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HXR Review - Mighty No. 9

Boy has a lot been said about this game on the Internet since its release back on June 24th, and not all good. I went in reviewing Mighty No.9 not really knowing the excitement and hope surrounding its release if I'm being honest with you. My knowledge of its back story and how it came to being made pretty much goes as far as an email a few days before its release, and me deciding I could fit a review in for what looked a game I would have enjoyed back in my younger days. If you're here for a review from a guy who loved the crap out of games such as Megaman, then you're looking in the wrong place. In my younger days Megaman was never a game I felt the need of giving some of my gaming time to for some reason, so I just never got around to giving it a look. Loading up Mighty No. 9 I felt like I had gone back in time when the start menu music kicked in. Closing my eyes I could feel the warm memories of games such as Sonic and other classics of my younger years all come fl

HXR Review - Deadlight Director's Cut

Here we are again boy and girls, yet another game being given a touch-up and being sold to a new set of gamers who missed a game first time around. Going into replaying and re-reviewing Deadlight with this Director's Cut, I tried my best to try and remember if I enjoyed the game first time around on my 360 all the way back in 2012. Being old and trying to remember things is way harder these days though, so my mind is sort of telling me I did, but also with a hint of "I'm joking you old fool, you only thought it was only alright" coming through when thinking back. There is a plus side to this whole being old though, as because of it Deadlight felt like a new game to me. Not remembering any key moments meant playing Deadlight a second time around wasn't full of moments of me going "oooooooohhhhh, I remember what happens next" and made the experience a much better one because of it. The game is set in 1986 Seattle, with you playing the role of Randal

Brock Lesnar Announced As The Cover Star For WWE 2K17

The man mountain that is Brock Lesnar has just been confirmed as the cover star for WWE 2K17, with the game set to release this October. With this news Mr Paul Heyman has put out the below "Suplex City" trailer, which when slowing down may also confirm some obvious yet still unconfirmed superstars who will be taking part in the game. Superstars such as as Booker T, Big Show, Sheamus and Dean Ambrose all feature in the below trailer when taking a closer look, but I would bet you eagle eyed ones out there will spot even more when you give it a look. Drop a comment below if you do spot other superstars, and let us all know who you see. .

Is Your Xbox One Now TV App Not Working? Check Out This Simple Fix

Over the last week or so, if you're anything like me you've been pulling your hair out trying to get your Now TV app to load up and not had much success. Like me you've been met with nothing but an error code and a timed out screen, and no real help on how to fix it. I'm sure you've tried to reinstall the app, hard reset your console, the lot. Like I said I've been there, so was bloody annoyed to find out how easy it is to get the app to work, which I did so for the first time this very morning by doing the below trick. Before I pass on this nugget of information, just so you know MS and the guys behind NOW TV are aware of the issue and are working on a fix. Use this trick for now though so you can get use of the passes you have paid for with your hard earned cash. Step one: Turn on your console and sign out of your Xbox Live account. Step Two: Go to the Now TV app and try starting it up like you normally would Step Three: Watch as it finally gets p

Mafia III Family Kick-Back (Pre-order Incentive) Trailer

The latest trailer for Mafia III takes a look at the Family Kick-Back pre-order Incentive that the game has. Pre-ordering the game will net you this digital extra which includes three cars, as well as some exclusive weapons for you to use in the game. The three cars are the Lassiter Leopard, Smith Moray MX100, and the Berkley Stallion. The exclusive weapons are the Gator Shotgun, Camo Sniper, and finally the Trench 1938 Submachine Gun. You can check all of these out in the below trailer. You can then look forward to using these when the game releases on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 7th.

