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Xbox Game Pass Announced By Microsoft

It was only a matter of time before an EA Access style subscription service came from somebody else, I just don't think any of us was expecting it to be Microsoft. The Xbox Game Pass which will launch to all this Spring (currently available to those in the Alpha ring of the Xbox One preview) was announced by Microsoft today, and will offer gamers multiple games from many publishers to play and keep as long as they pay the monthly sum of just £7.99/$9.99. This subscription service will launch with a 100 games, with those games being backwards compatible 360 games and also Xbox One releases being a part of the service. While we don't have a full list of these games, the website does have games such as Halo 5, Lego Batman, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, Payday 2, and a few others showing on the website. One thing I am a bit worried about is the fact when reading the FAQ is Microsoft can remove a game from the service when they see fit. Hopefully when doing so they make g

HXR Review - Chime Sharp

Going into Chime Sharp only knowing that the original seemed to be deeply loved by many gamers on the Internet, I expected with such a simple concept that the review would be rather easy to do. Boy, was I an idiot to think that would be the case. You see, I sit here now after about eight hours playing Chime Sharp and typing these words wondering how the hell I'm going to pull this off. Not playing the original game I know nothing about the series, so I expected a Tetris-like experience with music being involved in some way, but what I got was perhaps my most confusing gaming experience on my Xbox One to date. Chime Sharp in no way makes it easy for the average gamer to pick up the game and make it an enjoyable experience, with the first few games and beyond leaving me scratching my head and wondering what I was doing wrong. The below image is all you're given in learning the game and what you need to do, but even when doing that I still found myself running out of time aft

Warner Bros Officially Announce Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Never nice to see a publisher or dev have a big reveal taken away from them thanks to someone pressing a button to go live way earlier than planned. This happened yesterday when Target decided to make the pre-order page live for this game, which of course the Internet found within seconds. None the less, Warner Bros have just made it official, with the game set to release on August 25th for us in the UK, with the game also being a play anywhere title, and also coming to Project Scorpio when the console releases. Players will find themselves in control of a new ring and see the return of Talion and Celebrimbor, who must go behind enemy lines to forge an army and turn all of Mordor against the Dark Lord, Sauron. The Nemesis System will also see a return this time around, with the press release promising that this time around it has been expanded. As you can see by the trailer above, a gameplay reveal is set for March 8th, so be sure to come back to the site to see what that is all abo

Old Time Hockey Delayed On The Xbox One

Seems to be a regular thing of late where smaller releases are being hit with last minute delays on the Xbox One, with the games releasing just fine and on time on other formats such as the PS4. Old Time Hockey saw itself getting a release date of March 28th yesterday evening, but once again the Xbox One version was left out of this release window, with no blog post or email explaining why. Speaking to the team making Old Time Hockey on their Facebook page, they at least cleared a few things up that both myself and many other Xbox One owners looking forward to game would like to know. First off why is the Xbox One missing out on the March 28th release window? With me asking was certification an issue after a few other recent releases were delayed for this very reason. They replied with, "Combination. We are working off a monogame which is open source and we are having to fill in the gaps quite a bit as our game is robust compared to what it traditionally handles". Sec

HXR Headset Review - Venom In Ear Stereo Gaming Headset

A lot of time has gone by since I reviewed something that isn't a game on a website. Back in the old days this was a regular thing, with the site I wrote for being well established and easier to reach out to the big companies who would lovingly send out any fresh new items they were eager to promote at that time. Venom kindly took the subtle hints on wanting to review some of their gaming stuff on Twitter recently when speaking with a follower who was on the look out for a battery charger. While they didn't send out the charging device we were speaking about, they did send me their latest in-ear stereo headset which currently sells for £19.99 on Amazon. I think it's fair to say that Venom perhaps isn't a name that jumps out to everyone when they think about buying a new headset for their console of choice. But while not being a brand known by all, they look to at least offer a cheap way in for those looking at getting hold of a headset for multiple devices, with th

The Many Disguises Of Chase McCain Are Shown Off In New LEGO City Undercover Trailer

A new trailer showing off the many disguises of Chase McCain, lead character/hero of Warnes Bros latest LEGO game, LEGO City Undercover, was just posted up onto YouTube. Looking at the trailer after forgetting all about this, it was nice to see what looks to be a really fun LEGO game which is set for a release on April 7th. See what you think by watching the below trailer.

