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Goldberg Revealed As The Pre Order Bonus For WWE 2K17

The hype for the latest WWE game has begun, with WCW legend Bill Goldberg taking the cover spot and pre-order incentive role for the game this year. Bill also had a short run in WWE, having big matches against the likes of The Rock. Any wrestling fan will tell you however that WWE didn't really use him that well in his short role with the company. Pre-ordering the game will net you WCW Goldberg with black tights and WWE Goldberg with black and white shorts. As and added bonus you will also get two playable arenas with the WCW Monday Nitro and Halloween Havoc arenas coming with the pre-order too. No gameplay to show off for the game just yet, but we do have a release month of October, as well as a Goldberg trailer to come wth the announcement.

HXR Plays - Overwatch Opening Intro + Reaper Gameplay

Today I start a little series on here where I have a little play with 1 of the 21 characters available in the massively addictive game that is Overwatch. Today sees me show off the opening intro, as well as playing a game with the character known as Reaper. He falls into the offense side when it comes to character selection, and is great if you enjoy a bit of right in your face combat. Reaper like the other 20 characters in the game has a few specials to play with outside of his standard weapon. Not only do his standard Hellfire shotguns pack a mean punch at close quarters, but he also has Wraith Form (invincible for a short few seconds but not able to shoot), Shadow Step, which is a fancy way of saying teleporting from one place to another, and finally we have his charged special known as Death Blossom. This special sees Reaper spin around for a few seconds while unloading his deadly shotguns, killing anyone who is stupid enough to get in the way. More gameplays on the way wi

Among The Sleep Coming To The Xbox One Next Week

Once again I'm torturing myself for the good of the site, as I'm about to start playing this game for a review on the blog. But for those who have not heard of it, or about the upcoming release on the Xbox One, here are some facts. Among The Sleep is a first person horror game which sees you play the role of a two-year-old toddler. You wake up one night to a dark and empty house, only to find a talking teddy bear that tells you something bad is going on (totally not going to enjoy this). You then have to explore the darkness around you and figure out what is going on, while at the same time trying not to poo yourself or scream in a high pitched way if your anything like me. The game has already been released on the PC and PS4, and up until now it has sold 200,000 copies. The Xbox One versions does have something exclusive however. The Xbox One version has some cute costumes that include things such as an Xbox One and Unicorn onesie. The game will see a price poi

HXR Overdue Review: The Pinball Arcade

Overdue reviews is a section on the blog where I finally get to play and review a game a while after the game has launched. Chances are you already own it by the time I post these up (not in the case of the game I'm looking at today perhaps), so these reviews are purely to get some content up on the blog in these early days, with games I never reviewed elsewhere being the ones I focus on. This review is perhaps the most overdue review that I will ever write/type in my whole entire life on this site. Originally released onto the Xbox One back in late 2014, The Pinball Arcade was a game that released to not that much of a fanfare when thinking back, with only massive pinball fans taking any sort of notice of it when it did. Fast forward a stupid amount of time sitting on my Xbox One, saw me one weekend a month or so ago seeing it and remembering that I never actually got around to doing anything with it when I first got the game, which in part was down to the weird price structu

TurnOn Coming To Xbox One On June 1st

The first time I heard about TurnOn for the Xbox One was back in March, when hearing about an event called earth hour run by the WWF (damn them guys for ruining my wrestling childhood), in which turning off your lights for an hour was all you had to do. The fact sheet for the game does a better job than I can of explaining the game to you, so here it goes. "The whole city has been plunged into darkness. After an accident at the power station, a living electric spark must restore electricity to the city and give citizens back their safe and carefree lives. TurnOn tells the spellbinding tale of a brave alien creature and its striking journey through blackout world, in an incredibly colourful and detailed platformer without platforms." From the trailers I've seen so far it just looks like something different to what is out there at the moment, and I'm always on the look out to mix things up a little. TurnOn has a release date of June 1st, but as of yet no

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Season Pass Details Revealed

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today revealed some information around the season pass for LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which is set for release here in the UK on June 28th. The Season Pass, which will set you back just £7.99, will extend the the game with exciting new content not seen in the movie as well as new characters to play with. Three level add-on packs will allow players to experience key events from the film in different ways, including Poe Dameron’s journey back to the Resistance base after crash landing on Jakku, the assault on Maz Kanata’s castle through the eyes of Kylo Ren, and finally the collapse of Starkiller Base from the perspective of two Resistance pilots. The Season Pass will also include five Character Packs featuring well-known Star Wars heroes, villains and Droids. A complete breakdown of the Season Pass content can be found below. LEVEL PACKS Poe’s Quest for Survival Level Pack · A whole new adventure following Poe Dameron’s jour

