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Review - Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate

There are just some gaming franchises that will never die and go away. You have the elite level with the likes of Super Mario or Sonic, but then you have that middle area of games that is filled with fighters and shooters, with Mortal Kombat being one such franchise. It still feels like only the other week when I was being blown away with characters that looked like they were real and placed on a backdrop but I could actually control them. Not forgetting my first real introduction to gore and doing things like burning people to death with Scorpion, or tearing out somebodies heart with kano. Time has moved on now however, with MK these days being less known for what were unique things back then, with the game now just being a really good fighting game that throws up a few surprises when it comes to the people you can expect to come across in its ever growing roster. I missed out on reviewing the original release of the basic version of MK11 when it launched back