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DLC Review - Dovetail Games Euro Fishing: Foundry Dock

The test for me today is to make you guys feel the need to read a review to the very end about a digital lake in a fishing game. Still here? Then I've won half the battle.

Euro Fishing was a game I really enjoyed (and seemingly still do after getting addicted to it again thanks to this DLC) when I reviewed it back in June of Last year. Admittedly since the review went up on the site way back then, my time spent on the game has been somewhat limited what with trying my blooming best to get somewhere with all of this reviewing malarky, but I have found myself going back every now and then for my moment of zen.

This Foundry Dock DLC was a reason for me to get back into the game over the last few days but is the new area really worth the asking price of £8.99/$10.99
As a fan of the game previously, had I dropped £8.99 I would have been somewhat disappointed as to what I got in return, what with this new area not really having anything new about it over the other areas in the game whe…

Reader Reviews - Gigantic

Here we go again with another review not written by me, but by someone who visits and reads stuff on the site. Massive thanks to Aaron for writing this Gigantic review with the starter pack code provided for this review You can find him over on Twitter @Azzombie115

Gigantic is a colourful, cartoony, free-to- play class based, third person shooter/ MOBA in which two teams comprised of 5 players and a huge AI controlled monster called a guardian, battle it out to capture control points, grow in strength, and ultimately prove that their guardian is better than the other guardian, by having their guardian pin down the other, whilst your entire team delivers a massive beatdown on the poor defenceless creature.

The game has recently seen a full release on Xbox One and PC but apart from a new hero and some balances and tweaks, the game has barely changed from its beta version, which I feel is one of its
greatest downfalls.
To begin, you are granted access to a free rotation of playable hero…

WWE 2K18 Set For a John Cenaaaaaaaaa Collector's Edition

WWE Games have just revealed the collector's edition for this year's WWE game, with John Cena this year being given the special treatment. While fans picking up the Deluxe version of WWE 2K18 will see all the digital content that is mentioned in this post, those who pick up this collector's edition get all the following physical objects that are listed (figure and plaque).

The John Cena WWE 2K18 Collector's edition has the following things included,

A copy of WWE 2K18 (Deluxe Edition)

WWE 2K18 Season Pass.

Playable versions of Batista and Rob Van Dam

Playable versions of Cena from both ECW One Night Stand 2006 and WrestleMania XXVI

Access to the Kurt Angle Pack, which includes two playable versions of The Olympic Hero

Exclusive premium packaging that includes a unique cover sleeve

An exclusive Mattel action figure featuring John Cena with Cena/Cena Nuff T-shirt options

A Fanatics limited-edition commemorative plaque that includes a piece of the ring mat from Cena’s hi…

EA Confirm That The Sims 4 Is Coming To Consoles + EA Access Details

So as expected, the recent store link for this was indeed true, with the game set for a release on November 17th for both the Xbox One and PS4. Two versions are available to pre-order now from the Xbox store, with the standard version offering The Sims 4 Perfect Patio Stuff pack as a pre-order extra by buying early. The game also has a Deluxe Party Edition available to pre-order too, with this one unlocking the game three days early on November 14th, with this including the game, previously mentioned Patio DLC, Life of the Party Digital Content, Up All Night Digital Content, Awesome Animal Hats Digital Content.

EA Access members can also look forward to a trial before release too, with the game getting the now standard free trial treatment on November 9th. No details on how many hours or what content we will get to play with in this as of yet though. EA Access members can also, of course, get a discount on both versions.

Looking forward to this one, as been ages since I sat down with…

Review - Infinite Minigolf

Those guys at Zen Studios love playing with balls, no really they do. They venture out every now and then and mix things up by making games that don't feature them, but Zen for me starts and ends at one series, that series being Pinball FX. I said this many times now, but Pinball FX is where the reviewing me began. Over the years I've grown a soft spot for these guys with them having a series I really enjoy and the team always being super nice via email, Not forgetting always looking out for their fans when it comes to prices and the releases all coming out at the same time. Infinite Minigolf was a game I'd been dying to play since they announced it, so with a few hours under my belt it's time to find out is it worth your cash.