Battle Mini Game Coming To Minecraft On The Xbox One

I have two kids who love Minecraft. If they're not playing it they are watching it, mostly with a mode just like this. They spend hours building these maps, but now MS, Mojang, and 4J Studios are making it much easier for them it seems. Battles are coming to Minecraft this June, a mode where players use randomly generated items found in chests around a specially designed map, with them left to fight it out until only one is left standing. You can play this mode both locally via four player split-screen, or up to 8 players online via Xbox Live. The first maps for this mode will be free via a June update and include three maps to try it out, with more map packs being released later down the line costing $2.99, which is just over £2.00 here in the UK. No trailer just yet, but check out the lovely Ellen from the Xbox On team who has already played it the lucky bugger.

HXR Review: Homefront: The Revolution

I think it's fair to say that Homefront perhaps never saw the best release when the game launched back on May 20th here in the UK, with the game seeing a ton of mixed reviews and previews around the Internet. Because of this, before I even got a hold of my copy and playing it for myself I was a little worried as to what the game had in store for me. I'm not one of these guys who played the original Homefront back on the 360 either, so if you want a review from someone who has played that one too, I suggest looking elsewhere. Homefront kicks off with a cut-scene that chronicles the relationship between America and a North Korean tech company by the name of The Apex Corporation. Starting out making simple phones and tablets, it's not long until the American government starts paying them and the North Korean government (or Norks as the like to call them way too much) to make weapons that will hopefully help protect their glorious country. With wars taking a toll costing A

More Games Added To The Xbox One Backward Compatibility List

A few titles have been added to the BC list on the Xbox One today, with DuckTales: Remastered  Hexic 2, Magic 2012, Domino Master & Unbound Saga, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown being the games now available to play again via this service. The current list of games now available with the service can be found on the blog of Major Nelson, which you can go take a look at by clicking here . Now Excuse me why I have an excuse to listen to the DuckTales theme song again and again.

What Games To Expect In The Month Of June With Games With Gold

Microsoft have just announced what two Xbox 360 and Xbox One games they can expect to download as part as their Xbox Live subscription thanks to Games With Gold, and turns out they are alright. Xbox Live Gold members can look forward to downloading Goat Simulator first on the Xbox One, with the game being available from June 1st. Following up on June 16th right through until July 15th you can also get your hands on Ubisoft's The Crew . As for Xbox 360 owners, they will get Super Meat Boy from June 1st right trough until June 15th. Then on June 16th they can download the next choice with XCOM: Enemy Unknown Taking over. Both 360 games are of course also available via backwards compatibility on the Xbox One.

Out Now - Overwatch

Earlier this week I was thinking to myself how well things had been done to promote Overwatch, a game now available on PS4, XB1, and PC. Not only have we seen characters from the game be turned into giant figures in public places , but we've also seen some of the best damn trailers via the shorts that the game has seen in recent weeks. Check out the amazing shorts by clicking here , and why not watch me getting a play of the game in a stream from late last night, one of many that I plan to do on Overwatch in the next week or so. A review on Overwatch is being worked on as we speak, so expect that on the blog very soon.

Dovetail Announce A Short Delay For Euro Fishing On The Xbox One

I had been looking forward to playing this later this week, but yesterday came the news I had been expecting with Dovetail being pretty quiet on release week. The Xbox One version will be seeing a delay " due to the game still being in testing and certification " said the post on the website . The post went on to say "We are working very hard to make this delay as small as possible and we will of course keep you up to date with our progress and give you a new launch date shortly." Hopefully we are not waiting too long for this, as I was genuinely really looking forward to getting my hands on this. I will be sure to keep you posted on future updates, and as I soon as I learn of a new release date I will be sure to pass the news on.

HXR Plays - Subnautica

With this game only coming out on the game preview program earlier in the week, while downloading it I never actually found the time to play it until late last night. In my previous post I said I expected pretty much a No Man's Sky experience but in water, but man was I wrong. While the game is indeed about exploration and crafting items while surviving, I have to say in my short time with the game so far it has me hooked, so much so that I am going to buy it next week. The game has a few choices to play as you can see in the video below, with survival, freedom, hardcore, and finally creative being the modes available to you. The video below sees me going with survival and playing the first 25 minutes or so as I learnt the ropes. One off point for me in my time with the game so far was how hard it was catching moving fish, but I know the team are already working on making it easier to do so and plan on patching it in via an upcoming update at a later date. Other than that I reall

