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Review - Destiny 2

So many mixed feelings were felt before Destiny 2 had even had the pleasure of meeting my disc tray and being installed onto my console a few days after it launched. The poll I did on release day said it all really, with many of you willing to sit it out and wait for a price drop, after the original game lacked in a few key areas. As expected (as I would have caved too had I not been told my review copy was on the way), one by one I saw followers not able to hold out any longer. Breaking their oath in my Twitter poll with their "I'm happy to wait for a price drop" opinion that some had left less than a day previous, running to their local game shop and picking up a copy. Say what you like about Bungie and Activision, but boy do they know how to market a game well.

This review isn't really for the guys who loved the first Destiny and were happy to go at the series once again. Those guys are now ranked up to the highest level and busy tweeting out Exotic gun pictures …

Win A Copy Of F1 2017

Last week I did a giveaway for this on Twitter, but have decided to give all followers a chance with a blog giveaway for the second code I have. Do some or all of the below stuff to enter. Good luck. HXR Giveaway

Be Like No One - WWE 2K18 Trailer

During the WWE No Mercy pay per view early Monday morning for us in the UK, 2K dropped the latest trailer for the upcoming WWE 2K18 game which is set for release on October 17th (13th if buying the Cena special edition which grants early access to the game. The trailer features a host of stars included in the game (even future DLC add-ons Matt & Jeff Hardy too. Just a pretty cool trailer for the game if I'm being honest, and one I felt like sharing on the blog. Check it out below for yourself

WWE 2K18 "BURN IT DOWN" Gameplay Trailer

WWE 2K18 is not that far away, with the game set for an October 13th release if you're picking up one of the special editions which offers early access to the game. Those just buying the normal copy can play the game on October 17th. This gameplay trailer is one of the best looking ones I've seen to date, with all our favourite superstars taking part somewhere in it. The likes of pre-order extra Kurt Angle, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Undertaker and more all showing off action in the ring and out. Now I know, this isn't the actual in-ring action we will get playing matches, but none the less, it's got me excited for the game.

Review - Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

The gaming football (soccer to our American friends) season is upon us, with yet again Konami showing what they have for us first up, with the release of PES 2018 last week. Many reviews have gone up since, with me sitting back until servers went up to at least sample what online felt like before putting fingers to my keyboard.

I've said it in the past and still say it now. I'm more of a FIFA guy these days thanks to PES having that slump of poor releases after 06 came out, with FIFA ever since giving me what I need when it comes to my online football career both in offline and online play. The last few PES releases have no doubt started to make long-time FIFA players take notice mind you, with the game stepping things up in some key areas, but never fully making a game that demands the attention of every football fan that likes things a little more official and licenced. Yes, you can edit teams and things in the menu, but your casual game is never going to care about that wh…

Review - Maize

Chuckling to myself as I throw a muffin at the face of my enemy to defeat him once and for all. This is the thing I loved most about this game; the humor.

Maize is a first-person, puzzle adventure game about two scientists that misinterpret a message from the U.S Government and create sentient corn. Yeah, Oops. The game starts off with you waking up in a cornfield where you briefly see some figures running away from you. This is where you take control of an unknown character to explore the abandoned farm and farmhouse you very quickly discover, along the way collecting folio items such as letters, notes and ID cards that give you a little more insight into the wacky story that awaits. 

You start off with very simple puzzles, finding a key to the farmhouse door for example, but as you progress through the weird and wonderful story they gradually become more and more tricky, and a little ridiculous. However, when you finally crack a puzzle it still makes you go ‘Oh yeah!’ and if you di…

Review - Unbox: Newbie's Adventure

Every now and then I decide that I have enough spare time (I never do, I just lie to myself) on my hands to review a game that might not get that much attention when it comes to bigger review sites out there. I'm one guy, I wish I could review everything, but I just can't. None the less, I saw a game called Unbox: Newbie's Adventure, and with two kids at home, and it looking all cartoony, I thought why not.