HXR Review - Mirror's Edge Catalyst

I love to write reviews that give you guys an indefinite buy or ignore on every game I'm lucky enough to review, but sometimes a game likes to test me and make it impossible to do so. Truth be told I could have had this review of Mirror's Edge Catalyst up on the site a few days ago, but I've changed my mind on it so many times that I've been putting it off while my brain fought it out for a definite answer which never came in the end. While enjoying the previous Mirror's Edge game like I guess many of you reading this review did, I wouldn't say I got to the point of me falling in love and adoring it like many seem to do these days. Yes, I enjoyed playing the original game up until completion at the time, but asking me if I would go back now and replay through the whole game all over again just for giggles, I got to say, I don't think I could. While being a unique game when it first released, I guess the thing that stood out most for me at the time was

HXR Trailer - LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Kylo Ren)

Alert.............alert. A none Star Wars guy is going to attempt to tell you about the latest Vignette for LEGO Star Wars: The force Awakens featuring Kylo Ren, a dark warrior who commands the First Order, or so the press release tells me.  The game is set for a release next week (June 28th), so if this small vignette tickles your fancy you still have time to get that pre-order in. The trailer below has that standard humour/humor we know and love in LEGO games gone by, so even a none Star Wars guy like me has a reason of picking it up come release next week. Joking aside I wasn't a Hobbit guy until playing the LEGO games (Yes I'm that guy who likes nothing), so here's hoping this might do the same.

HXR Giveaway - Dovetail Games Euro Fishing

Every now and then a dev or publisher is kind enough to go that little bit extra and offer you out there a chance of winning their game. Dovetail Games have been kind enough to gift me two codes of their addictive fishing game Euro Fishing for you guys to win. The Gleam giveaway with all the entry choices can be found below, with a winner being chosen next Wednesday (June 29th). Good luck to all that enter, and if you're new to the site thanks for checking me out. HXR Euro Fishing XB1 Code Giveaway

HXR Review - Neon Chrome

The trend of games that reward you while punishing you at the same time is a trend I honestly do not get. The reward at the end does taste that much sweeter when beating that level you've been stuck on for three days, or that boss who keeps killing you. But for me now in my older years, I just find myself losing patience with a game that constantly slaps me about a little while mocking my gaming skills like a bully would. I went into Neon Chrome not really knowing what to expect in truth, but having been somewhat of a fan of the stuff by 10Tons before, I went into half expecting to enjoy what the team had made for us this time around. Neon Chrome is a top-down shooter with the whole cyberpunk look going for it, but it's also a game that is so tough that it has seen me putting this review off for what feels like ages because I found myself questioning my own gaming ability. This is how the game plays out. At the start of the game you get to choose from three randomly ge

HXR Review - Dovetail Games Euro Fishing

I've waited for what feels like an age for a decent console fishing game since the arcade days of SEGA Bass Fishing on previous consoles. Euro Fishing was one of those games I by chance came across on the coming soon section of the Xbox Store a few months ago, but since then it's been a game I've been looking forward to getting my hands on. We saw a release date, only for that to be scrapped, but Dovetail came good on June 10th, when the game finally became available on the Xbox One. Now truth be told this review should have been out much quicker than this, but with a hectic home life and a review list the size of my arm right now, I'm slowly but surely getting to grips with the backlog I have on my hands. I feel bad though, as games like Euro Fishing need that review right around launch to make a proper impact in making gamers who are sitting on the fence about a game want to give it a look. This in turn sees some cash going back to the devs who have worked hard o

HXR Review: Dead Island Collection

Had you asked me my feelings on the Dead island series before this release of the brand new upgraded collection, there is a high chance you would have been met with a face like I was eating a bee and not much excitement in word form coming out of my mouth. While the series did nothing for me and many others when the original game released back in 2011 and Riptide following in 2013, I think it's fair to say the series still has its own unique fan base who enjoyed what the game offered them back then. I had in truth wrote off the game before even playing this new shiny take on slaying the undead, which was bad on my part, as it turns out all is not bad. This remastered collection nets you three games in total, with the original Dead Island, follow up Riptide, and also a game called Retro Revenge being the three games you get for picking up the bundle. Now many would be happy paying £40.00 for three games I imagine, but it gets even better. You can pick up all three games on a bu

HXR Gameplay - Trials Of The Blood Dragon

I made my first E3 purchase last night once I saw that Trials and Blood Dragon had joined forces to make the game you see below. The below video is a look at the menu and the first few levels of Trials Of The Blood Dragon, just so you get a look at it to make up your own mind. If you like what you see, the game is available now for just £11.99 on the Xbox One store, which you can go and buy by clicking here if you so wish . I would say a review will come shortly on the blog, but truth be told I'm already snowed under with reviews that need doing on here, so this is going on the back burner for the next few weeks. Maybe when I have more time I will get something wrote up on it.