HXR Blog - Gaming On A Budget

Since leaving my previous place or writing, as you would expect certain publishers are not as giving and friendly as they once were when I had 3,000+ followers and such on social media. As a father of two and a stay at home Dad, going out and picking up every new release for the Xbox One so I can review it on the website, is an option that just simply will never happen. Talking with the Wife about bills and dropping into conversation"Mirror's Edge Catalyst is out soon love" followed by a wink, just doesn't have the same effect it did back when we were young, free, and not having to dress and feed the two kids we have. Games are bloody expensive these days, and the days of picking up a new release for under £30.00 like you could do on the Xbox 360 is just not possible now in the age of new-gen. This blog post is going to cover three things I currently use to save myself a bit of cash, with one covering a console subscription service I'm sure we've all hear

Eclipse DLC Now Available To Download For Xbox One Black Ops III Players

DLC pack two for Black Ops III is now available to download for Xbox One players, with the DLC pack costing you £11.59 on the Xbox store here . The pack offers a brand new zombie experience, as well as four new maps, with one map brought back from World At War so getting that old re-imagining line in they love to use. Spire: Take MP combat to a futuristic sub-orbital airport terminal set high in the clouds.  Knockout: The Shaolin Temple with a retro twist contrasts exterior mid-range engagements and interior close quarters.  Verge: This reimagined classic Call of Duty: World at War map, Banzai, drops MP combat into the center of a distant post-apocalyptic future.  Rift: Head to the core of a harsh futuristic military complex, set above an active volcano.

Fallout 4: Exploring Far Harbor

A brand new look at the Far Harbor DLC which is coming to Fallout 4 on May 19th and costing £19.99 for those outside of the season pass. ( Edit : DLC now available via this link on the Xbox One store .)  " Far Harbor features the largest landmass for an add-on that Bethesda Game Studios has ever created, filled with new faction quests, settlements, lethal creatures and dungeons. Become more powerful with new, higher-level armor and weapons."

Dovetail Euro Fishing Console Price details & Target Release Date Confirmed

Had my eye on this for a few weeks, as consoles have been screaming out for a decent fishing game since SEGA Bass Fishing. Euro Fishing has been out on Steam now since late last year, and now has a target release scheduled for the Xbox One on May 26th. If you also fancy a bit of settee fishing you can expect to pay £14.99, $18.49, €18.49 when picking it up if all goes well for the release next week. No gameplay or anything like that just yet, but look out sometime next week when hopefully review code is made available and I will be sure to take a good look at it. For now though here are some bullet points from the Xbox One store page for the game as well as the original treailer for the Steam release. Basic Cast Control: An entry level (power bar style) casting system for new users to experience the game before trying to master "Total Cast Control" Total Cast Control: A full physics based casting system. For the first time in a fishing game, experience the feeling

Batman: Return to Arkham Remastered Bundle Coming To Consoles This July

Think one game that has done a superhero well in a videogame, and Batman would be if not top near the top of that list. It's no surprise then that Warner Bros have just announced that Return To Arkham, a remaster of two much loved Batman Games, are coming to both the PS4 and Xbox One on July 29th, with a suggested retail price of £39.99. This remaster will offer fans a chance to play both Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, with this version also including all Game of the Year bonuses and downloadable content from both games. The games will also see improved graphics as well as upgraded models, environments, lighting, effects and shaders. Batman: Arkham Asylum  is where it all began. Originally developed by Rocksteady Studios and released in 2009, the game pushed the envelope for action, adventure and super hero games and exposed players to a unique, dark and atmospheric adventure taking them to the depths of Arkham Asylum.  Featuring an original story, gamer

HXR Review - Shadow Complex Remastered

Last week saw me being review free for the first time since starting the blog up back at the end of March, so I took a look around at some recently released games and decided one deserved the review treatment from me. I have a load of these in the pipeline through games I've recently bought or got through a rental service I recently joined for more content on the blog, but the guys at ChAIR Entertainment were kind enough to email me over a review code for this game which released wayyyyyy back on March 16th. Shadow Complex Remastered is a somewhat strange release if I'm being honest with you, with the original game also available on the console via backwards compatibility, and also being way cheaper than its twin who has had a good scrub up. These days the word remastered has slowly become the in-thing to release, as people just seem to love revisiting a game they enjoyed a while ago with the game looking better than ever. Remasters of course also fill the needs for achiev

Homefront: The Revolution Launch Trailer

With the game releasing today for those in America, a launch trailer for Homefront: The Revolution has been dropped to celebrate this fact. For guys and girls in the UK like myself we will see a release for the game this Friday (May 20th), with a review for this game coming in the next few weeks, once I get my hands on it. Also revealed today alongside the trailer was further details on the Expansion Pass. "The Expansion Pass includes access to the three currently planned single player campaign expansions, and unlocks some exclusive bonuses for use in Homefront’s online co-operative experience known as Resistance Mode! Coming in 2016, The Voice of Freedom and Aftermath will both add new districts and several hours of original single-player content that complement Homefront’s huge 30-hour campaign. A much larger expansion – Beyond the Walls – will follow in 2017, with more details to follow."

