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A Destiny 2 Teaser Trailer Drops Before The Worldwide Reveal Later This Week

Destiny 2 just got given the old teaser trailer treatment to wet your excited little minds before the worldwide reveal is shown off on March 30th at 6pm for us in the UK. Watch the decent little tease below and look forward to more details this coming Thursday.

Aaero Console Release Date And Price Revealed

If you've not seen me go on about this game for the last week or two either on the site or over on Twitter, then clearly you are ignoring me most of the day. I dreaded even starting this post about the game being released onto the Xbox One (and also other formats) on April 11th, as I know full well that going through the trailers again to add one into this post will see the song stuck in my head all day. I've been informed that the game will cost $14.99 to those in the States, which means that for us in the UK it will be somewhere around the £12.00 mark if you fancy picking it up. So yeah, go watch the below trailer and have the music stuck in your head all day. Enjoy.

PDP Pixel Pals + Mass Effect: Andromeda Nomad ND1 Diecast Car Review

It seems of late that both myself and the lovely PR people at PDP are on very good terms, as after a few more emails back and forth after my recent Halo Wars 2 controller review I was lucky enough to receive yet another review package from them late last week. While the controller review took a bit of time to get up on the site so that I could really give it a good testing, the items this time around are more things that you would find yourself picking up while standing in the queue at your local game store. You know, the shelves filled with stuff you never actually need for any reason, and just things that will sit on your gaming shelf and gather dust. So sorry if this review is a bit on the short side as I never thought I would be typing up words on something like a toy car. And that is where we shall begin this review round up. The Mini Mass Effect: Andromeda Nomad ND1 Diecast Car is somewhat on the pricey side when checking up on places to buy this from when I began typing this

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Gets The Launch Trailer Treatment

Bulletstorm was a game on my 360 that I look back on and smile to myself. Sure, it wasn't the greatest shooter the world has ever seen. But it mixed things up a little when all shooters seemed to be about muscular men and killing a mysterious new alien threat. It added some humour into aswell, which hopefully still brings a smile when the Full Clip Edition releases on April 7th. The ultimate Bulletstorm experience, Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition includes : The Total Package – All previously-released content, including the Gun Sonata and Blood Symphony add-on packs, now on modern platforms. New Overkill Campaign Mode – Upon completing the main campaign, blast through this New Game+ mode with an unrestricted arsenal of weapons and Skillshots. New Echo Maps – Players can showcase their skills on six brand-new levels for the score-based Echo Mode. Killer Visuals  – Presented with updated models, environments, and animations all running at 60 FPS across all platforms. The

What To Expect From Games With Gold In April

This news came out earlier this afternoon for this, so the chances of you not knowing by now is highly unlikely. Four news games will be coming to Gold members with GWG this April, with a decent mix of games if I'm being honest. Xbox One: On April 1st until April 30th, Xbox One owners can finally download one of the better launch games for the console, with Ryse: Son Of Rome finally getting the longggggg overdue GWG treatment. Following up on Ryse, you can then look forward to The Walking Dead: Season Two on April 16th right up until May 15th. Xbox 360/Xbox One Backwards Compatible: On April 1st until April 16th you will get to download Darksiders for both consoles if you so wish, with Assassin's Creed Revelations taking over on April 16th until April 30th.

Did You Like Lifeless Planet? Then Lifeless Moon Is Something You Need To Know About

I reviewed Lifeless Planet way back in 2015 when it launched onto consoles, with the game getting a 2.8/5 (what kind of di** gives a 2.8) when I reviewed it when I was part of Honest Games Reviews. Without reading through that review all over again, I think back and remember having an okay time with it, with the only bad thing being that it was very much a one time play and done with it experience. The three-person core team at Stage 2 Studios today announced a new game is on the way in Lifeless Moon, with the blog page going on to say that the game is more a prequel than it is a sequel to Lifeless Planet. While Lifeless Moon looks to offer more of the same to that of the previous game, the small FAQ post on the blog page does say that Lifeless Moon will have a deeper focus on puzzles than that of Lifeless Planet, with the core experience being one of exploration and also discovery. The events of Lifeless Moon take place in the early 1970s during the first human missions to the

