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Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas Now Available For Pre-Order On The Xbox One

Looking at the coming soon section of the Xbox One earlier today saw me come across this cute looking gem, which is set for release on September 7th, costing just £11.99/$14.99. Looking at images certainly gave that Zelda vibe, so you can bet your life that I'm already in the process of giving this a review for launch day right here on the site. Here is how the game is explained from the official website for it You wake up and find a letter from your father. He is gone… The only lead is his old notebook and a mysterious necklace. What happened? Explore the islands of Uncharted Seas, a world filled with many dangers, puzzles and secrets. Fight monsters, learn to use magic and discover ancient treasures which will help you on your quest. Use all your wits and skill to unravel the mysteries of ancient kingdom Arcadia and sea monster Oceanhorn. Oceanhorn combines captivating storytelling, breathtaking 3D visuals and exciting gameplay into one massive action adventure experienc

More Superstars Added To The WWE 2K17 Roster

A bunch of new superstars were added to the WWE 2K17 roster earlier this week, with no real surprises, but a decent bunch none the less. Those added to the already packed roster featured a few superstars in different forms, so while adding to the roster can you really count them as an extra superstar? I guess that's up to you. The superstars added can be found below. Asuka Bayley Big Boss Man Buddy Murphy Cactus Jack Dean Ambrose Diesel Dude Love Dusty Rhodes Jack Swagger John Cena Kane Kevin Nash Kevin Owens Lex Luger Luke Harper Mankind Road Dogg Roman Reigns Seth Rollins Stone Cold Steve Austin Undertaker Vader Wesley Blake

Forza Motorsport 6 Free-To-Play This Weekend For Xbox One Gold Members

The introduction of the free-play weekends on the Xbox One is a thing that I'm sure many of us have partaken in, with MS never really making a big song and dance about it all. We've already seen the likes of The Elder Scrolls Online, numerous sports games, and Rainbox Six Siege getting this treatment, but this weekend sees the turn of Forza Motorsport 6. This free play event sees the whole game available to you (with achievements) all over this bank holiday weekend here in the UK, and if you like what you see when playing you can get the game at a special discounted price of £29.99/$29.99 for the next four days. To download the free version for the weekend, just go to the section on your dashboard where you find the deals and games with gold to get downloading right now.

HXR Review - Worms W.M.D

The release of Worms W.M.D on August 23rd, saw the series celebrating its 21st anniversary. Which if we're being honest here is a massive achievement for a series that hasn't really seen that much of a change upon each release. I was hopeful that Worms W.M.D would change all this mind you, as reading up on the game before downloading saw me seeing some brand new things were coming to the game this time around. Before we get to the new things in the game. let's get modes out the way first shall we . Worms W.M.D offers both online and offline play via a bunch of modes. The single player gamer can look forward to tackling a fair few levels, with 20 training levels, 30 campaign levels, 10 challenge levels, and also 10 bonus levels available to you. Of course, some of these require unlocking as you go through the game, as where would the fun be if they were all just available right from the off. Training is pretty much what it says on the tin, with the mode offering yo

More Superstars Added To The WWE 2K17 Roster + Goldberg Entrance

Another week means more superstars being added to the already bumper packed roster for WWE 2K17. IGN always getting the early scoop for this, but I prefer to wait until I get my email from 2K, as God Knows I can't cope with how hard it is to navigate the IGN website. A bunch of new superstars can be found below, as well as some images and the new Goldberg entrance video. The superstars added to the roster this week were, Alberto Del Rio Big Show Big Cass Bray Wyatt Brock Lesnar Carmella Chad Gable Darren Young Dash Wilder Diamond Dallas Page Earthquake Enzo Amore Goldberg (pretty sure this was obvious) Jason Jordan JBL Mark Henry Paige Razor Ramon Ric Flair Rusev Sami Zayn Samoa Joe Sasha Banks Scott Dawson Sheamus The Miz Titus O’Neil Typhoon Zack Ryder

Find Out What Games Are Coming To Games With Gold This September

The games have been revealed for Games with Gold for September, with the 360 coming out on top for me this time around. On September 1st, Xbox One owners can look forward to trying out Earthlock: Festival of Magic for the whole of the month, followed by Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China joining on September 16th until October 15th. Xbox 360 and Xbox One players (thanks to Backward Compatibility), can look forward to Forza Horizon on the 1st, followed by the original Mirror’s Edge on 16th until the end of the month.

