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Review - F1 2017

It seems to have become a thing now where I feel the need to review every new F1 game, even though I know zero facts about the sport itself. Much like every other time when I've covered this series, I will simply say this. This review is more for the guy (like me) who knows nothing about the sport, but everytime a new release comes out wonders if they should at least give it a look. Want a review from a hardcore fan who knows all the rules? Just leave now and look elsewhere. F1 2017 offers up a bit of everything for the fans of break neck speed and close death situations with metal railings. but for this review most of my time has been sitting down with the career the game has, offering players the chance to sign up for a team and try their best to stand tall at the end of the season as the overall champ. Racing around the tight corners of Monaco (seriously, I never knew how deadly this track was until racing around it myself) to classics such as Silverstone, one thing the game

Review - Pressure Overdrive

Sitting on this for the last few weeks, I've been stuck in a place where I thought that I may have been a little hard on this with the previous drafts of this review that I had typed up, so it's had me dipping in and out just to see if I wasn't in the right frame of mind for it when I last loaded it up. Pressure Overdrive is essentially a twin stick shooter, with the left stick controlling where you steer, and the right stick controlling where your weapon of choice is directed, with the game also giving you a few special powers along the way. While the concept of the game sounded like a cool idea when I thought about reviewing it, sadly the game has lacked in a key area of just pulling me back in to play it more and more. The hours I've put in have been somewhat repetitive, with new enemies joining the fray as time has gone on, but the game itself feeling no different as you work your way through the levels. The game kicks off with the hero of the game trying to

Review: Demetrios - The Big Cynical Adventure

Demetrios - The BIG Cynical Adventure was yet again one of those games that came to my attention one day while scrolling through my Twitter timeline. Billed as a quirky point and click adventure, Demetrios is certainly that, with them noted as also being inspired by a classic point & click adventure game, Broken Sword. I've never been a big point & click guy if truth be told, but I was looking forward to seeing what this was all about. You play a character called Bjorn Thonen, an antique dealer who lives in Paris who is robbed one hot July night after coming home on the tipsy side. A late night phone call tries to warn him of how much danger he is set to be in, but Bjorn is too drunk to care and falls back to sleep once the call is over. Later that night he is woken up by someone in his apartment only for them to knock him out cold until the next morning. Upon waking up the next day, he notices certain items have gone missing and with a useless local police force, you s

Upcoming Pixel Pals You Might Want To Add To Your Collection

Today saw a little goodie box show up from the lovely people at PDP, who after seeing them share some images on Twitter I got in touch with them about their Pixel Pals range. While my subject box said, "give me all your Pixel Pals" they sent over four for me to have a look at today, with all of them set for release in the very near future. Rather than type up a bunch of pointless words I thought I would just hit you with the date they are dropping and some images for you to look at. At the end of the day, Pixel Pals are a great little item if you have a little corner to show off gaming items to fellow gaming buddies who come round, or just a cool little light for your room if you fancy something different. The range offers something for everyone, be that Batman, Skyrim, Nintendo, Street Fighter, and much more. Like I said earlier, the four below are the ones I got sent, with links and release date information found below. While being pretty hard to nail a retailer for the

Review - Agents Of Mayhem

Leading up to the release of Agents of Mayhem, I can honestly say I never took much notice of it when it came to trailers or any new news released about it, leaving me going into this not really knowing what the game was all about until the review code dropped in my inbox. If I were to try my best to explain what Agents of Mayhem actually was now I've spent a good chunk of time with it, it would include a massive dose of Saints Row (for obvious reasons), a dash of Crackdown, and just a seasoning of Overwatch when it comes to the videos used in cutscenes to give the characters some back story. As the Agents of Mayhem, it's your task to take down a group known as LEGION. A bunch of bad guys who came down from the sky one day and unleashed hell onto the world. The guy being the face of this evil organization is the LEGION Minister, Doctor Babylon, but of course, he brings with him an army of smaller enemies and mini-bosses for you to take down along the way. The AoM itself has

