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HXR Giveaway - Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered Xbox One Code (winner chosen)

Who doesn't love a giveaway right? And for those that have not seen any of my previous website and social media work elsewhere, you should know that when we review things I'm always trying my best to get you in on the action too. I've already done a few early Twitter giveaways while the numbers are low, but trust me when I say that when we hit a certain amount of followers on Twitter and things the prizes will slowly get better and better. Today sees a code giveaway for the very first game we reviewed on this blog, that being Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered, who have kindly given us two extra codes to giveaway for the game on the Xbox One. All details below on how to enter, and any problems just hit me up an either of our social media accounts. Good luck to all of you PS: While the giveaway is for one code only, the second code will be given to a random follower on Twitter who uses the Tweet option in the giveaway below. Winer was notified and prize wa

HXR Headset Reviews - Venom Wireless Vibration Headset XT+

These reviews are taken from my previous website that I wrote on. While they may be a bit old (will add at the top of the review when the review originally went live), I will try my best to bring them up to date by adding in any new feelings I have into the reviews if time allows it. Originally posted May 15th, 2015. Once again I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on a brand new headset for the Xbox One, this time thanks to the guys over at Venom. The Venom Wireless Vibration Headset XT+ (mouthful isn’t it?) is my first time with any sort of Venom related gaming peripheral, available both now and previously. I was interested to see how they stood up to some of the market leaders out there in the market. I think most of us know about the “big” headset sellers out there by now, but Venom for me at least, are looked at as one of the smaller guys, offering gaming things outside of the basic disc based fun we all love and enjoy. Headsets are big sellers now and the market is

HXR Review: Pang Adventures

Scrolling through the new releases section of the Xbox one store on my console recently I came across a game called Pang Adventures, so decided to reach out to publishers DotEmu to get a review up on the blog about it. Reading up on the game since the code came in, it seems I missed out on a bunch of games in my childhood featuring the Pokemon wannabees the Pang Brothers. But if like me you had never seen them or heard about them before, a simple Google search will enlighten you as to what they brought to the gaming world back in the day. As with every review we do on the website, I did a video on it over on my YouTube channel once we got the code come through, so if you want to see the game in action before reading a ton of words then please click the below video and be sure to subscribe for future videos. Pang Adventures went on sale for the Xbox One on April 19th, and it will cost just £7.99 if you fancy picking it up. My first impressions when having my first few goes on it we

The Park Coming To The Xbox One Next Week

Me and horror games do not get on at all. Ever since the days of Resident Evil and them damn zombie dobermans busting through a window, any game that has even a small jump scare in it makes me worried to even load the damn thing up. Checking through upcoming games coming to the console however, I found myself looking at The Park and finding myself actually wanting to see what it was all about. Coming to Xbox One on May 3rd, the story sees you take control of a mother called Lorraine, whose son Callum goes missing at the Atlantic Island Park, because thats what flaming idiots do. You must go on to explore the amusement park as you unravel Lorraine's story, and also find out the history of the park itself. With the game Focusing on intense storytelling and exploration instead of combat and action. For me at least at looks to have an Alan Wake style vibe to it, but I could of course be totally wrong. I'm looking to have both a gameplay video and review up for this short

Coffin Dodgers Coming To The Xbox One Next Week

The guys at Wales Interactive (publishers) and Milky Tea Studios (devs) have only gone and given us a release date for the console version of Coffin Dodgers. First up will be the PlayStation 4 which sees a release on May 3rd, with us guys on the Xbox One only having a few more days to wait, as we see the game released to us on May 6th. The game will be priced at £10.25, $11.99, €11.99 for those on the PS4. On the Xbox One the price will £9.59, $11.99, €11.99, so while having to wait a little longer for the game, we do at least get it a tiny bit cheaper in the UK. Coffin Dodgers sees you taking on the role of one of seven quirky retirement village residents, with each of them having their own fancy mobility scooter. These are not something you would see while standing in a post office queue or your local supermarket mind you, as everyone is armed with a variety of weapons and gadgets to take out anything standing in your way to the finish line. Looking at the trailer below,