HXR Trailer - Battlefield 1 From EA Play

A brand new trailer for Battlefield 1 was shown of at EA Play last night, and just when you thought the last one was bloody gorgeous they show us this. Battlefield 1 is set for release on Oct 21st.

Season Three Of The Walking Dead Gets A Teaser Trailer

Hasn't Clem grown up? The teaser for the latest season for The Walking Dead was revealed on IGN last night, but as for hard facts, I guess we will have to wait for those. In the tease you see a grown up Clementine, as well as a new character in Javier. We do know that you will play as both characters during season three, but Telltale would not go any further into how come. My money is on Clem being kidnapped or something along those lines, but guess we will have to wait and see. Season Three of The Walking Dead will be coming to us this Fall.

FIFA 17 Set For A Story Mode This Time Around

More news from the EA Play event that took place last night, with EA letting us in on what to expect this year from FIFA 17. After some awkward acting was out the way from the guy playing the lead role in the mode, we saw a trailer for the story mode set to feature in the game. "The Journey" as EA are calling it, promises to see you making your mark both on and off the pitch as the Premier League's next rising star, Alex Hunter. The mode lets you play at any Premier League club, with authentic managers, and will see you playing alongside some of the best players in the league. As well as showing off that mode, we also got a look at a standard gameplay trailer for the game, which promises to look better than ever before thanks to using Frostbite.

Titanfall 2 Single Player And Multiplayer Trailers + Beta Details

Expect a few posts to go up over the next few days, as the week all gamers look forward to kicked off last night with EA. Over the next few days gamers around the world will set eyes on what they will be spending their money on this year and next, as devs and publishers take to stages at numerous events to show us what they have been working on. Like I said, last night saw EA kick things off with their EA Play event, so a few trailers from there is where we shall begin on the blog today, nd no better place to start than Titanfall 2. EA Play started off with a futre smash hit, with the gorgeous looking Titanfall 2 taking to the stage, which this time around is also seeing a release on the PS4 too. Both the brand new single player experience and Multiplayer was shown off, with the game seeing a release on October 28th. Click the links above to view both trailers. You can also sign up to the Titanfall 2 newsletter here which will have information about a multiplayer technical tes

HXR Quick Look - Dovetail Games Euro Fishing (Xbox One)

Taking a quick peek at Dovetail Games Euro Fishing before it sees a release on the Xbox One at midnight tonight. Review coming up over the weekend if I can drag myself away from it.

Injustice 2 Coming To Consoles In 2017

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment hae just announced that Injustice 2 will be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One in 2017, as well as putting a trailer out for it. Creative Director at NetherRealm Studios, Ed Boon, also had a few things to say in the press release alongside the trailer. "In Injustice 2, we are introducing new features that will change the way fans play fighting games. We’re always interested in pushing the genre forward and allowing players to customise and level-up their favourite DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains is a significant leap." The game itself will see the story carrying on from that of Gods Among Us, with Batman and his allies working towards putting the pieces of society back together, while struggling against those who want to restore Superman’s regime. A new threat appears that will put Earth’s existence at risk. Players will be able to choose from the biggest DC roster ever offered in a fighting game, from cl

