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Review - Burnout Paradise Remastered

We bloody love old stuff don't we? So much so now that companies have clicked onto our weakness of wanting to play with things we once loved, so we are now seeing mini consoles selling for stupid money on Internet selling websites, and also modern day prices for games we once adored. Burnout is a game that has surely been played by every gamer out there, with the game for me being one of the first games I played on Xbox Live, an experience that has stuck with me to this very day. Burnout no matter the number or cool second name it was given was just a blast to play, with speed and action taking center stage at all times. I will be honest here, Paradise was perhaps my least favorite Burnout game that has come out, I can't put my finger on why, but it just didn't grab me like other games I've played in the series. When the remaster was announced the Internet went crazy about it, with many of us more than happy to throw money at EA once again (Forget most people said t

LEGO The Incredibles Coming To Xbox One This July (June for you Americans)

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games, The LEGO Group, Disney, and Pixar have just announced that The Incredibles will be getting its own LEGO game this July. The game will cover both the first film and the upcoming sequel in the game, with the game featuring scenes and action sequences from both movies as well as characters to play with too. The game will release on July 13th (the same day the movie comes to cinemas nationwide). June 15th for you guys in North America.

Review - Pure Farming 2018

Gamers are more spoilt than ever when it comes to choice on our consoles these days. One second you can be slaying zombies or dragons, to minutes later taking in the day to day role of a fireman, or in the case of today's review, a farmer. I have mixed feelings with these types of games though, with one side of me always thinking I need to play them as I might like it, to the other side of me always being a little disappointed with what the game is once I've got my hands on it and after putting a few hours into it. After the standard bad experience with these types of games, I always tell myself I will never return to them ever again. I do though, as I'm a weak person who has to play anything that has a chance of surprising me. Pure Farming 2018 comes with three modes for you to tackle and play, each offering something no matter how much skill you have in games like this. My First Farm: This mode is the one for the novice guys and girls out there who struggle with th

How To Get Started When First Playing Sea Of Thieves

Sea of Thieves finally saw its release this week, but since then I've seen the Internet mostly having the same question when they have loaded it up, that question is WHAT DO I DO? I too was once this pirate noob who was worried not getting it would ruin the game for me, but a day or so later and I sort of know what I'm doing. So because I can't do a video at the moment writing something up was the only option available. Hopefully, this helps someone out there to enjoy the game, and if not just ask me to play and we will bloody get there in the end. Loading into the game you find yourself in what I like to the call drinking establishment on one of the many outposts the game has. While these outposts may have different characters on them, all of them serve the same purpose, this is the place you come to get voyages and spend any cash you happen to earn. There are three voyage options in total on every outpost. Thesevyages are free when you first start, but after a while t

Review - Train Sim World: Founders Edition

I find myself in a very weird spot in my reviewing life at the moment, with the games I find myself covering recently being very odd when judged against my normal gaming habits. Xbox Live mates checking up to see what I'm playing are being met with things that will certainly make them raise an eyebrow, with games that have me running farms, fishing, and today's review having me sit down and chat about my adventures of being a train driver. We've seen a huge boom in recent years of console gamers getting a lot more variety when it comes to sim games, with Train Sim World: Founders Edition perhaps being the oddest one I've found myself reviewing so far. As young kids, we dream of one day being an astronaut, fireman, and even a train driver, so I put all adult thoughts of judging the game before playing it to one side and got down to me riding some choo-choo lorries to see what the game was all about. Train Sim World: Founders Edition stands tall on consoles right now

Genesis: Alpha One Coming To Xbox One This Summer (So Check Out This New Trailer)

A trailer dropped for this on YouTube yesterday and I thought it was worth sharing on the site, as it's certainly the first time I've heard anything about it (but then again, that's always the case of late). Genesis: Alpha One is coming to the Xbox One sometime during the Summer, with the press release for this trailer explaining how the game is a unique mix of roguelike, FPS, base-building and survival elements. That's the fancy press release speaking though, I just see it as getting to shoot aliens, build a crew of clones, explore and mine new planets for resources, and the coolest thing of all, getting to build your own starship. Looks pretty cool and worth keeping an eye out for if you ask me.

Shadow of The Tomb Raider Teaser Trailer & Release Date Revealed

A teaser trailer for Shadow of The Tomb Raider has just been released, along with a release date on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC on September 14th. The trailer doesn't really give that much away in all honesty, with the announcement more of a tease for the reveal event planned for April 27th. Fans will soon have the chance to enter a puzzle competition starting Monday at 9am PDT on the official website ( found here ), with them having the chance of winning and getting to play the game and meet the developers at one of three exclusive reveal events.

Review - Gravel

 I'm no Lewis Hamilton when it comes to racing games on my console of choice, with my driving skill only tending to be half decent when it's an arcade based racer such as Split Second and Blur. None the less, I saw a few trailers of Gravel and decided it had been too long since I sat in the digital driving seat of a good racer on my Xbox One. I was going to start out this review saying how Gravel was very much a budget title when judged against other games in this genre when it comes to both looks and content, with my mind telling me I had seen this for around £29.99 when looking around for it before launch. My mind must have been lying to me though, as when checking around for prices as I started to type this up I was surprised to find that the cost for both retail and from the digital store is anywhere between £40.00 to £50.00. I will start off bluntly by saying I personally don't think the game is worth this much for a few reasons, with much better-looking racers in