Talent Not Included Coming To The Xbox One On April 5th

It's another one of those "oh look at this game I've only just found out about thanks to an email" posts again, with the news of this release dropping into my inbox while I'm working my way through my playthrough of Mass Effect for the review. Talent Not Included is a game from independent Canadian developer, Frima, with the press release telling me that the game saw much critical acclaim on PC via Steam when it released last August. Something I cannot confirm as this is the first I have heard about both game and the developers. The game tells the story of three bored monsters called Zordok, Derp, and Kevin in a place called Notthatmuchfurther, who one day decide to put on their own play. What follows after crap hits the fan is an action/combat platformer where mechanical soldiers, animals, hard-headed monsters, and rotating cylinders will challenge you in one of the most demanding plays to ever hit the stage (said the press release). Trailer found below, an

Latest Injustice 2 Trailer Takes A Look At Cheetah

As a guy who only dabbles in things when it comes to DC super heroes and villians, to type words here acting like I know who this person was would mean me lying to you all. Doing my Internet research (quick look at Wikpedia), it seems Cheetah has been knocking around since 1942 Wonder Woman comics, with the character having four different incarnations since her debut way back then. That's about all I know her. You can check her jumping about all over the place and clawing multiple opponents to bits in the below trailer that was released earlier today. Injustice 2 is set to release in the UK on May 19th.

Aaero Coming Soon To The Xbox One

The other week a game caught my eye while having a look about the Internet, and only now have I got around to informing the few who come and check out my small corner of the Internet. Aaero looks to be a challenging little game that mixes together music with the gaming equivalent of tapping your head and rubbing your belly. The controls are explained in a video you can view by clicking here , but for those who don't watch it, the left stick sees you controlling your ship on what the game calls ribbons of light, while the right stick has you locking on enemies and using RT to shoot. All sounds simple enough, but the level design and audio make the game one to watch for me. No official release date as yet, but as soon as I have store links and so on I will be sure to let you all know.  

Small Spoiler Free Post On My Early Thoughts About Mass Effect: Andromeda

Evening guys and girls, hope you've had a good day so far what with jobless bums like me sharing all they can about Mass Effect: Andromeda while you bust your balls/female equivalent at work. The plan was going to be that I do a video of my time with this game so far (about 6 hours of the EA Access trial), and share all that went on with my created character and his adventures so far. It then hit me that maybe some of you don't want a 10-minute video of me spoiling the opening minutes of a game you've been dying to play. So rather than that, I'm just going to type a few words (no spoilers, I promise) about how I currently feel after spending the afternoon with a game I was really looking forward to playing. A proper review will be coming for this soon, so take these words as ones that could change when I don't have a 10-hour trial looming over me. Before I talk a little about what good I've seen so far, I'm going to just type up on what I haven't rea

The Mass Effect Andromeda EA Access Trial Is Nearly Upon Us

The 10 hour EA Access trial for Mass Effect Andromeda is nearly upon us, with a scheduled release of March 16th being all that we currently know. From what I've seen on the web you will find yourself reaching a point in this trial where the story will not continue, but you will be able to explore the planet you are currently on. The MP will see no such thing and will be fully open and playable if you fancy using your time elsewhere once doing what you can in the single player. While the trial isn't set to go live until tomorrow, it has been known in the past that these trials do tend to go live a little early for us here in the UK, with trials for BF1 and others going live anywhere between 9pm and midnight the day before. I'm checking EA Access every few hours, so if you're following me on Twitter I will be sure to let you know once I know the trial is live.

HXR Review - Kitty Powers' Matchmaker

There's someone out there for everyone the saying goes, with the dream of finding that perfect soul mate being top of the list in life the older you get. We all go through a few ratbags in this up and down ride we call life. But by the end of our love journey most of us settle down with the person we can see ourselves growing grey and old with, and hopefully who are not just a lover but also someone we can class as our best friend. Video games never really touch on this long and sometimes heartbreaking journey that all of us go through at some point in our lives, so when I saw the trailer for Kitty Power' Matchmaker I was a little bit interested. While I was all for giving it a go I also saw the other side of it, with other people instantly distancing themselves from it and will never sample what the game had to offer. Sure this review will be ignored by most too, as the market for this will surely only be those who want achievements or those who like to play everything a