Try Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 For Free For The Next Two Weeks

If you're yet to jump into a Garden Warfare game just yet on your Xbox One or PS4, then now is your chance to give it a try for absolutely nothing. Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 now has a ten hour trial available on both formats, which sees you able to use these ten hours up for the next couple of weeks (until about May 10th). The full game is open to you, so you can check out all the modes the game has to offer, with my personal favorite being Graveyard Ops. The normal way to get into such a trial before would have been through the EA Access service, which is only available on the Xbox One. What I get out of this trial now being made available to all, is either the game never sold that well at launch, or both Popcap and EA are just simply trying there best to show of what really is a fun shooter to those who don't have the EA Access service. You can download this free trial right now by clicking this link to the Xbox Store .

What Games To Expect In May With Games With Gold

After a fantastic April that saw the likes of The Wolf Among Us and Sunset Overdrive for the Xbox One alone in this promotion, many hoped that May would offer just as good as a selection. As always with Microsoft however they of course had other plans, with the following games coming to GWG this May. Prepare to feel a little disappointed. Xbox One: Defense Grid 2 (£11.99 ERP): Available from May 1st - 31st - The next evolution of tower defense arrives with Defense Grid 2, bringing new additions and strategies that will force you to think and adapt on the fly. With cooperative and competitive game modes to boot, you’ll have plenty to explore in this sci-fi strategy game. Costume Quest 2 (£11.99 ERP): Available from May 16th - June 15th - Seek out candy and costumes with turn-based battles that always feel fresh, and fight against time to stop Dr. Orel White from taking over the world. Xbox 360: Peggle (£9.99 ERP): Available from May 1st - 15th - Spanning over 5

King's Quest: Chapter 3 Now Available (Chapter One Now Free To Play)

Last night saw the release of chapter three of the gorgeous and beautifully told story that is King's Quest.  Chapter Three, Called "Once Upon A Climb" sees King Graham looking back on his most personal tale so far. When the magic mirror reveals the location of his one-true love, Graham must climb to daring new heights to save his future Queen. This episode needs chapter One to acually play, so I was suprised to see when looking at my normal internet places of interest to see someone had noticed that the first episode is now free to play for all on the Xbox One. You can download the game via the Xbox store by clicking here . You can buy episodes 2 and 3 for £7.99 each , or you can pick up the season pass that will include all episodes from 2 to 5 for just £17.99 on sale this week as part of Deal With Gold.

HXR First Look: Aliens Vs. Pinball Table Pack (Pinball FX2 DLC)

Before you even click that play button on the below video, be sure to go and subscribe to the YouTube channel and get those numbers up for me a little. I take a look below at the upcoming Aliens Vs. Pinball Table Pack coming for Pinball FX2 on the Xbox One, with the pack available this week not only on the Xbox One, but also a ton of other places that have a Zen Studios pinball platform on.

Get To Play Gears Of War 4 Early By Pre-Ordering On The Xbox Store

The digital pre-order of Gears Of War 4 became available late last night on the Xbox store, with two editions now available for you to buy and look forward to until the October 11th release day. The standard edition of the game will set you back £49.99/$59.99, with the Ultimate Edition setting you back £79.99/£99.99. While both editions offer a Vintage Del character skin for use in multiplayer matches in Gears of War 4, the interesting part looks to be if you get the Ultimate Edition of the game. Reading the description it seems to offer you a way of getting the game even earlier, with you getting to play the game on October 7th. Getting to play the game early is always going to make people not worry about paying a little extra, but the extra price you are also paying gets you the season pass for the game, with the following DLC to look forward to if you do go down this path of pre-ordering. "Rev up your Lancers for co-op and multiplayer with the Gears of War 4 Season P

HXR News: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Gets A Two Week Release Delay

With so many betas doing the rounds the last few weeks, you can totally understand why as a Dad of two and the juggling of playing all these great games, it's only now I've seen this news. Erik Odeldahl, Design Director for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, has posted a small blog post on the official website to let us know that the game will now be seeing a two delay in the UK, as the team want to make sure they have the opportunity and time to address player feedback from the Closed Beta. With the delay only a small two weeks extra wait, you can now expect to be able to play the game for yourself on June 9th. There will be a blog post up about the beta very soon with some thoughts and gameplay, so be sure to look out for that.