Volumes 1 & 2 Of Atari Flashback Classics Are Set For A Retail Release This March

The Atari 2600 is where my love of gaming began thanks to my Dad. But this post isn't about that, it's about these two bundles coming to retail this March. Both Volumes are already available digitally on the store for £15.99/$19.99 each if you can't wait until the retail release on March 31st, and with both sets offering 50 games a piece, there is bound to be a few games on there that you look upon fondly and would love to play again. All 50 games for each volume are listed below, with games such as Warlords (Although this game was all about the wheel controller back in the day for me), Black Jack, Centipede, and Yars Revenge being ones that I would love to play again on my current console. If you want the digital links to buy these volumes now as you can't wait, then be taken to the store by clicking here for Vol 1 and here for Vol 2 . If retail is for you, then check online stores now to pre-order. Vol. 1, full games list: 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe Air-Sea Battle™, Bac

HXR Overdue Review - Hitman: The Complete First Season

This new episodic take on the Hitman franchise was one that I always wanted to play when I saw it being spoken about on social media or shown off on YouTube, but the fear of my below average stealth skills put me off ever trying out an episode as they released onto the Xbox store all throughout the year of 2016. Being a big user of a game rental service, I was overjoyed when I heard that a complete retail version was coming out in early 2017, so I put the game to the back of my mind knowing I could give it a try without the worry of thinking I've wasted my money, even if the wait did kill me You can up pick all the episodes featured in this complete season digitally too if you wish, with The Intro Pack (includes a prologue episode and the first episode set in Paris) available on the Xbox Store and will cost £11.5 9, with all remaining episodes following costing £7.99. There is also a bonus episodes pack too that features three episodes costing £7.99 . For the disc version with

Free Multiplayer Access For All On Xbox Live Silver This Weekend (Feb 16th - Feb 19th)

If you've got an Xbox One without Xbox Live, well other than what the hell are doing????? This weekend is a great time to sample the wonder that is Xbox Live Gold for zero cash. As of yesterday Xbox Live Gold is free for all, so finally those with silver accounts can sample the likes of Gears 4, Halo 5, Call of Duty, FIFA and more online. So be sure to get that mate told whose parents torture him by not getting him gold even though they bought him an Xbox this Xmas. Or even that friend who says his life is too busy to pay a yearly sum for a service he will never use. For those of us enjoying the Gold service already, we can also get something out of this weekend too. Just load up your favourite online game and laugh like a maniac as you get yourself some easy XP beating or killing some of these noobs wth ease. A good weekend gaming to you all.

Cities: Skylines Coming To Xbox One This Spring

Love to create and have a knack of handling multiple things at once? Then Cities: Skylines may be something you should be keeping an eye on before its release this Spring. Grow your city from the first streets to handling such things as transport, roads, education, water, electricity, police, firefighting, healthcare and much more. The Xbox One Edition will include the full original game and also the After Dark expansion which allows players to plan and design for their cities nightlife and tourist attractions. Check out the trailer below and also some key points posted over on the official website for the game. Build the city of your dreams: Plan road networks, bus lines and parks. Bring on a smog-filled industrial revolution or create a quiet beach town ideal for tourists powered by renewable energy. Bring education, healthcare and safety to your citizens. Build it your way! Multi-tiered and challenging simulation: Playing as the mayor of your city, you’ll be