Subnautica Comes To The Xbox One Game Preview Program Today

Yet another game now available, which in truth I hadn't read that much about until today. First thoughts were an underwater No Man's Sky and will continue to be that until I have a look at it for myself. The release of Subnautica on Xbox One will see it follow the same development path as the Steam Early Access release of the game on the PC. The Xbox One version will also launch with content up to and including the  H.2O Update , (an update I have no clue about) a recent update to the Steam counterpart featuring a stunning underwater graphics upgrades (Shall believe it when I see it oh press release tease). Subnautica is classed as a underwater, open-world, adventure game, so you see why I'm saying No Man's Sky. You can try the game out for free, or buy it in this early state for just £15.99  As with every game in the preview program you're basically buying the game in an alpha state, and get the chance to help the game become the best it can be before gettin

Turtle Beach Taking Headsets To The Next Level, With The Elite Pro Tournament Headset

Competitive gaming is massive right now, so much so that kids see it these days as an actual career path, which still blows my mind. Truth be told it will always be something I never get, but that's just because I'm old. Turtle Beach however are all over it like a rash, and are looking to make a headset available to all gamers that looks to have the edge in things you never knew a headset actually needed until now. The Elite Pro Tournament headset will set you back £169.99 on the Turtle Beach website , and you can pre-order the headset from May 24th. This pro headset offers the following things for your cash. ComforTec™ Fit System - A revolutionary adjustment system for truly personalized comfort. Aerofit™ Ear Cushions - Groundbreaking material technologies combine to deliver cooling comfort, better sound and passive noise isolation. ProSpecs™ Glasses Relief System - Patented technology alleviates ear cushion pressure for gamers who wear glasses. Pro Gaming

HXR News: Deals With Gold (May 17th - May 24th)

Deals are to be had this week, as another assortment of games are now on offer at cheaper prices. Thanks to Major Nelson for the info. Some decent games there such as Unravel for just £7.50 and some of the Square Enix stuff is worth taking a look at. Xbox One Deals. Ark: Surival Evolved (Game Preview) Xbox One Game 25% ID@Xbox Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – Victorian Legends Pack* Add-On 40% DWG Battlefield 4 Final Stand* Add-On 100% DWG Call of Duty: Black Ops III Digital Deluxe Edition* Xbox One Game 20% DWG Call of Duty: Black Ops III* Xbox One Game 33% DWG Call of Duty: Ghosts Xbox One Game 67% DWG Call of Duty: Ghosts Digital Hardened Edition* Xbox One Game 50% DWG Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink* Xbox One Game 33% DWG Elite Dangerous Standard Edition Xbox One Game 50% ID@Xbox Final Fantasy Type – 0 HD Xbox One Game 50% Pub Sale Forza Motorsport 6 Deluxe Edition Xbox One Game 15-25% Spotlight Forza Motorsport

Costume Quest 2 & Peggle Now Available With Games With Gold

Title of the post says it all really, but for those that want links and such read on. Both Peggle (360) & Costume Quest 2 (XB1) are now available as a free download thanks to the Games With Gold promotion. While I already own Peggle, and am a bit meh about Costume Quest 2, I'm not one to stick my nose up at a free game (I say free, you of course pay for Xbox Live). Trailer, download link and some information can be found below for each game. Costume Quest 2 : Xbox One "Trick, treat and pick a fight with villianous dental soldiers in Costume Quest 2, the sweet sequel to Double Fine’s hit original, Costume Quest, that turned fans of all ages into candy obsessed crusaders. This inspired RPG adventure includes a range of new features and gameplay improvements to double the amount of mischievous fun. Explore spooky time-traversing landscapes, don adorable new costumes that transform into powerful Hallo-warriors, and collect even Creepier Treat Cards to wield in combat agains

HXR Review: Superhot

Superhot for me was a game I only heard about earlier in the year, as an old website I had a hand in saw one of the guys always talking about it. Starting out life out as a game jam project which saw the game made in just seven days by a group of friends way back in 2013, Superhot is as indie as they come. Releasing the prototype of Superhot onto the Internet closely afterwards it quickly become very popular, seeing it feature on many of the big gaming sites available. Since then Superhot has gone through the Steam Greenlight process during just one weekend, as well as seeing a Kickstarter campaign that saw the game funded within the first 23 hours, with it receiving over $250,000 by the time it ended. All the above was mostly taken and tweaked from the official website, all information which passed me by when it was actually taking place. So I went into my review of Superhot not knowing that much about it at all, which sometimes is the best way to go into these sort of games. Loa