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Review - State Of Decay 2

At last, an Xbox One exclusive game to type up about. Something that seems to be a rare thing these days. Right off the bat, I shall hit you with some truth. The first State of Decay game I found just alright. with it being something I found myself not losing that much time in if I'm being honest with you. While it was fun for a bit, I sort of just moved on from it and never returned to it after a week or two. So bear that in mind for this review, as I have seen so much hate for people on social media who dared to not say how awesome this game is and have their own opinion on it. Internet people, it's okay to not all share the same opinions, life will go on, and you can still enjoy whatever things you want to enjoy. Just because Bob from Stoke said Cuphead was a bag of wa**, turns out YOU can still buy it for yourself and play it and enjoy it. Bloody madness, I know. State of Decay 2 has been my damn nemesis when it comes to typing up words on it since the code came through

Review - Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn

Every now and then a game is released that just happens to have a past that I know zero about, making me feel like I'm that uncool kid on the Internet that knows nothing. I wasn't really a Shaq Fu guy when the old fighting game came out back in the old days, something that may be down to the fact that while seemingly being terrible if you believe Wikipedia (best place for actual fact on the Internet), it seems to be a character or game that was well-loved.  People flooded Indiegogo with thousands of dollars to get this sequel made around four years ago, so clearly, I missed something, but then again people on the Internet love giving money to all sorts of stupid things (my Patreon is coming soon). The only recent release I could think of when playing Legend Reborn for review was the recently released Raging Justice, with Shaq Fu being like the Saturday morning cartoon version that has that Simpson style humour to it which some will find funny while others will just zone ou

Watch The Xbox E3 Brief On Mixer To Net Yourself Some Xbox Goodies

We all love some free stuff every now and then, with Mixer seemingly loving to share some free stuff everytime an E3 show comes around. This year is no exception, with viewers who watch the Xbox Brief tonight and the Inside Xbox show tomorrow getting what Mixer calls a Mixpot of Xbox DLC and goodies. The last one saw gamers getting things like Rare Replay, with this year seemingly being DLC based but also offering a pre-order for the decent looking Outer Wilds too (trailer below). Simply be logged in and watching the show via an account that is linked to your Microsoft account on whatever device you wish and tune into the stream found on this very channel . Enjoy seeing what the Xbox team have in store for us for the next year or so, and then just sit back and wait for an Xbox Live message to come through to your console in a few days. I mean that's how it worked last time.

Unravel Two The Surprise of The Night From EA Play (Game Out Now)

Very rare these days do we get the surprise of a game being announced and released on the same day at E3 anymore, with the Internet full of what seems like top notch private investigators sitting by their computers 24/7 just waiting to spoil every secret this event has to offer. I saw a few tweets bringing it up yesterday (honestly, if you want a surprising E3, stay away from social media until the show) but pushed them to one side until getting the confirmation last night at the EA brief. Unravel Two is now on the store ( click here to go there ), with an EA Access trial also available for those that use that wonderful service, with it giving the standard 10 hours of playtime for you enjoy the game and then pick up the game with an added discount too (£16.19/$17.99 with Access, £17.99/$19.99 without). Unravel Two feels like more of the same if you enjoyed the first game, only this time around we have two Yarny characters to control (only as single player or via a friend in local c

Review - Onrush

Onrush is a game that I really enjoyed playing in beta form a few weeks back, and also a game that I have kept my little eye on leading up to release. I tend to not really be a big racing guy when it comes to my video games, with anything that requires a decent skill set in regards to turning a tight corner normally ending with me implanted into the closest scenery. Onrush loves throwing you into such things luckily, so already we were a match made in heaven. Onrush takes a few things from other racers and even certain objective-based shooters out there, mixes them all together and makes something very unique on the market right now. Now sure, we've seen games like Burnout, Split Second, and even games like Blur have certain elements of Onrush in the past. The one main thing missing from Onrush that they all had though is a start and finish line, with this game having modes that see you trying to complete a certain objective (get to these modes soon) as a team to win that event

Review - SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis Classics

Old school gamers all have the console that got them into loving this hobby they spend so much of their time and money on in their old age. Some of you will be the Snes, or maybe even the Atari 2600 or something even older, but for me, the Mega Drive was the console that took this hobby of mine from something I would do every now and then, to something that became my daily escape for a few hours. I could list a bunch of games that helped me escape from a pretty crappy time back when I was a young kid having a rough time in school. Coming home really down and loading up games like Castle of Illusion, After Burner (neither of these two feature in this collection), and even Altered Beast helped me forget what had gone on for a few hours and actually cheer me up, something games never really get the credit for even now. With people outside of gaming just seeing us as angry people who love playing violent games. Forgetting the fact that games help so many people when they just need an esc