What To Expect From The Season Pass For Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

With the game set to release tomorrow, news came out today on what those who have also picked up the Digital Deluxe Edition/Season Pass can expect between now and early 2017. On top of story DLC dropping both this Fall and in early 2017, the following content is up for grabs for those that have bought the Digital Deluxe Edition , or pay the £24.99 for the pass itself when it becomes available tomorrow. In-Game Items – All available on the 23 rd of August Assault Pack:   Prepare to advance and assault the enemy with a custom skinned Battle Rifle, the Chaff Augmentation, one pack of regular Battle Rifle ammo, one pack of armor piercing Battle Rifle ammo, 2 Frag Grenades, and 2 EMP Grenades.   Tactical Pack: Using distance to your advantage, eliminate your targets silently with a custom skinned Tranquilizer Rifle, the Micro Assembler Augmentation, one pack of tranquilizer ammo, 3 Smoke Grenades, and 2 Gas Grenades.    4 Praxis Kits – These additional Praxis Kits wil

Preview: Titanfall 2 Tech Test

Like many of you out there, my weekend has mostly been spent testing out what Titanfall 2 has to offer, with the first of two planned tech tests starting Friday just gone. We get to play this one until the end of today, and then go again next week when we get to play the whole weekend after Respawn have a little mess about with the game after getting feedback from this current test. While the tech test is exactly that, I've already seen many tweets saying they hate the game, or it sucks after just playing a few games. I felt like this myself to begin with in truth, but stuck with it a little longer just to make 100% sure that those were my actual feelings, and not me just having a baby sore losing fit. It's easy these days to just have a few rubbish games where you suck, and before you know it you're on your social media soapbox to tell everyone you're not happy with losing. Titanfall has always been a game where it takes a little while to come to grips with the unde

Pre-download The Titanfall 2 Tech Test Now (Link Included) Servers Go Live 4pm (UK Time) Today

If you've been on Twitter at all this week you will have no doubt seen a bunch of people (including myself) begging a bunch of  EA people for an early code to play this tech test. If you was not lucky enough to get a code that way, then fear not. Today sees the tech test (remember it's not being a called a beta) now being able to pre-download by clicking here , with I believe I read on Twitter servers going live around 4pm here in the UK. Training will be available to try out before that though. I had a little play yesterday and plan to get some gameplay and post up with my thoughts over the weekend. So be sure to download it and join the below network when you do, or just leave me here all alone.This portion of the tech test runs from August 19th to the 21st, and then we get to go again the following weekend  rom August 26th to the 28th. Be sure to let me know your thoughts either on social media or in the comments below on what you think of Titanfall 2 after getting your

WWE 2K17 Gameplay, Backstage Brawls, New Day Entrance, And Even More Superstars Added To The Roster

Another week sees a bunch of new wrestlers added to the WWE 2K17 roster, as well as The New Day getting the entrance treatment this time around. In regards to The New Day entrance, I've got to admit I was a little underwhelmed by it all. While the audio for New Day is alright, the lack of any crowd cheers kill it almost instantly for me, but Hopefully this is a lot better when the full game is released. As for the roster, while not really having a shocking inclusion, it did the job of adding more great superstars and legends into an already decent looking roster. AJ Styles Alexa Bliss Alundra Blayze Arn Anderson Bam Bam Bigelow Becky Lynch Bo Dallas Bubba Ray Dudley Bushwhacker Butch Bushwhacker Luke Christian Curtis Axel Dana Brooke Dolph Ziggler D-Von Dudley Emma Eva Marie Fandango Kofi Kingston Lita “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig Naomi Natalya Neville “Macho Man” Randy Savage “Ravishing” Rick Rude Rikishi Shawn Michaels Stardust Sting Summer Rae Ta

HXR Review: Uno

On the night of August 15th, I sat looking at my Xbox One dashboard at around 11.45 (23.45 if you want to be annoying and use a 24-hour clock), waiting for the moment for Uno to unlock and arrive onto my console. Like most of us of a certain age, Uno holds special memories in our time with the 360. Uno on the 360 was where you came to mostly meet the nice people of Xbox Live, but we were all there really to see what weird person we would come across next. Like a Russian roulette or roll of the dice, you just never knew what you was going to get thrown at you as each round would load up. Would you be joined in this simple card game by a normal person like yourself just wanting to enjoy the game, or would you be met with the genitalia of a mad man, shaking it all over your 42-inch plasma screen in full HD without a care in the world. Horrid to even imagine. Add in the safety of playing with friends to witness such horrors though and Uno became a barrel full of laughs on a nightly basi

Trailer - Fallout 4 DLC: Nuka-World

Yet more DLC is coming to Fallout 4, with Nuka-World set to launch on August 30th, and costing just £14.99 for those who want even more fun from a game that already offers a crap load to do in it. I'd love to have played any of the DLC for this game that has already released, but I'm nowhere near finishing the original game, let alone touching more content for it. "Take a trip to  Nuka-World , a vast amusement park now a lawless city of Raiders. Explore an all-new region with an open wasteland and park zones like Safari Adventure, Dry Rock Gulch, Kiddie Kingdom, and the Galactic Zone. Lead lethal gangs of Raiders and use them to conquer settlements, bending the Commonwealth to your will.  Nuka-World  features new quests, Raiders, weapons, creatures, and more. Enjoy the ride!"