SEGA Mega Drive Classics Coming To The Xbox One This May

We all love the thought of loading up an old game we once had a fondness for when we were younger, with achievements for them an added bonus when playing them on our latest console. SEGA fans will get the pleasure of playing 53 "classic" games from the much loved Mega Drive/Genesis console on May 29th, with that insane amount of games making the SEGA Mega Drive Collection. The 53 games on offer are Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle Alien Soldier Alien Storm Altered Beast Beyond Oasis Bio-Hazard Battle Bonanza Bros. Columns Columns III: Revenge of Columns Comix Zone Crack Down Decap Attack Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine Dynamite Headdy ESWAT: City Under Siege Fatal Labyrinth Flicky Gain Ground Galaxy Force II Golden Axe Golden Axe II Golden Axe III Gunstar Heroes Kid Chameleon Landstalker Light Crusader Phantasy Star II Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millenium Ristar Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Sh

HXR Review - The Sims 4

For ages, I begged and pleaded with EA to bring a Sims game back to console, with the memory of my addiction to the last Sims console release being something that has stuck with me since I forced myself to stop playing it back on the 360. While not being as addicted as I have been in the past to these games (hell, look how late this review is going out), the game is still very much an experience unique to the Sims. Yes, there are other games like this out there, but The Sims just does it better than all of them. If you don't know what a Sims game is there where have you been? To explain it briefly you take control of a Sim/group of sims and their day to day life, with you starting out life with just a bit of cash to buy your piece of land and getting to work on getting your house up and running. After that, it's down to you where the game will take you and your digital self and family. It's because of this though that any Sims game is a tough review, as yes, while a r

Review - Rad Rodgers

Rad Rodgers has been a mixed bag when it comes to finally getting a review up about it. In truth, I had hoped to get these words out sooner but was unable to due to reasons that will become a bit clearer as this review goes on. Rad Rodgers is a game that started out life on Kickstarter back in September of 2016, with the team behind it raising a whopping $81,861 from just under 4,000 backers by the end of it all. This saw the game getting a release on the PC just a few months later that year, with the game being called Rad Rodgers: World One, with plans of future worlds releasing for it depending on how successful the game was. Skip to present day and here we are with Rad Rodgers now being on two of the big consoles out there, allowing us console guys and girls to sample what looks to be a great tip of the hat to old-school side-scrolling platformers from back in the day. In the game, you play a young gamer called Rad Rodgers, who after playing his console until far too late is

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Finally Crashing Onto The Xbox One

It's been rumored since last year that Crash would finally make it somewhere else other than the just the PS4, but yesterday saw Activision confirming that the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy will f be coming to other formats, which of course means the Xbox One. Crash Bandicoot played a huge part in my growing up playing games, with nothing but fondness when thinking back on this iconic character and all the games he has been a part of (yes, even Crash Team Rashing). I even found myself going to the darkside when it released on the PS4 last year, and I can tell you now, I was not expecting to find the game so damn difficult. So hard infact that some people on the Internet claimed it to be just as hard as Dark Souls. Something I laughed about until finding myself dying constantly on a bridge with only turtle jumps to make it across on the Road to Nowhere level. While people will be surprised to find out how damn hard Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is, this trilogy is easily o

Review - Call Of Duty: WWII

A review that has seen bigger delays than Crackdown 3 is one way of putting it, with me finally putting fingers to keyboard way after the game released back in November of last year The last week or so has finally seen me wrapping up the campaign and dipping back into the MP and zombies, with the break helping the game out a little when it comes to being a better product, as we know it takes a few weeks for these games to find their feet when it comes to online play. Any Call of Duty game is met with 50% love and 50% hate, with haters of the series always asking  "why do you buy the same crap every year?" when it does well in the gaming charts. I personally look forward to seeing what the latest COD game has to offer, but I can't deny that the last few years have seen the series sort of losing the way a little bit. I think I said it before in a previous COD review that the people behind them seem to hook on what the latest trends are, with fewer boots on the ground ac

Train Sim World: Founders Edition Coming To Xbox One This Week

Every now and then I like a little change. Not too much, but enough to mix things up a little, and you can't get more different than taking control of your own train. Train Sim World: Founders Edition comes to Xbox One this Friday, with the game setting you back just £24.99/$29.99, which a blooming steal if you ask me. Train Sim World is a first-person train simulator which will give players the experience of being a train driver, a first on the Xbox One if I'm not mistaken (watch me be wrong). Train Sim World: Founders Edition will teach you the basics via some quick tutorials, but with that out the way they will then give you a fully-functioning cab to control without any assistance. The more the weekend has gone I've found myself getting more excited about loading this up some point this week (just awaiting code). If you feel like seeing what this is all about at some point this week, be sure to check me out on social media, as there is a high chance I will be speaki

DLC Review - Euro Fishing Season Pass

Upon seeing that Euro Fishing was about to see some brand new DLC drop for it a week or so ago, I decided to reach out to the PR guys and girls handling review requests about typing up some words on it. While I never got a code for the Bergsee DLC by itself, I did, however, get sent a season pass code, giving me the chance to cover all four DLC lakes that have joined the game since this season pass became available on the Xbox store late last year. Bergsee was the final DLC releasing on February 13th, with Manor Farm, Le Lac d'or, and Waldsee being the other lakes that make up the season pass. Now, I understand that this short review will only be of value to a small set of gamers, with many of you still yet to sample what the base game has to offer. Hopefully, since the game joined the Xbox Game Pass today, it might bring a few more readers into a game that can be very addictive if given the chance. First up we have Manor Farm Lake which is set in the Oxfordshire countryside.