Headset Review - Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50X Wired Headset

Recently I went out into the big wide world and did something that many people on the Internet think people like myself never do, that's buy things with my own money. I have two young gaming kids, so headsets and controllers are something that I go through at a worrying pace in my house. Buttons broke here, wires bent in the wrong place there, all of these are given a special place in the corner of my living room which I like to call the graveyard. the place where items go and gather dust while I keep telling myself  "I will get them repaired one day" (Of course I never will). With my current Turtle Beach headset being on the injured but not dead just yet list for the last few months, I've been on the lookout for a good headset which works on everything, but also didn't break the bank. Turtle Beach have been my headset makers of choice since I got my hands on one for a review piece wayyy back in my early days, with me before that never really thinking I needed

One To Watch - Ghost Of A Tale

Back on June 30th, Ghost Of A Tale popped onto the Xbox One via the game preview section, and much like everything else I got around that time, only recently have I got to spend a bit of time with it. Spending around 8 hours (although the game hub says around 11 hours) I've done a pretty good chunk of the game so far, with me coming out the other side looking forward to how much fun the full release could be. The preview program on the console is a great way to not only pay a bit less for what could be a future smash hit, but it also allows gamers to give the people behind it some valuable information, making the full release of the game the best it can be. In preview you will always come across glitches and bugs, that's just how thing are in preview. In GOAT. I myself have had a few in my time with the game, but preview is meant for this very reason. In no way did it stop me enjoying and looking forward to what the full game has the chances of becoming. The game sees yo

Quick Review - DeadCore

If you never saw my tweet recently, the next few reviews are going to be a bit basic with less waffle and me just getting to the point if they are worth your time or not. I'm doing this simply for the fact I want to get them done and dusted. DeadCore has been one of the games which has had me going back and forth on my thoughts on the game, making for a tough final review that I'm typing today. DeadCore is one of those games that will see a mixture of feelings from gamers who decide to pick it up, partly thanks to the mixture of genres that make the game up. Part platformer, part puzzler, part driving you bloody crazy. DeadCore has been one of those games which has challenged me to levels that I've not seen since surface since playing Dark Souls, a game which I felt like I was headbutting a digital wall on repeat. The game sees you given a level that has a start and an end, with your goal being to get there by any means possible. While the first level eases you in gen

Taking A Look At Stereo Aereo (Creators Collection)

The Creators Collection dropped onto the Xbox One store a few days ago now, with last night seeing me dropping a few pennies on the game this post is about. If you like what you see in the below gameplay of Stereo Aereo you can pick it up on the Creators Collection portion of the Xbox One Store for £3.29/$3.99, or by clicking here . There are a few other games there as well, so certainly go and give the ones you like the look of some of your time and spare cash.

Early Look - SwapQuest

Today I got a code for a game that is coming to the Xbox One on August 22nd,  and that game was called SwapQuest. As you can see in the gameplay below, SwapQuest is something very unique for us on the Xbox One, as when playing it earlier I could not think of a game that is like it on our console already (sure you lot will throw a load at me now I've said that. Like I say, the game is coming to the Xbox on August 22nd, with a price for us in the UK of £7.99.

(Delayed) Thoughts on The Destiny 2 Beta

(Current day Tony here. I started this post about a day after the beta ended, so in your head read this post as it's that very day. Thanks.) The Destiny 2 beta is now over, and while I never got around to sinking a lot of time into it, I thought now was a good time to share my thoughts on it all, and my hopes of what the full release might bring. Destiny is a bloody weird one for me. On one side you have the fanatics who spend and have spent a silly amount of time into what the first Destiny had to offer, while the other side of the coin saw many frustrated with what it offered them once a week or two had gone by. Reviewing the game on my old writing home, Destiny 1 was a huge letdown for me. Coming out after hours of play doing the same mission and tasks over and over again for rare loot being something I never fully found myself enjoying the more time went on. Sure I jumped back on when loot caves and things of that nature made the news and were a big deal, but the more tim

