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Review - Maneater

When the first trailer for Maneater dropped (at what my brain tells me was around E3 time or maybe even Gamescom of last year), it was a game many of us took an interest in. Its release a few weeks back saw it dropping at a perfect time too. With gamers in lockdown just dying for anything new and a bit different to it. Maneater is definitely different, but does it offer an experience that will keep gamers coming back for more? Cue future me to finish this review off.
The game kicks off with a short tutorial teaching you the ropes, aswell as an introduction to the story side of the game and villain of the piece, Scaly Pete. The opening sets a path of revenge that I will let you experience for yourself, with the remainder of the game having a sort of Discovery Channel tag along adventure seen in shows like Deadliest Catch. The game takes place over multiple regions, with each one changing a little from the previous one in terms of looks and also things swimming in it with you. Each region…

Review - Streets of Rage 4

The day has finally come. The day many of us older gamers have wished for, an updated version of a classic series is finally in our hands. Streets of Rage of old but updated and with a 4 in the title is here. 
Now sure, reviewing a game that is part of Xbox Game Pass is a bit of a waste of time reallyyyyyyy. Just go to the store and hit install as it's only a 4.5 GB download and you can make up your own mind. It's not like any of us have much to do currently either is it? None the less, this game was always going to be the game where I put fingers to keyboard and tried to get my reviewing mojo back after having some time away. We all did it right? Did co-op on the older games with a family or friend? Well those are my memories of it. Not the best story in the world for a game by a mile, but man does the settings, enemies, music and even grunts of the characters you play never leave you. I never dug that deep when it comes to what Streets of Rage 4 was going to offer before loadi…