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Overwatch and Fallout 4 Set For A Free Play Weekend From Today

On a tight budget and not played either of the two blockbuster releases in the title of this post? Then this long weekend is set to be a good one. Fallout 4 is currently already available to download as part of the free play weekend right now, with Overwatch going live for us in the UK around 7 this evening. Both games offer a full weekend of free play fun, but I'm unsure if this means achievements are available too, but they have been given out on previous free play weekends so I don't see why not. To find the games and install them simply go to the gold tab found on the right-hand side of your Xbox One dashboard, you will find them right next to the Games with Gold offerings (CHECK IMAGE BELOW TO FIND OUT WHAT TIME OVERWATCH GOES LIVE IN YOUR AREA).

Review - Injustice 2

The core of Fighting games has pretty much stayed the same since the days of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat back in my early days of fisticuffs, with the only big change now being the games looking better than they ever have before. Take the last Mortal Kombat game that took fatalities to another level, with Injustice 2 taking what Gods Among Us did so well and just looking better than it ever has before. I'm no superhero fan or fighting fanatic, but as a gamer, I can appreciate what this genre adds to the gaming landscape, with certain series going on longer than I have been a gamer. Injustice is still in the early years of its long shelf life, but when a game offers things like Batman, Superman, Joker and much more, this will always be a series that fans will happily pre-order and be excited about upon every release. The first thing that hit me with Injustice 2 was just the amount of modes and things to do, with my mind thinking it would be nothing more than a simple fight

Xbox Game Pass Now Available For Gold Members (Full Game List Included)

Xbox Game Pass was one of those things for Xbox One that was always going to happen after the success of EA Access. The current trend of companies offering a subscription-based service which offers new and old owners of the console games to play is only something I can see growing bigger as time goes on. Places like Activision and Ubisoft spring to mind right off the top of my head, with both of these publishers having a huge amount of games and early play opportunities that gamers would snap up I think. Those with an Xbox Live gold membership can try out this service now with a 14-day free trial, with the cost of the service being just £7.99/$9.99 if you decide to stick around after this. Those with just an Xbox Live Account will be able to try out Game Pass when it becomes available to all on June 1st. The games on offer early on are very indie and BC heavy in my eyes so those expecting a bunch of AAA games right away may not be happy with the games on offer. You can find a ful

Review - Seasons After Fall

With a review backlog bigger than my arm and life throwing obstacles in my way for the last few weeks, the chance to sit down and put a good amount of hours into to any game has been a tough thing to do. Before this review gets going I just want to say a huge sorry to the guys at Bastion PR in the delay at getting a review out for this. I know better than anyone that the first week or release is crucial in smaller games like this, as once the launch passes the game is soon lost and swallowed by bigger releases. So massive sorry about the delay, but let's get cracking with what I thought. Seasons After Fall sees you playing a Fox, with the first few hours of the game being you unlocking the powers of four different weather seasons as the story plays out. Once these seasons are available to you in full,  the game becomes a little puzzler in which you must use certain seasons to be able to get to certain items and reach certain areas for the story to progress. The seasons you unlo

Review - The Surge

I've said it on social media and on the blog before, but testing myself from time to time is something I genuinely enjoy doing and what makes doing this writing thing a lovely hobby to have. Typing about games and genres that I love is an easy side of doing all this, so throwing in a little test to myself every now and then not only makes for an interesting few weeks with a genre of game I tend to not go near, but it also offers readers a look at an upcoming release from the eyes of a guy/girl from a different set of eyes, as I'm sure many review sites will have given their codes to pros of this genre and games that are like it. Is this me covering up that I suck at games such as Dark Souls and the like......well yes, yes it is. So like I said on Twitter for the last week or so, I will do the same now. I'm not good at these games and I'm not going to pretend I am. If you're a fan and want a review from a reviewer who loves this genre and games like this, then plea

Review - Little Nightmares

Having a bit of spare cash sitting in the bank last week, I decided to treat myself to one of the many smaller releases found on the Xbox One store, with Little Nightmares (£15.99) being the lucky chosen one. I was review free right up until Friday evening too, but then three games to review came along, and this looked to have been pushed to the side due to it being something I paid for, and not sent to me by a publisher. This morning I found out I was already close to the end of the game though, so decided to run through it quickly and type some words on it before starting on the games I need to this week. Truth be told, Little Nightmares was a game I had only seen images of and tweets here and there last week, with the little thing in a yellow mac being an image that tends to stick out in current day characters doing the rounds. I didn't know what to expect from the game going in, and with many of you seemingly not picking it up, I thought I should be the one to blow my money a

Review - Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

The release of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 onto the Xbox One hasn't been a very smooth one at all, and it all pretty much started the day some brainy person at CI Games thought that giving one console a free season pass was going to go down well. The day it was revealed that PS4 owners would be getting the season pass with the game, while people on the One would have to pay extra was pretty much the same day all Xbox owners took that small interest they had in the game and threw it right in the bin. Sure CI Games backtracked and fixed it after what was an absolute mess in terms of PR at the time, but by then the damage had been done, and it was too late to stop the game from being ignored by the hardcore fanbase of all that is Xbox. What with my review being a bit later than most, you've probably read a bunch of other reviews about the game already, with most reviewers pointing out key flaws in their time with the game. So before I even get on with the good side to this game (ye

Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator Coming To Xbox One This Spring

 Ever wanted to jump on Xbox Live and insult a total stranger and not worry about an online ban for your Gamertag? Well, soon you will be able to tell someone their son has tiny feet, or Satan was born inside their mother, as Vile Monarch are bringing Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator to the Xbox One later this Spring. I first set eyes on this when WWE superstar Xavier Woods streamed some of the Steam version a while ago and it looked right up my alley. No official date or price just yet, but will be sure to keep you posted. Be sure to follow Vile Monarch on Twitter though if you like the look of the below trailer.