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Review - Pixel Pals (Some Of The Latest Ones Now Available)

PDP were recently kind enough to send me out another batch of brand new Pixel Pals to review for the blog. Not only that, but this short review will also see you guys in the UK/Ireland having the chance to win a few for yourselves at the end of this post. No skipping to the end though, I will be checking up on this. I know us guys over here in the UK find it hard to find the latest characters, so the chance to give you guys something other than the Batman in your local GAME store or paying way over the odds on places such as Amazon was something I want to do when covering them. For those not clued up on the Pixel Pals by now, these are cool gaming, movie, TV show related characters which also do a fine job of being a decent little display light for those who love to collect cool things like this. Yeah, we're supposed to play games and such with a great big light on, but when it comes to chilling out (in my case when the kids go to bed), you can't beat turning all the lights

Review - Ben 10

Ben 10 is a series only known to me because of my soon to be a 12-year-old son, with him enjoying the show and making me buy DVDs back for it when he was about 7 or 8. The only memory I have of it is having to once buy a stupid watch like Ben wears in the show which helps him change into these super mutants and a theme song that digs into your mind and never leaves. For those not clued up on the song, it throws such classic lines at you as BEN 10.............BEN 10....................BEN 10, followed by you mumbling words that make no sense whatsoever, but it does have a catchy guitar riff to it. So why did I choose to review this game you ask. Well, I sit here reviewing this latest game cashing in on kids who still love it, thinking my son might still have a fondness for it, so I thought I might score some cool Dad points. I downloaded the game for when he got in from school to say, Son, look what I have, only to be met with the look of "whatever Dad" when he saw it. So he

One Of Those Annoying Update Posts

For those that follow on Twitter, me saying this stuff will be pretty common knowledge by now, but this is for those that missed it and more for PR and publishers waiting for reviews from me. The last two months have been both draining and hard, with real life stuff sucking up most of my hours, and family things coming to a point where I feel more time was needed in that department. I reached a point where writing or being the jolly guy I am on social media just wasn't a thing I could do anymore, finding myself just boxing things up and watching days fly by with the stress at what was being put on me at the time.That and the feed was becoming more about my life than video games, and who wants to read out my life? Only last week were things fully sorted with the stress of what was taking place finally being taken off my shoulders, with the last week or so being all about me getting off my lazy bum and getting a job that will start to bring money into the house.  I go out to my fir

Review - FIFA 18

The second half of the annual battle between the two football games that fight for our attention is now fully underway, with this FIFA review something I could have typed up a good few weeks ago now if life stopped getting in the way. If you missed the PES review I did not so long ago, then be sure to click here to see what I thought of that. For now, let's see what future me thought about FIFA 18 after spending way too much time on both clubs and FIFA Ultimate team. The yearly release of sports games always sees the community divided into those who can't wait for it, with the rest judging us who get excited for what is essentially the same game with some new features or tweaks every 12 months. FIFA 18 sees the now standard high quality we've come to enjoy, with modes such as The Journey and FIFA UT seeing improvements and new things also added to give them a fresh feel. The Journey this year sees the same sort of deal with Alex Hunter, with family life, agents and