HXR News: Azkend 2: The World Beneath Coming To Xbox One This May

The latest match-three adventure game from the guys at 10 Tons has been announced, with Azkend 2: The World Beneath set for a release on the Xbox One on May 6th. Reading up on the game I see it has already been released on a ton of other formats previously, but while the game is nothing new ,I'm still interested to see what it's all about. "While traveling from Liverpool to New York your ship was pulled down into a massive maelstrom and you woke up in a place that may have never been gazed upon by the eyes of men. From now on your goal is to ascend from the bowels of the earth and return to civilization." A review is in the works from me, so check back around launch when the embargo lifts for a written review aswell as some gameplay. Azkend 2: The World Beneath will release on May 6th, and will be priced at $7.99 £6.39.

HXR Trailer: Aliens vs. Pinball: Alien: Isolation Table

A brand new trailer for one of the three tables set to feature in the three table Alien table pack coming to Pnball FX2 has been released. The trailer below shows of what fans can expect from the Alien: Isolation table, which is based off the2014 videogame of the same name. "Players must help Amanda Ripley survive the dangerous corridors of Sevastopol Space Station while evading a merciless Xenomorph. Additionally, you’ll have to contend with “Working Joe” androids and Station Security Guards, craft weaponry, and hack computers while you keep an eye out for the relentless Alien." The Aliens vs. Pinball pack will be released onto the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PSN, Steam, Windows 10, Mac, iOS, Android and Amazon on April 26th.

HXR First Thoughts: Gears Of War 4 Beta

After the recent mess up of the code distribution of the eagerly anticipated Gears 4 beta on the Xbox One, I found myself codeless and feeling like I did back in the day of school, where all the cool people had the stuff I wanted for myself. I wasn't having myself wait what could be days to play something that I had looked forward to since hearing that playing the Ultimate Edition of Gears would get me in to the beta early, so I did what any sane person would do and found another way in. O2 were giving away codes to people via their priority promotion here in the UK, so I went out got myself an O2 sim card and a ten pound top-up to register just so I could play the beta a day after I should have been playing it. Also worth noting, I'm still to recieve my actual code from playing UT before the deadline, so I'm glad I did what I did to get in. The gears 4 beta offers three modes of play for you to try, and also a reward for reaching level 20 in it to unlock some cool

HXR News: Microsoft To Stop Manufacturing New Xbox 360 Consoles

The console version of Old Yeller is taking place with Microsoft this year, as a post from Phil Spencer over on the Xbox Wire website revealed today. The Xbox 360 reached the age of ten last Novemeber, an amount of time that is unheard of these days, with anything electronic having anything between 2 to 4 years shelf life before the next big things hits the market and makes you forget all about it. Some stats thrown on the post saw figures like 78 billion gaming hours played, nearly 486 billion Gamerscore on 27 billion achievements and over 25 billion hours spent in apps over the 10 year span of the console, which is bloody mind boggling. Thankfully while it's the end of the road for the console in regards to Microsoft manufacturing any new 360 consoles in the future, they have promised to keep supporting the console in key areas. Mr PS or Sir Phil Spencer as I like to call him these days, had the following to say on what Microsoft promise to keep doing for a console still l

HXR News: Mafia III Release date & New Trailer

After putting a ton of time in Mafia II when it released on the Xbox 360 back in 2010, I found myself excited to see what this third instalment would be bringing to the table, apart from looking better than ever of course. In the latest trailer titled "One Way Road" we travel to the city of New Bordeaux, in the year 1968. The year that hard as nails lead character Lincoln Clay is on the lookout for some revenge for the deaths of his surrogate family. We also find out that the game will be seeing a release on October 7th.

