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HXR Blog - Things The Internet Got Offended By Only To Forget About The Next Day

In my time doing sites and social media with this blog and other sites, I've been around plenty of times when the Internet has had a knee jerk reaction and lost their minds over something so stupid it makes you wonder how these people get on with their daily lives. The news this week surrounded Microsoft being accused of using a racial slur in an email to promote Dead Rising 4, a thought that was so stupid I found myself wanting to type up this post. Reading the above news on many main gaming websites (who of course were disgusted at the Promotion/email department of Microsoft HQ being such vile people) it made Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson) take to Twitter to issue an apology for it. This made me wonder when did the world become such a place that seemingly goes out of its way to find things offensive. As a none racist or oversensitive person it never even crossed my mind about the lettering used for the header of the email above. And without looking for racism and even opening

HXR Review - JackBox Party Pack 3

I took a punt for a small review on the site a couple of weeks ago, with me reaching out to the guys at Jackbox for a review on their latest party pack for the Xbox One. I previously picked up one of their games in Quiplash in an Xbox One digital sale not so long ago, and with a sequel for that included in this latest pack, I thought why not after having some fun streaming it back when I got it. Jackbox Party Pack 3 offers five games in total, with most needing online streaming for others to join in, or at least some people in the same room with you with access to a smartphone or tablet to enjoy them. While it offers a great time, I'd certainly say it's a game more for the teenage/immature market, as without having a bit of childishness inside you, the game is going to do nothing for you at all. Streamers who have a decent following will find this game a great way of interacting with followers too, but if your numbers are low expect to be sitting there all lonely, with the

ADR1FT Is No Longer Coming To The Xbox One

Doing my normal Reddit routine this morning as I do, it was brought to my attention in a post that another website ( link to the website here ) had done some detective work and had found out that ADR1FT was no longer coming to the Xbox One. I've been sitting patiently dying to play this after seeing the below trailer last year, so I'm honestly gutted to hear this news. Any sort of Xbox One links on the website for the game have now been removed. With the main man behind the game, Adam Orth, taking to Twitter to tell a guy who pre-ordered the game to "go get a refund, as the game is not coming to the Xbox One ". Reaching out to the PR over at 505 games, I was told "we’re not going to be making any sort of official announcement or statement on this one". So I guess unless Mr Orth comes out and gives us a reason as to why it's no longer coming to the One, we will just never know. GUTTED.

HXR Review - Batman: Return To Arkham

As gamers, we tend to throw around the word "classic" or the term "best game ever" a lot these days, with any remaster that we've seen on the current console generation being called one of these by many people at some point in time. When hearing the news about this Return To Arkham collection, I will be honest, I wasn't really that interested in going back to Arkham anytime soon after feeling like I was only just there with Arkham Knight recently. With the last game being bloody gorgeous, what could a remaster of two older games that released back in 2009 (Arkham Asylum) and 2011 (Arkham City) offer to me and returning players? It just seems like we can't leave a good game that was looked upon fondly alone these days. Rather than just allowing it to return to the backwards Compatible catalogue for those that want to experience the original, we must get a remaster released and put a top price on it to boot. I promised myself I wouldn't go into a

Black Friday Coming To Xbox Live This Friday

We all love cheap games, so whenever Microsoft promises up to 40-57% off digital games (10% on top of that if you're a gold member too), I am there in a heartbeat. The Black Friday deals kick off this Friday on the console for Gold members, with the whole promotion running until November 28th. No lists as to what items will be lowered just yet. but I will edit this post once information is available. We do have a trailer below which shows off some of the games we can expect to be lowered on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

HXR Gameplay - Dishonored 2

I would love to be able to review every game for the site that I get to play, but with a wife and two kids, sadly games I pick up via rental or purchase have to wait. Last week saw me getting Dishonored 2 in the post as a rental, but with reviews that need doing currently, it's not something I can fully invest time in just yet. So what I will do with games like this in the future is just upload 20 minutes or so and let you guys just have a look for yourself and make up your own mind. I will try my best to bring a review via an Overdue Review at some point too if and when time allows it. The first level of Dishonored 2 can be found below, with my stealth skills being some of the best you will ever see on the Internet (read that last bit as me being terrible at stealth). The game is out now if you like what you see in the video. Be sure to subscribe to the channel if you haven't already.