Just Cause 3 Bavarium Sea Heist DLC Now Available

Some new DLC has dropped for Just Cause 3, with the final piece of DLC in the Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass now being available. Those without the pass can pick this up as a singular download on August 18th for £4.79/ $5.99 /€5.99 . If you want this DLC plus the previous DLC that was released with this expansion pass earlier in the year, you can pick up the Air, Land, and Sea Expansion pass for £19.99/ $24.99 / €24.99 . The Bavarium Sea Heist DLC offers a new location, missions, and weapons to play with, with the bullet points in the press release stating the following. "Brave the dangerous waters of West Medici in your new rocket boat and infiltrate the Stingray, a mysterious research facility, home of the rarest and strongest weapon ever created by the Eden Corporation. This content pack includes a brand new location to explore, missions, a new challenge type, the heavily armed rocket boat and the devastating “Eden Spark” lightning gun." Liberate the Medici co

Trailer: Mantis Burn Racing (Gamescom Trailer)

A game that caught my eye about a month or so ago when VooFoo Studios released it onto Steam early access, with the dangling carrot of an Xbox One preview release at some point in the future. Mantis Burn Racing bullet point features can be found below the new trailer seen below. While the features are only for the Steam version at the moment, I guess we can expect the same things on consoles when it finally makes its way onto them. Once we have a console release date, I will be sure to let you know. Comprehensive Career Mode – Test every aspect of your driving ability in a compelling career structure where you choose your progression path on the road to being crowned Mantis Burn Racing Champion. Bumper-to-Bumper Racing – Jump the sand dunes of sun-scorched Sand Town or burn rubber on the asphalt city streets of New Shangri-la in high-risk, high-speed but most of all, highly competitive racing. Incredible Vehicles – Choose from a roster of fully customisable built-for-racing

The Little Acre Coming To Xbox One & Other Formats Later This Year

Curve Digital & Pewter Games have only gone and found my damn weakness, that weakness being showing me cute looking video games. The Little Acre is set for a release on a bunch of formats later this year, and sees you go on an adventure set in 1950s Ireland, with you following the story of  two characters called Aidan and his young daughter, Lily. (Take it away press release) "Investigating the sinister disappearance of his father, Aidan finds himself transported to a strange new world populated by bizarre creatures. Things are not helped when young Lily decides that she is going to ‘help’ and encounters her own perils along the way." Looks stunning doesn't it?  I Will be sure to keep you up to date on this gorgeous lookng project running up to its release. Game Features: Traditional hand-drawn animation Two playable characters Beautiful original score Fully voice acted Unique transitions to an isometric perspective

Bonus Giveaway - Win Halo: The Master Chief Collection (Now Over)

I felt like being nice to you guys this month, so I went out and bought a download code for Halo: The Master Chief Collection to giveaway, on top of the site EA Access giveaway that can be found here . I got fed up of trying to share the tweet out on Twitter the hard way, so decided to do a post on here so you could just view it here and I could tweet out this post to promote it.  It's easy to enter, just see the below tweet and do as it asks. Will pick a winner this weekend. Good Luck. Winner was chosen from all entries and code sent to them.

HXR Blog: How Far Will You Go For Gamerscore?

I've decided this morning that each weekend shall be a blog day on the website, a post that's gives you a bit of a insight into the man I am, while also letting me rant or share in something that has happened to me in the time I've been playing these stupid video games We're all nosey buggers, so getting to learn a little about me outside of reviews is hopefully something you enjoy reading and also something I don't get bored of typing about in a hurry. Most importantly, hopefully it's something that gets us talking to each other, as I love nothing more than talking to those that read whatever I type, as even with all this shyness (will definitely be a blog about this at some point) I love to talk with new people.. The first subject I've decided to talk a little about are achievements, and how far I've gone to secure nothing more than a few points. I'm a recovering gamerscore addict who has a shady past when it comes to achievements, but I'm

More Details About WWE 2K17 Released

No quicker had I done a post bringing you up to date with all the goings-on with WWE 2K17 , they only go and release new information on the game via the official website earlier today. Personally, I've found myself having mixed feelings about some of the news that has come out about the game with these new details, but here is some of the information so you can make up your own mind. I will give the words of Mark Little, Executive Producer of WWE 2K, before giving my thoughts on what I feel about the bunch of things we can take away from this. GAMEPLAY "With the WWE 2K franchise, we are striving to deliver the most authentic and realistic WWE experience possible.  Fans have been asking us to truly improve the core gameplay experience since we inherited the brand, and we are taking your requests seriously – from controls to presentation to individual features. We’ve shifted the gameplay experience focus from an arcade-centric, fighting game style to simulation-based ga