HXR Review - Table Top Racing: World Tour

Whenever I review games and the code drops in my email, you tend to know what sort of experience you are in for in how the person you are dealing with sells you the game. You get the PR that just throw you the code with a enjoy slipped into the email, this is the "I'm confident you will like this" approach. The second and worrying way of doing it is when you get PR instantly begin defending the game before you've even had a chance to load the game up. This can be saying something in the email along the lines of "you have to give it a proper go to reveal the quality and depth of gameplay" which happened for this game. Loading up the game and reading that line, Table Top Racing was surely going to be a game that had a deep layer to it that would only be seen when sinking a load of time into it. But nope. Turns out it's just the fun but far from perfect racer I was expecting it to be. Table Top Racing gives you three modes of play to choose from, but it

Play Steep On The Xbox One For Free This Weekend

I was one of those people who got to play Steep when in beta form, but the game really didn't do anything for me personally so skipped the release completely. This weekend the game is free to play for those with a gold membership, so for those like me, it's a perfect chance to give the game a second crack of the whip and see what it has to offer. The offer is now live and ends on March 12th for those that want to give it a look. You can find this offer by going to the gold section on the Xbox One dashboard (on the right-hand side).

HXR Controller Review - PDP Halo Wars 2 Banished Wired Controller

Last week the lovely people at PDP were kind enough to send me one of their latest controllers to type some words up on, with the Halo Wars 2 Banished controller being my controller of choice now for the last few days. I'm not really a Halo Wars fan in all honesty, but throw a nice looking pad my way and you can count me interested in it. I covered an absolute load of PDP products at the previous review place I worked on, so will get my bum into gear and get them put up here in the coming weeks. For now though, let us find out what this Halo Wars 2 Banished pad is all about. I've looked for this pad on sale in the UK everywhere, but this seems to currently only be available in the States via the PDP official store and Amazon. If this changes anytime soon (or I have missed a UK link) I will add it in at the bottom of this review. Stateside you can expect to pay $49.99 when going to places like Amazon and the official PDP store, but I did come across places selling it for $

HXR Review - COD: Infinite Warfare Sabotage DLC

It's been a while since I sat down and played Infinite Warfare on my Xbox One, I actually haven't touched it since the review went up on the site around launch last year. That in itself pretty much sums up how I originally felt about the game and what I said, with me at the time growing very bored of the MP and moving on to other shooters out there. This return for me wasn't just a way of seeing if this new DLC is worth the £11.59 that it's on sale for, but also it was a chance for me to load up a game I had moved on from and see if updates had done anything to improve it since then. The sabotage DLC comes with the now standard format we are all used to, that being four new maps with a new zombie experience slapped in for good measure. The four maps are Dominion which is a Re-imagining (hate that word) of the Afghan map from Modern Warfare 2. Neon which is a virtual training centre designed for urban warfare. Noir , a futuristic Brooklyn set at night. And wrappin

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Gameplay Reveal

A video has been released showing off gameplay for the eagerly awaited Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War, set for release on August 25th. The below video shows how The Nemesis System has been tweaked, with the addition of Nemesis Fortresses where players must utilise different strategies to conquer dynamic strongholds and forge their personalised Orc army. The game itself looks just as glorious as the first game, so August needs to get here sharp.

Battlefield 1 & Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Get A Free Play Weekend

Right now and for the whole weekend you can sample the delights of some decent games, as two games are getting the free play weekend treatment, with those two games revealed in the title of this post. I've never played a Dragon Ball game or watched the show, but free is free boys and girls, so to not even give this a look while it has a free status would be plain daft. Battlefield 1 is a game that I have a reviewing past with though ( read that here ), and the short campaign and decent online is worth the 47.61GB download if nothing else, and those free achievements eh. You can find both games ready to install by visiting the deals/GamesWith Gold portion of the Xbox One dashboard from now until Sunday.

HXR Review - Zombie Vikings

Zombie Vikings for me originally looked like one of those small releases that offered fun and a few laughs along the way, while at the same time offering the classic 2D, side-scrolling, button mashing experience a load of us grew up with. Having a unique look makes it stand out too, but other than those few things is Zombie Vikings worth your cash? Loading this up earlier in the week for a quick stream, initial thoughts were good, with the game having a decent opening to it filled with humour and a combat system that seemed to work really well. The story was also there to keep things ticking along, with a guy called Odin having his eye stolen by a guy called Loki, with Odin bringing back four zombie warriors to go and get it back for him. What follows is numerous levels in which you hack and slash your way through them, collecting coins for upgrades, and taking down all different types of enemies as the story unfolds. My main issue with Zombie Vikings came very early on in the