Riptide GP: Renegade Getting Closer To That Xbox One Release

It feels like an eternity since the news came out that this game was coming to the PS4 and Xbox One, with the PS4 having it in the store to buy now since July 26th. I've sat here with my Xbox One since that day hoping a release day would be soon, but not much has been said up until last week. It seems an Xbox One/ Windows 10 version shall soon be upon us (fingers crossed), with the game going into final certification testing at Microsoft last week. With the game only needing to clear a few compliance tests before it's clear for launch. While Vector Unit have not explained why the long delay, they did go on to say in their blog post that Riptide GP: Renegade is going to be one of the very first third-party titles released with the "Xbox Play Anywhere" label, meaning you will be able to buy it once and get the game on both Xbox One and Windows 10. You can play either version and save your progress along the way, and also play the online multiplayer across both Xbox

HXR Review - Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Infinite Warfare has had a right rough time running up to release, I think everyone knows that by now. The reveal trailer getting a stupid amount of dislikes, the Modern Warfare remaster not being sold separately, and not forgetting the recent beta being utter trash in the eyes of many who gave it a go, this was doomed before it was even given a chance. I'm typing this part of the review on its opening weekend, so am still unaware of the number or where it charted in the first week of sales, but will still be surprised if it doesn't chart somewhere in the top ten. If anything I have learned over the years that COD fans are mostly words followed by no action. meaning that they say "oh I'm not buying this garbage" almost every year, but sure enough, they end up with the game in their hands by the end of the first week of release, or at least on their Xmas list. While the MP beta honestly wasn't that great, I still held out some hope that the single player a

The Xbox One Holiday Update Is Rolling Out To All Later Today

Microsoft just announced that the Holiday update offering new things to mess around with on your console will begin rolling out to those outside of the Xbox One preview program from today. A full list of new things coming with this holiday update can be found below, with clubs (be sure to join our club by searching Honest Xbox Reviews) and rare achievements being a part of this update. Clubs on Xbox Live. Clubs are gamer-created and managed groups that can help you meet people and grow communities of gamers who love the same things you do. Anyone can join or create a Club, and you’ll probably see a Club for just about everything. If you do not, creating a Club is quick and easy. As a Club member, you’ll be able to set up parties, play games, share content, and easily communicate using voice and text chat with the Club across Xbox One and the Xbox app on Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices, which is great if you want to stay in touch with your Clubs on the go, or find and join new

HXR Review - WWE 2K17

Every year I tell myself to not go into the latest WWE game expecting that much from it but every year I can't help myself. Every year I also have to type out the same intro for this review too, one where I feel the need to defend myself for my love at what outsiders see as a man who loves to watch other men with muscles fondle each other in a ring covered in baby oil. Go and watch the Hell in a Cell pay per view match from 1998, where the iconic Undertaker Faced Mankind, and then tell me I'm a fan because of buff men covered in oi l. Which by the way isn't even a thing anymore, as it's now all about a Unicorn strapped to your head that in no way looks like a special male area on your forehead (see image below). The WWE 2K series has had an alright couple of years with their last few releases, with 2K16 being one I enjoyed the most the more time went on with it in my collection. Lacking my much-loved Showcase mode this year in 2K17, the promise of that effort going

HXR Giveaway - Win Titanfall 2 & A month of EA Access On Me

With the recent addition of the Mass Effect trilogy to the EA access Vault, and not forgetting Mirror's Edge Catalyst, UFC 2, and things like a 10-hour trial for both Battlefield 1 currently available too. I thought now was a good time to give someone the chance to sample this bloody fine subscription service for a full month. Click here to find out what you can currently download if you win the cod e. On top of this the winner will also receive a download for Titanfall 2, so just think of all the games you could be playing when this ends in seven days. How to enter can be found below. Obviously the more you do the better chance you have. Thanks for visiting the site, and be sure to have a look around while you are here too. HGR Giveaways - One Month Of EA Access

HXR Review - Titanfall 2

We've had the blood and gore already thanks to Gears of War 4. We had the cinematic massive online shooter thanks to Battlefield 1. Now we up the pace a little and bring in some massive titans with the release of Titanfall 2 happening last week. Like I said in the BF1 review recently, we are really spoilt for choice at the moment, with a massive shooter seemingly releasing what feels like every week, and we have COD joining in the fun this week too. The original Titanfall offered a mixed bag when it released as an Xbox One exclusive back in 2014. With the game lacking any sort of campaign, as well as an online portion which while feeling fresh lacked that grasp that kept online players hooked and playing. Surely the team at Respawn would amend these faults with the sequel, with the game already shining bright after the beta, and a campaign now being a part of the game this time around. I think many expected the single player to be more of a tacked on thing, with Respawn ju

The Little Acre Is Coming To the Xbox One Later This Month

After seeing the announcement trailer for this gorgeous hand-drawn point and click adventure game not so long ago, it's been a game I've been keeping an eye out for in regards to a release date. On November 22nd, The Little Acre will see a release on the Xbox One (other formats available), with it priced at £9.99 / $12.99 / €12.99. Both pre-order and launch discounts have also been promised on top of those prices. I will add the pre-order link HERE when it goes live on the Xbox Store sometime this week.