HXR News: FIFA 16 Now Available To Download From The EA Access Vault

I've already told you that FIFA 16 was coming to the Access vault a few weeks ago back on the site , but for those that have missed this news completly now is your chance to go and download it. I've spoke too much on social media and on other sites on how much a great service EA Access actually is already, so will not put you through it this time around. With a month costing just £3.99 for you to try out the service though, I urge you to go and give it a look if you fancy boosting your game collection if you are a brand new Xbox One owner. As for FIFA 16, well it's FIFA 16 isn't it. While not breaking any trends from any of the previous releases the series has seen to date, it's still in my eyes one of the best footy games out on the market (but PES did a good job this year too and is getting a lot better. Just saying).

HXR News: Xbox One Deals With Gold Apr 19th - Apr 26th

Another Tuesday is upon us, and yet more deals are now live for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 (not listed these just yet, but will be added to the post later today) thanks to the Deals With Gold promotion. Are those deals any good? You can be the judge of that. Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass - £22.95/$13.99 Blood Bowl 2 - £10.00/$12.50 Borderlands: The Handsome Collection - £18.00/$24.00 Clusterpuck 99 - £5.35/$6.69 Destiny: The Taken King - £29.99/$29.99 Destiny: The Taken King - Legendary Edition - £32.99/$35.99 Destiny: The Taken King - Digital Collector's Edition - £37.50/$40.00 Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition - £18.00/$24.00 Farming Simulator 15 - £16.00/$20.00 Infinity Runner - USD £2.80/$3.50 Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) - £3.00/$3.75 Never Alone Arctic Collection - £3.80/$4.75 (Easily the best deal for me) Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition - £3.00/3.75 Find all the links for these games and more by clicking here (when Microsoft decide to actually update

HXR News: Not Got Your Gears 4 Beta Code Yet? This Is Why

Like myself, you out there reading this post have more than likely spent the last 24 hours looking at your Xbox Live message box, trying to send thought waves to it to make your Gears 4 beta code come through without any luck. Tears and angry tweets already litter the Xbox support Twitter account such as "where is my damn code"  and "I had a as many day one players look to have been overlooked in the first wave of many codes being sent out oer the next few days. Last night The Coalition gave us a reason to this shambles of a beta code release with the following statement posted by Director of Community for both Gears and The Coalition, Adam Fletcher (PezRadar). "Microsoft Operations had an issue this morning with their code drop and unfortunately the codes will not be distributed in chronological order as originally messaged. We will be doing another code drop this evening to help address some of the issues. As noted before, codes will be going out in wa

Return Of An Old Friend

This may not mean a lot to most of the people who read this, as unless you have followed me on Twitter from the very start you won't know where it all began for me. HXR was always and will always be my little baby. A simple site and name to many of you, but to me it's something that I and co-creator Rob worked our asses off to make not the greatest website perhaps, but indeed something at least I was proud of, right until we shut up shop and become that multi-format site that it became today. The story of why I was removed from the other site is not any secret or dark thing that needs to be hidden away. I'm not bitter or annoyed with what both David and Gary (hosters of HGR) did by changing all my passwords and removing me from something I helped create and keep active for so long. I'm just let down by their actions in the last few weeks. The one big letdown is when asking for my written and video work to be taken off the site and YouTube as I start all over again,

First Play: Doom Beta

Last night I finally got some time to sit down and spend a little time with one of the many betas doing the rounds this month on the Xbox One, this after sampling what Battleborn had to offer earlier in the day. Doom is another game that while blowing my mind when being shown of at the Bethesda E3 show of last year, I kind of put to the back of my mind. As in truth I've never really been a doom guy. I think the first time I played a version of Doom was way back in the day on my older brothers pimped up PC, and while looking gorgeous of course, being a pad guy back then, the whole playing with a keyboard and mouse took a little getting used to. The latest version of Doom sees a beta running for it once again (after having numerous closed ones) over the next few days, so I downloaded it just to see if it would be worth checking out in the future. Doom isn't your standard online shooter of course, as I instantly got took back to my days of playing games like Quake and Unrea

Sunset Overdrive & Saints Row IV Now Available With Games With Gold

Both new choices for gold members of Xbox Live are now available to download on the Xbox One & Xbox 360. For the Xbox One you can download Sunset Overdrive (had great fun with this when reviewing elsewhere) by clicking here , and Saints Row IV for your Xbox 360 by clicking her e. Do bear in mind that Saints Row IV can also be played and downloaded on your Xbox One, thanks to it being available via backwards compatibility on the console.