Personally, for me, the big selling point for Infinite Minigolf was the number of courses available in the game as time went on, what with user-content being a massive thing in this game, hopefully helping keep it fresh the more time went on. A…

ChromaGun Coming To Xbox One This August

It's cool when the guys and girls behind a smaller release get in touch on their own accord, not only making this way easier for me but also makes me aware of a release I may have missed right up until launch.

ChromaGun is a first person puzzler all about colours, and I would not judge you at all if when seeing the below trailer that you instantly thought of another game that had a gun and some lying cake. In this one, you're using your ChromaGun to colourize walls and things called Worker Droids to progress in the chambers and make your way out of the exit doors.These Worker Droids are attracted to walls of the same colour and can be used for a variety of tasks like opening doors, activating triggers and so on and so on. This takes place over eight chapters that feature a witty background-narrative (I've seen this somewhere before, I'm sure).

ChromaGun is out on the Xbox One on August 23rd. Pre-orders for the game go live on August 3rd (I will update this post with t…

The Sims 4 Appears On The Xbox Store

Recently both I and all round nice guy Mr David Guild from Twitter were speaking with each other about how odd it was that we hadn't seen a console Sims game for a while now, so we are both taking full credit for the following news.

Those people over at True Achievements were the ones finding this news out first, with the store link for Sims 4 found here, The page gives the game a release date of November 17th with the following details on the store page about the game.
No official reveal for this just yet, but when it happens you can expect me to let you know.

Review - Crazy Strike Bowling EX

When it comes to most smaller releases on the Xbox One, I like it more going into them not knowing what to expect or what I'm going to get out of it. This game is one of those games. I saw a tweet, asked for a review code, and here I am a few weeks later wondering what the hell I did that for.

Bowling games are somewhat on the light side when it comes to console games. The only ones that spring to mind when thinking back for games like this all feature memories of a Christmas gone by and playing a Kinect Sports game with the kids. In the case of Crazy Strike Bowling EX, this isn't even available on the UK store just yet, with it only available on the American store for $12.99. So for those for whatever reason want to play a bowling game without a Kinect in the UK you are still out of luck.
Loading this up I felt like I was loading up a Wii game or a very old game on my 360 (and that's being kind), with the game having the look of one of those old games you see in an arcad…

DOOM Free Weekend Incoming, Along With Updates, Free DLC & A Low Price

The weekends of getting to play decent games for free have been a huge success in recent weeks. Not only giving gamers on a budget a few days playing a good game but also the chance of picking the game up at a great price if they enjoy it enough once the free weekend is over.

Starting Thursday afternoon it will be the turn of Doom, with the full game available for the whole weekend and at the low price of just £11.99/$14.99 if you want to keep it forever. This week is the turn of the Xbox One, with the PlayStation seeing the free weekend and price deal on July 27th.

On top of this Bethesda have revealed that they are to do away with the season pass, making all of the multiplayer DLC content available to all players. That’s three multiplayer DLC packs, which include nine maps, three additional guns, three additional playable demons, new equipment, armour sets and more.

You can check out the full blog post which offers more details on the 6.66 update which offers fixes and other improv…

Review - Cars 3: Driven To Win

Reviewing a game that is solely aimed at a younger audience has always been a hard task when I've done it over the years. As an adult playing games like this, you tend to forget that being young you're not all about graphics and frame rates in games like most are these days, but just overjoyed that you're getting to play with characters and levels you've got a liking for. While my standard reviews tend to use certain words in them I also have to keep these reviews somewhat PG, as you know full well that outside of my the normal guys who come to the site, this review will also see kids anywhere between the age of 8 to about 10 giving it a look, so I have to be a good boy today.