HXR Review - Riptide GP: Renegade

Since around last July, I've been waiting patiently to get my hands on Riptide GP: Renegade from Vector Unit, with the Xbox One release seeing a massive delay while going through its certification with MS. It finally sees a release on the Xbox One on February 24th, with the game offering you both the Xbox One version and Windows 10 version for just £8.39. I'm a big fan of the previous work of Vector Unit, with their back catalogue of Xbox 360/One games being a big hit in my house. Hydro Thunder Hurricane, Riptide GP 2, and Beach Buggy Racing are games that both myself and the two kids have enjoyed over the years, with Hydro Thunder Hurricane (needs a sequel by the way Vector Unit people) being the place it all began. In truth, Riptide perhaps sits at the bottom of my enjoyment list if I were to judge them all and have to order them, with the review I did for that seeing me not coming out a big fan of it if my memory serves me right (I called it very bland and gave it 1.8 o

Free Play Days Now Available For Rocket League & NBA 2K17 On The Xbox One

Loading up the store this morning for the Xbox One, I was surprised to see that these two games are now available for Free Play days. For those not familiar with these events, it's a chance for gamers to give certain games a look and pick them up at a sale price once the free play event comes to an end. Both games are free to download now, with Rocket League currently on sale for £11.99, and NBA 2K17 being on sale for £35.74. While I can't speak about NBA 2K17 as I haven't played it yet. I can tell you that Rocket League is worth a download if you are yet to sample its unique take on racing around in mini vehicles and playing football, with the game bringing fits of both rage and fun when you get around to playing it. Get both games downloaded and unlock a bunch of free achievements, we all love those right?

HXR Review - AQUA KITTY UDX: Xbox One Ultra Edition

I would love it if I could cover every single smaller release on the Xbox One, I really would. Ever since going solo I've cut back on what I would put myself through, with me only caring about numbers now as that is what publishers want if you expect to review things. Where old me would know about every game that was on the way as I would sit on the Internet 24/7, these days I tend to miss out on those little titbits of news when it comes to smaller releases on my console of choice due to doing more at home than before. It's becoming a regular thing now where I only get to hear about such games when loading up the Xbox store on the day of release and seeing a game I would have loved to type something up for, with the game I'm reviewing today being one that would have certainly fallen into that bracket. While having one of the longer titles on the Xbox One store, Aqua Kitty UDX: Xbox One Ultra Edition (Or Aqua Kitty as it will be known for the rest of this review)   is

Kitty Powers' Matchmaker Sees A Small Delay On The Xbox One

Chances are most of you are either saying "I don't care" or "WHAT IS THIS????" when reading this post, but I for one was looking forward to seeing what the game was all about. With the game originally being planned for a February 7th release, I was disappointed to see that for some reason it wasn't appearing on the store yesterday so looked to the Internet as to why, and this is when I heard the terrible news over on the Magic Notion website. So a short delay is all that is needed to fix this "technical issue" with us being told the game "SHOULD" and not 100% will see a release before Valentine's Day. None the less, I shall be covering this via a written review for your eyes once codes are available. So if like me you're a little intrigued as to what this is all about, then please do stay tuned.

Fallout Shelter Coming To The Xbox One Later Today

With the news recently that this was coming to Windows 10/ Xbox One today, I bet many sat on the store last night refreshing it like a madman/woman hoping it would show. If you're waiting and dying to play this then get on with your day as you still have a few hours to go. Head honcho of Xbox, King Phil, was playing this last night which let me get to the game hub for it and check out when we should expect it. As you can see by the image below us in the UK are not scheduled to see it until 18:00 THIS EVENING, so we still have over 4 hours of waiting to go until we can try it out.