In the game, you play a box, which is pretty much the last thing you think of when thinking of the word adventure. Playing this box you must explore the cartoony like world of places such as a base area, Paradise Isles, Parcel Peaks, and Isla Cartulina, completing challenges and hunting down things called stamps. Stamps are the most important thing if you wish to take on the boss for that area, with each boss needing a certain amount of these stamps if you wish to be given the chance to take him out. Characters you find ask you do certain things, with some of these bei…

Headset Review - Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Three Wired Headset

I used to dread reviewing headsets not being that much into all the tech, with the mindset for me when buying one simply being would they last me a long time, and would I need to sell one of my kids or a kidney to purchase them. Before doing all of this reviewing stuff I also thought that lower-priced headsets could never match up to those ones you see being sold, with most of us willing to pay that little bit more for what we thought was a longer living headset. While there are headsets still out there hitting the £170.00 to £200.00 RRP, thankfully, those are on a budget (like myself) are still being taken care of with headsets costing £50.00 and under. Recently you might have seen my review for a budget headset from Turtle Beach, that headset being the Ear Force Recon 50X Wired Headset (review found here). Well, a few weeks back Turtle Beach finally got back in touch (been on their review list for a good few months) and asked me if I was still interested in reviewing their headsets…

Review - Super Cloudbuilt

Super Cloudbuilt has been one of those games that has been a tough review for me if I'm being honest. Falling into my emails about four weeks into the Summer holidays, I had to come back to it this week once the kids had gone back to school, as at the time of release I just felt like I wasn't giving it a fair shot. I couldn't decide if this 3D parkour platformer either just wasn't interesting enough to keep me coming back, or only being able to spare a few hours on it late at night was the reason it just wasn't pulling me back in. You can tend to decide if a game is for you very early on, and something just being fun to play plays a massive role in you turning something on again after the first few games of it. With giving this game a few more days of my time now, I think I'm ready to at least try and put some words together.

In Super Cloudbuilt you play the spirit of a girl called Demi, who once beating the opening section of the game you realise you are taki…

Review - Redout: Lightspeed Edition

I’ve always had a soft spot for racing games, stemming from me watching my brother play pretty much the only racing game around, Gran Turismo 2 all those years ago, begging for him to give me a try on my first game, let alone racing game. Now you have so many racing games to choose from; the likes of F1, more a simulation racing game, Need For Speed, the more mainstream racing title and then my favourite of all, Forza, which has set the bar for many racing games out there. The latest addition to this genre is Redout, a fast-paced, high octane, futuristic Arcade Racer similar to the likes of Wipeout and F-Zero.

Redout Is designed to be fast-paced, exciting and tough. And let me tell you, it delivers these aspects perfectly. This game is very physic orientated, every action you take, every button you press, has an input on your ship which means you must be very mindful of every corner you take. If you want a racing game that you can shut your mind off to play and still come in first pl…

Call Of Duty: World War II Beta - Was It Worth The Hype?

Every time a new Call of Duty game comes about, COD players have a tough choice to make if the last game in the series just wasn't for them. We promise ourselves every year that we won't get sucked into all the hype that will surround the obvious pre-order Beta leading up to the full release. Soon enough though, we find ourselves searching high and low for someone with a spare code so we can see what all the fuss is about this year.  I never dropped a pre-order to get into to the beta thanks to O2 here in the UK giving away codes via their Priority promotion. So I hadn't invested too much into the game up front. so I could enjoy it without the need of hitting cancel on a pre-order if I never got on with it.

The beta offered a bunch of modes for players to enjoy, but most of my time was spent in Team Deathmatch, and the brand new mode for COD, War. Other modes such as Domination, Hardpoint, and Mosh Pit were available to play, but I've personally never been a big fan o…

Giveaway - Sonic Mania

You might have missed the review I did for Sonic Mania last week, but you have a good reason to read it now. Below are a bunch of things you can do to support what I do and also for a chance to win a code for the game on the Xbox one all for yourself. Thanks to any that enter, and be sure to stick around for more content and even more giveaways in the future. Win Sonic Mania (Xbox One)

Review - Sonic Mania

For years we have prayed to the mighty gaming gods with just one simple wish, that being publishers/Devs would stop coming out with below average games using a character we once adored, seemingly cashing in on the nostalgia we once had that for that series/character. If we're being honest with each other here, Sonic really hasn't seen a good game since the early years, with only Generations (in my eyes) being the best of a bad bunch of games that I can think of off the top of my head. I've said it before in other reviews of Sonic games, Sonic is probably the reason I sit here being the gamer I am today. Sure, I played the crap out of my Dad's Atari 2600 back in the day, but it was the day I met Sonic one Christmas morning getting a Mega Drive where I really started to fall in love with gaming.

Sonic Mania has been met with a lot of love from both reviewers and gamers since its release on August 15th, with this review set to be no different. Sonic Mania is a game that …