From the off we all know that deep down that a Cars game is never going to compete with any of the bigger racing games out there on the market right now, with this series of games more a way for people to take control of both current and classic characters of the Cars franchise in both old and n…

What You Get With The Destiny 2 Beta

While those lovely guys and girls on the PS4 are getting access to this today, those on Xbox don't have long to wait, so don't cry. The closed portion of the Xbox One beta kicks off tomorrow at 6pm (UK Time), with the open portion kicking off just two days later on the 21st. The beta will offer a bunch of things to have a look at (I will be doing this very thing in a video that will go up later tomorrow), with hopefully some of it being something of this thing called a story I've been hearing so much about.

The beta will give players the chance at playing some campaign (Homecoming missions), a three-player cooperative Strike (Inverted Spire), and also two PVP Modes, with each mode having one a map for you to try out, with Both PVP Modes using the new 4v4 team format.

Countdown (paired with Midtown): A new competitive mode where players spawn on either Offense or Defense, and when the round ends you swap sides and roles. The goal is to plant a bomb at the enemy base, and th…

Review - Micro Machines World Series

It has finally happened people. Here I am about to review a top-down racer where it can't end it with the line of "it was alright, but it wasn't anywhere close to being as good as Micro Machines." Not playing a Micro Machines game since back in my Mega Drive days, nostalgia has played a massive role in the feelings I have for the previous games. Looking back through my rose-tinted glasses, Micro Machines was always a game that offered a tonne of living room entertainment with actual people back before we had online play on our home consoles. These days, however, you don't need extra joypad ports in a game cartridge to play with a bunch of people, with modern day gaming putting you in contact with a bunch of faceless people at the press of a button.

Off the bat, I'm going to tell you that Micro Machines World Series is very much an online experience this time around, with the setting to still play with those in your living room there, but the online side cert…

WWE 2K18 Blog Post Reveals Some Features For The Game

The release of the latest WWE game is something I look forward to every year, even when I have lovely followers who mock me for my love of play fighting with so-called sweaty men in underpants (these same people enjoy superheroes who wear tight fitting lycra, but I never judge them).  I love both the drama and entertainment side of this thing we now call sports entertainment, but games in recent years have slowly seemed to come to a standstill when it comes bringing new things to the table.

It's fair to say that WWE 2K games have been stuck in limbo for the past few releases while promising to improve in key areas, the game has just become somewhat of the FIFA version of wrestling games. As a fan of both the games and product though I'm always hopeful that this year will be the year they get everything right and make the game fans want to see.

A blog post on the official website recently spoke about some of the features coming to 2K18, with popular YouTubers and influencers …

Digital Game Gifting Is Not Far Away For The Xbox One

We all have that mate on Xbox Live who never has the games that you want to play. There you are dying to play the latest shooter with the guy who makes playing games more fun, but there they are being all adult like spending money on things such as rent and food like a total jerk.

Fear not, as it seems that digital game gifting is soon on the way, with Xbox VP Mike Ybarra answering a question about this from a Xbox One owner just yesterday. When one Twitter follower asked how far off are we from getting the ability to gift a new purchase for a friend, Mike answered with the following.
Not far! — Mike Ybarra (@XboxQwik) July 6, 2017 No messing about there by Mike, but also not far could mean anything from next month to the end of the year. Is gifting something you would use? Let me know in comments below or over on Twitter/Facebook.

Review - AereA

Getting the email for this last week was the first time I had heard about the game in all honesty. The only reason behind me going through with a review was the fact it looked a little like a game that I enjoyed a lot last year, that game being Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas.

AereA is a musical themed, action RPG in which your main goal is to collect 9 musical instruments to help bring worlds back together as they have split into a number of pieces. The game allows you to take control of one of four characters, all of which differ in some way. You have the melee guy who I tended to use for my time with the game, but you also have three range classes too, but when using these the fact that no sort of targeting system was available at close or long range (the game tends to pick an enemy by default at long range to aim for), it made not as fun to use them. There is also no way to flip between all four characters while playing the game, but you can choose which one you want at the …