Xbox One Owners Ignored With Latest Pre-Order Incentive For Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

A few days ago the guys behind Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 decided a little pre-order incentive boost was needed to boost sales of their upcoming game, little did they know (amazingly) how peed off this would make a section of the gaming public they were releasing it to. You see, CI Games thought a season pass edition ( $29.99 worth of content says the website ) would be a great idea, but that edition has one flaw, they decided to make it available only to those pre-ordering on the PC and PS4, ignoring the Xbox One portion of their market without even making note of why they were missing out. Now while it's normally easy to ignore little bits of console exclusive DLC, many fans have let their feelings known about this on Reddit and Twitter and such, making this become a game many that maybe were going to check out, now become something they will flat out ignore when it comes to its release on April 4th. You can see the DLC that will be included in this free PC/PS4 season pass in th

Get Your Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta Code Here (ALL GONE)

Hey you, after a Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta code but fed up of entering those pointless RT comps on Twitter? Then hopefully you snag one here. I was given 20 codes that will give you access to a beta code via the website, but I'm a busy man, so this is way easier than having to DM 20 people on Twitter. For the rest of the night when this post goes live I will add 5 new codes into it (see times below), and all you have to do is visit the beta site by clicking here , log into your Ubisoft account and enter your preferred format. Details will be sent to you closer to the launch of the BETA on Friday 3rd February. Good luck First codes - (Gone) Second batch - (Gone) Third Batch - (Gone) Final batch - 21:05 QR8T69UMC8BJ  QRGTBD88GQY6  QRM3GRQMY4GK  QRURRMLFDCDV  QRXFKZXNGUVC

AQUA KITTY UDX: Xbox One Ultra Edition Coming To Xbox One Tomorrow (Feb 3rd)

Checking my emails last night before going to bed, I was surprised to see that someone from Tikipod (the publisher of this game) had without me doing anything decided to get in touch and provide a review code for this upcoming release. I've laid off indie reviews for a little while now due to things being super busy at home, and also just because there isn't enough time in my day to cover every release, and I hate not giving every little guy a chance a fair shoutout. If a publisher takes time out of their day to get in touch with me by themselves mind you, well I just got to return to love, haven't I? AQUA KITTY UDX: Xbox One Ultra Edition is coming to the Xbox One tomorrow (Feb 3rd), and will cost you the small price of just £6.39 if you live here in the UK. Have I seen much of this leading up to release? Well no, no I haven't. I have however given the below trailer a quick look at while downloading the game this morning, and judging by that it looks to offer thos

Star Wars Pinball: Rogue One Table DLC Now Available For Pinball FX2

Short review/gameplay/news post for this DLC for Pinball FX2, with the table now out there if you like what you see in the below video.With my few times playing the table (the video being my first game on it) it's easy to see that once again Zen Studios have done a great job with a much-loved franchise. Playing it the few times I have, it certainly seems one of the more compact tables I've played in recent times, but that doesn't stop it offering frantic action when trying to score high on those leaderboards. The table itself offers 10 story-related game modes, with each one of those having its own set of playfield toys and goals. You can expect things such as having to avoid stormtrooper detection in stealth missions, holding your own in firefights and combat missions and facing off against Director Krennic and his Death Troopers in a white-knuckle multiball mode (thanks press release for helping this Star Wars noob out). Hard to review a pinball table in truth, so ju

Riptide GP: Renegade Finally Dated For An Xbox One/Windows 10 Release

I had planned to play this game in July of last year when I expected it to release alongside all the other formats it came out for, but sadly not. With delays and things hitting the Xbox One release when going through certification, Xbox One owners have had somewhat of a little wait for the game to release. Finally last night, Vector Unit put out a tweet to confirm an actual release date for the game, with February 24th being the date to remember. No official details on price as of yet, but with the game sitting on the PS4 store for just £7.99, I'm assuming we can expect to pay that when buying it on the One. You can expect a review and some gameplay once I get my hands on review code, so keep an eye out for that. Riptide GP: Renegade comes to #XboxOne / #Win10 *FRIDAY, FEB 24, 2017* Email+news coming soon; sign up at #RGPRenegade — Vector Unit (@vectorunit) January 31, 2017