themselves, November 10. Dropping in black for those picking up an X, or white for those of us on a budget and picking up a Series S. All three of these are now available to pre-order on Amazon right now, with price details and links to all of them below. Single Charging Dock + One Battery - £14.99 Twin Charging Dock + Two Batteries -

Review - FIFA 21

I'm on the side of the fence that looks forward to the yearly edition of FIFA come Sep/Oct time, with the online side of the game being something I stick on to play every other night after every review I've been lucky to have done of the franchise. I'm of that age now where the reflexes for things like online shooters isn't really there anymore, but throw me at a game of pro clubs where you have to work out the oppositions weak points and take advantage while you try to get those three points, and I am there loving it.  In truth I've missed any kind of build up or hype for games (including FIFA 21) since lockdown and since we tried to once again live a somewhat normal life. I knew nothing about any new features or improvements over FIFA 20, literally going in blind as they say. To my blind eye not much had really changed in the day or two of playing. A few modes have had a few tweaks with some new things added, and also the game looking a bit