Review - Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator

Online gaming and insults are something that have gone hand in hand since I loaded up an Xbox Live game way back when I got my original Xbox. If I had a pound for everytime someone told me some bad words about my mother or my dead Gran after beating them on a game, well I would have a good £64.00 in my bank right about now. While Oh...Sir! doesn't go in super hard at you with the insults like a 13-year-old whose Mum is in the other room would do. It does at least allow you to insult a faceless person online all in the name of some fun and banter, but without the risk of an Xbox Live ban at the end of it. With the game costing just £2.39/$2.99 on the Xbox store, I will be honest with you, it's going to pretty hard for me to be super hard on it. While I personally can't see it being something that will have an active online portion as the year goes on (I could be wrong), as of writing this the game sits in the number seven spot of the top eight paid for games currently. T

Spotify Music App Finally Coming To The Xbox One Later Today

Short and sweet news post here just to inform you guys who are not aware. Spotify will finally be available on the Xbox One later today, with Xbox players now having more choice when it comes to backgorund music while gaming. Sony have seemingly have a grip on this one since both consoles launched, but today Xbox players get to use a service that I think most of use on a daily basis if you spend any sort of time on your laptop/PC. More details on this can be found here . Will let you know when it becomes available on social media. Excited to see @Spotify coming to @Xbox today! 🙌🎹👊🎼👍🎧🔥🎮 — ✖️Aaron Greenberg✖️ (@aarongreenberg) August 8, 2017

Universal Classics Pinball Revealed By Zen Studios For Pinball FX3

Zen Studios have just revealed news of an upcoming pack featuring much-loved franchises as a DLC pack for Pinball FX3. While only showing off the E.T. table in video form today (video for that below), this three-table-pack will also feature tables for both Jaws and the Back To The Future trilogy. The Zen Studios blog post for this news gave a bit more detail as to what players can expect from all three tables. "Players can get behind the wheel of the DeLorean time machine and travel through different eras of Hill Valley to fix the space-time continuum on the Back to the Future table, take on the terrifying great white shark on the Jaws table, and go on an adventure with Elliot as he helps E.T. contact his spaceship and return to the stars on the E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial table!" Keep an eye on this by following Zen on Twitter by clicking right here , or you can count on me to keep you posted.

Review: What Remains Of Edith Finch

So far this year we have seen a number of games that have really excelled in giving gamers something a little different, something that feels more than a game when you come out the other side. Smart arses out there put these games in the genre of a "walking simulator" a term that drives me nuts as in no way does it give these type of games the credit they actually deserve. For me, these games are more an experience of sometimes wonderful story telling. Sure they lack any sort of actual playing of the game with your quest to just reach the end to get an answer, but by the end of them, they always leave a mark on you. An experience is something any reviewer will always struggle to get across to a reader of their work without tarnishing that game for the player who will then go and buy it. While this review might lack key moments of my time with the game, that in the long run is so you get to enjoy and get the same feeling I did when I finished it. Without going too deep int

Review - Iron Crypticle

Summer holidays always equal a backlog of reviews in front of me, on top of kids who need entertaining like I'm their house Jester. You will see over the next week or so some of the games I've simply not had the time to sit down with at launch and review, with Iron Crypticle dropping onto the Xbox One way back on June 12th, with me dropping in and out of it ever since then. The game itself is a twin-stick shooter, with the feel of games such as Super Smash TV, with that whole top down view and moving through doors as you work your way through the game. The story of the game is all very simple. The princess and royal treasures of Cryptonia are stolen through a hole in the floor right in front of the king, so off goes his knight (that's you) into the crypts below to recover all of his shiny goods and lady for him. What follows is your working your way through floors of enemies that grow harder and harder the deeper you get, with each floor having secrets such as an arca