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Review - The Catch: Carp & Coarse

Scroll back a few weeks in regards to reviews I've done, and you might go into this review wondering how I'm not fed up with hunting and more so fish and underwater antics by now. The Catch is from the same guys behind the much-loved Euro Fishing and the lesser loved Fishing Sim World when it comes to me anyway. In terms of Euro Fishing, that was a game I loved a lot when it first released. Getting me through many a night when it came to chilling out and relaxing. So what would The Catch have in store for me? Straight to the point here, to a guy who dabbles in the fishing delights that Dovetail have previously released on the Xbox One, I can't say The Catch really offers anything that mind blowing different that needs to be spoken about. Simply put, If you got anything out of the previous games I mentioned above, this is much more of the same. In terms of modes, you've got a handful to mess about on. The  offline mode you will use the most will b

Review - Hunting Simulator 2

Not since Call of the Wild have I donned my digital camo clothing, grabbed my sniping rifle from my backpack and looked down the sight of it to see a poor defenceless animal begging to be shot in a vital organ. That changed when Hunting Simulator 2 popped up on my Twitter timeline one day a few weeks back offering a hunting experience that saw you having a doggy companion tagging along with you. A few weeks have passed since launch, but a week or so later after finally getting around to playing it, here we are. You kick off the game choosing either to be a pre made male or female hunter, and after a quick skipable tutorial the full game is available to you. You can go out and explore one of six locations available to you, with them having a mix of the thirty three animals out there for you to hunt. Coyote, ducks, deer, elk, you got a decent mix here. Throw in fast travel tents to find, along with stands that help scope out the area a bit, and it will give you a