HXR Giveaway - Sample EA Access For A Month On Me (Now Over)

I've been a big fan of the EA Access service ever since it launched in 2014 onto the Xbox One, but I'm still surprised to see that even now many are still wary of it, just because of EA being behind it all. While the games on offer can make the service seem like something that only sports gaming fans will get enjoyment from, EA are always bringing new games into the mix, trying their best to to make the service as diverse as they can be with their games. This month saw games such as Unravel joining the vault, with Garden Warfare 2 coming later this month, and then you only have to think about all the early trials coming later this year. I've decided to go out and buy an EA Access Month Download code for one of you out there to try out the service, or those who just fancy a free month on me. Entering could see you playing the following games for a whole month, with achievements for those games all up for grabs. Achievements unlock for both games in the vault, as well as

New Trailer For Mafia III Takes A Look At City Districts

Mafia III has been one of those games that when it was announced I was happy about it, but not to the point that I was expecting myself to be having it near the top of the games I need to play later in the year. This is changing the more I see and hear about the game though, with the latest video taking a look how each district in the game differs from the rest. In the below video, John Donovan, CIA handler for Lincoln Clay (main character of Mafia III) during his Vietnam days, explains what lies beneath each of the New Bordeaux’s ten distinct districts. While they may look a beautiful & picturesque place to live, all of them have a seedy underbelly to them. This is the first of six videos in this series of gameplay videos set to be released, so expect to see the rest of them on the site when they release. Mafia III is set to release on October 7th.

New Entrances, New Screenshots, & Puff Daddy News For WWE 2K17

It's been a bit of a busy time of late in regards to some new things being shown off for WWE 2K17, with a couple of entrances, a bunch of screenshots, as well as news of Puff Daddy taking control of the soundtrack for the game in the last week or so. Not really being a big P Diddy fan in all honesty, I was a little more excited about things that would be more about the game and less about what song I would be listening to in the menus of the game when it releases this October. For those Diddy fans out there though here is the video on that news. Like I said, over the weekend a ton of screenshots were released for the game, with some interesting additions to the roster this year now being confirmed. Now, I'm not going to share all of these in picture form as it would take me forever to do so, but the list of superstars revealed so far are as follows. Week One Reveals: Booker T, Brian Pillman, Chris Jericho, Diego, Erick Rowan, Fernando, Heath Slater, Jim Neidhart, Larry Z

HXR Hardware Review (Of Sorts) - Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition Plus

In all the time I've used this product, I don't think it's one I've sat down and typed something on it anywhere else. For me a product like this doesn't really need words. As you only have to click on YouTube to see someone using it to see if it works well enough for you. None the less, I've decided to use it for a week or so and write something up on it for this very blog, purely because doing hardware reviews were another part of reviewing that I really enjoyed doing elsewhere. I'm not the most knowledgeable tech guy you will ever come across, so if you're expecting a ton of tech speak thrown your way, then you're in the wrong place. I'm just your average dumb bloke who likes playing with a bit of tech to help make my gaming experience a little better. Before this review of sorts gets going, I think it's worth noting that this device is not the newest one on the market by a long shot, and there are newer devices out there if having

DOOM "Unto The Evil" DLC Now Available

The first DLC pack for the massively successful DOOM is now available on numerous formats, including the Xbox One. This premium DLC pack offers three new maps (Cataclysm, Offering, Ritual), one new playable demon (The Harvester), a new weapon (UAC EMG Pistol ), a new equipment item (Kinetic Mine), and a bunch of new armor sets, taunts, and Hack Modules to mess about with. You can see all this DLC in the below trailer. This DLC comes as part of the season pass, which you can buy for £29.99 by clicking here . Doing it this way will not only get you this DLC, but also the following Two DLC packs that will come out in the near future. You can also get this DLC via a singular download if you wish, with the DLC available to buy from here for just £11.99 . One thing worth noting about this DLC is that it offers something know as the "PartyPlay system". This allows anyone to play any of the new maps from Unto the Evil, as long as someone they party up with owns the DLC. So if

HXR Trailer - Prey Gameplay

Yesterday saw a new gameplay (or at least to my knowledge it is) trailer of Prey, a first-person sci-fi action game from the people at Arkane Studios. The game is set for a 2017 release, and will release on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. My memory is telling me I played both previous Prey games on the 360, but other than that, I can't remember that much about them in all honesty. None the less, as with any new game that looks gorgeous, you have my attention new Prey.