First Play: Battleborn Open Beta (Now Available To Download)

To say I overlooked the latest big guns and humour filled offering from the guys at Gearbox and 2K would be a massive understatement, as other trailers simply blinded me from a game that I clearly should have been keeping a close eye on. Battleborn is the latest first-person-shooter/slash-em-up from the team that brought us the much loved Borderlands series, and it certainly comes across right from the start as a game offering more of the same to what Borderlands had to offer us, only this time of course looking a lot better due to it being on consoles with more behind them. You can check out the beta right now for yourself on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, with the beta ending on April 18th. For now though. Here are a few words on what I thought of the beta with my short play on it earlier this morning. The first mode I played earlier was the story mode, which saw me and three randoms take around 40 minutes to finish off just one of the two levels that are available to play in the

Rod Fergusson Teases Kait Reward Pack For Playing The Gears Of War 4 Beta

Last night saw studio Head of The Coalition, Rod Fergusson, tweet out a little tease for players looking to sink a lot of time into the upcoming beta that starts on April 18th. Those who never bought and played Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition before the April 11th deadline can of course join the open portion of the beta on April 25th, when it will be available to download for all gold members. Rod put out the below tweet last night letting those ready to play the game a bloody lot that getting to level 20 might be worth it if you want items that will be available in the full release on October 11th. Gears 4 MP Beta Rewards? Sure! But can you make it to level 20 to earn them? #Gears4 #VintageKait #tease — Rod Fergusson (@GearsViking) April 14, 2016 As for Ultimate edition players waiting to get access to the game, it's also been revealed that it will be a wave based code release for the beta, with those who played the game on day one having t

Overdue Review: Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Overdue reviews is a section on the blog where I finally get to play and review a game a while after the game has launched. Chances are you already own it by the time I post these up, so these reviews are purely to get some content up on the blog in these early days, with games I never reviewed elsewhere being the ones I focus on. As a parent of two and being a stay at home daddy while the wife goes out to work these days, those old days of going out at payday at the end of the month and picking up a ton new and pre-owned games from the numerous games stores found in Birmingham are a long distant Memory. I'm now the gamer who looks at every new release and judges it on nothing more than value for money, which solely means can I still see myself playing it 10 to 20 hours down the line. Mostly this means me picking up games that have a long living online portion to them that I know I will play with online friends, or it can be something that offers a ton of side quests and things

Trailer: Eclipse DLC Pack For Black Ops III Coming Later This Month On The PS4

Set to release for our PlayStation brothers on April 19th, so putting the 30 day exclusive deal they have into place us Xbox One owners can expect to see it around May 19th on our consoles. The Eclipse DLC Pack for Black Ops III includes four new multiplayer maps with Verge, Rift, Spire, and Knockout, aswell as Zetsubou No Shima, Treyarch’s latest chapter in the Black Ops III Zombies adventure.

Doom Open Beta Now Available To Pre-Download

Much like the Battleborn open beta which is available to pre-download right now on the Xbox Store , the Open beta for Doom is now also available to pre-download too . I remember being blown away when Bethesda showed it off at their own E3 event of last year, so you can bet your ass I'm pre-download my beta as I'm typing this up.   The Beta is expected to feature only two levels, those being ones called Heatwave and Infernal. We will also only get two modes to play with levels, those modes being Team Deathmatch and Warpath. You can also expect never-before-seen weapons, armor sets, taunts and hack modules joining in on what looks to be a ton of bloody gory fun. The beta times are listed on the Xbox store as Starting on April 15th at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time (UTC - 4), with the beta set to end two days later on April 17 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time (UTC - 4. When checking the times in the UK with those times given it seems to point to a 5am start time for us, but I will updat

Zen Studios Release More Details On Their Aliens vs. Pinball Pack

I recently told you that this was pack was revealed by Zen Studios not so long ago, but today saw some fresh information on this three table pack that Zen are making after teaming up with the guys at Fox Digital Entertainment. The Aliens vs. Pinball pack offers three tables themed around the iconic character found in the films, as well as the standard amazing work in regards to both art and original sound effects that Zen pinball fans are used to. Join Ellen Ripley as she confronts her nightmares and help the Colonial Marines rid LV-426 of its Alien infestation in Aliens Pinball Watch out for the merciless Alien stalking you on the Alien: Isolation pinball table Defeat Xenomorphs and rise in Yautja society on the Alien vs. Predator table Original iconic voiceovers and sound effects from films and videogames set in the ALIENS Universe Leaderboards, score tracking, exciting social features, and more The Aliens vs. Pinball pack will be released on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PSN

New Trailer For Gears Of War 4 + Dropshot execution

Two new Gears 4 videos have been released over the last couple of days, which if anythig have got me super excited for the upcoming beta that the game has coming up on April 18th. The first video is a fancy CGI trailer affair, which sees beloved GOW legend/hero Marcus Fenix with wife and child playing in a field planting a tree and carving his son's name into it. The trailer then has flash forwards of 25 years later which sees the grown up version of JD (Son of Marcus) running from one of the new creatures set to feature in the game. The second video shows off a brand new execution in Gears 4, with Kait showing off the Dropshot execution. After a few watches of the video now I'm still unsure on how I actually feel about it, but it did feel odd seeing something like it in a Gears game if I'm being honest. You be the judge.

Review: Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered

Last weekend saw me getting an email with our very first review code for my small little blog, thanks to the guys at Bacon Bandit Games and their brand new Xbox One release, Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered. Costing just £7.99 here in the UK, Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered sees you go on a turn-based RPG adventure in which you use the power of words to take down the opponents standing in your way. I think it's a fair comment to say the game hasn't really seen many bells and whistles going off to shout about its release to let know gamers know it's available right now. Judging on past experiences though I have learned that sometimes you can find a gem of a game when willing to take a look at something many overlook. Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered only saw me having to playing through two modes to write up this short review for it.  But for a game with just two modes, however, it also has a ton of things that need to be brought to

Titanfall 2 Worldwide Reveal Set For June

Not really that shocking as we all knew it was coming, but Respawn Entertainment & EA have released a teaser trailer for the worldwide reveal of Titanfall 2 on June 12th. Set for a multi-format release this time around on the Xbox One, PS4 and also PC, many like myself I guess are just hopeful of a sequel that offers a lot more in the way of story than the first game did. You can sign up to hear the news first on Titanfall 2 by signing up to the newsletter on the official site found here . Or just be sure to check out my little blog and follow me on Twitter & Facebook .

Gears Of War 4 Release Date & Cover Art Revealed

We finally have a release date for what is bound to be one of the biggest console exclusives of 2016, with Microsoft & The Coalition letting gamers know that Gears Of War 4 will release on October with a worldwide release. While we get over that news, we still have the small matter of the closed and open beta coming to the console starting on April 18th for players and owners of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, With all Xbox One owners getting to enjoy the beta come April 25th. You can bet your ass that this game is pre-ordered and I'm ready for the upcoming beta on day one to make sure I get some gameplay for you as soon as I have it. But until then, let's remind ourselves of when we saw the game for the very first time back at E3 2015.

Grand Prix Rock ´N Racing Coming To The Xbox One

EnjoyUp Games revealed today that a brand new racer known as Grand Prix Rock 'N Racing would be coming to the Xbox One, but other than that and a few details on the game that's all we know right now. The press release for Grand Prix Rock 'N Racing promises to offer players "the fastest, most exciting races" in which you can evolve your car by improving the engine, brakes, tires and more until "you've achieved the perfect evolution to win the Championship!". The game will also have Online leaderboards where you can compare your best times with friends as well as players from around the world, with the below features also bullet pointed in the above mentioned press release too. - Wide variety of tracks. - Multi-player with 4 players. - Races with 20 opponents. - Realistic driving physics. - Lots of Rock &#