HXR Review: Hard Reset Redux

I went into the review of Hard Reset Redux not really knowing what to expect in all honesty. A quick glance at a trailer and some images on a PR site I use for the blog, had my mind telling me it looked like a game that I might enjoy playing, but other than that nothing was known about the devs or indeed the game itself. Developed by the guys at Flying Wild Hog, the game made me take interest due to it looking a little DOOM like in the below game footage, and being that game was so much fun surely this would offer more of the same, or so I thought. The first incarnation of Hard Reset saw a release back in 2011 on PC, but of course this new version throws in a ton of tweaks and new things to try and bring it right up to date. A lot has changed since then however, and while HRR does have a certain element of charm to it when playing, you do after a while start to feel the age of it all. Hidden in Hard Reset Redux is story somewhere that involves you playing a CLN soldier which sees

Dovetail Games Euro Fishing Release Finally Happening

I've been dying to get my hands on this since seeing it on the Xbox store a few months back, and we all soon can. The guys have finally put it in stone that the game will see a release on the Xbox One this Friday (June 10th), with the game costing £14.99, $18.49, €18.49. Will have some gameplay up for you shortly.

Xbox One Summer Update Details Released

The latest Xbox One update has been revealed by Microsoft, with preview members getting it sometime this week and all those outside the preview getting it later this Summer. The update has a ton of brand new features added to the console, with the below video by Xbox Live's Major Nelson and Mike Ybarra from the Xbox engineering team, letting us in on what we can expect from it all. Xbox One Cortana on Xbox One: Cortana is coming to Preview in the U.S., U.K., France, Italy, Germany and Spain first, and gamers can expect the familiar Cortana experience found on other Windows 10 devices. Cortana voice commands on Xbox One will work with both headsets and Kinect. You’ll be able to use Cortana to find great new games, see what your friends are up to, start a party, accomplish common tasks, turn on your Xbox One if you’re using Kinect, and more. We’ll continue to build Cortana features over time and our vision is to use Cortana to help elevate your experience as your personal digital

HXR Gameplay - Among The Sleep

On top of the review which went live on the site for this game recently ( which you can go and read here if you lik e), I decided to get a quick video up on the recently released Among The Sleep earlier today thanks to an empty house.

HXR Review - Overwatch

The release of Overwatch was some what of an odd one a week or so before it was due to come out. Doing what I do on the blog and Twitter I tend to have my eyes on numerous places all at the same time, so it's a tough for me to focus on just one game and gauge the fan base that is has coming up to that release. On the outside, Overwatch seemed to just blast out of nowhere and onto the must buy lists for seemingly every gamer on every format. I'm still unsure though if this because we are in the drought of decent releases that we always see in the Summer months, or, if Overwatch is that great it deserves all of the fanfare it is getting right now (typing this part of the review before playing it). Overwatch went from no one talking about it to EVERYONE talking about it in such a short space of time. I mean I couldn't look at social media for longer than two minutes without seeing a story, a video, or something being wrote about it. We've had giant characters popping

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Trial Now Available With EA Access

To be honest with you all this trial was up as early as yesterday afternoon. With two kids at home with half-term taking place at the moment, it's pretty tough to get posts up on here this week. Roll on next Monday when they go back. The EA Access trial for Mirror's Edge Catalyst will allow you to play the game for 6 hours, and have the following things for you to try out when downloading it 6 hours of play time with Mirror’s Edge Catalyst 10 action-packed missions 2 vast districts to explore Social Play features  I've given the trial a quick 50 minute play yesterday, and if you took part in the recent closed beta the game had, it's pretty much replaying out that once again, only this time tasty gamerscore being thrown your way. A review for the full game will be up on the site in the next few weeks.

HXR Review - Among The Sleep

I have a problem that I'm not ashamed to let the whole of the Internet know about. As a 36 year old man I am a great big wimp when it comes to horror games or anything that makes my mind play tricks on me. The mind is your worst enemy when it comes to playing these sort of games, as yes, while games like this make you jump every now and then when you play them, for me it's more the sights & sounds that happen while you play it that play more of a role in me becoming the 8 year old wimpy version of myself. On the surface Among The Sleep looks to be cutest game a man/woman could ever wish for, with it all starting off at your second birthday with your Mum feeding you cake and everything being all fun. That is soon ruined however, when you're given a bloody adorable teddy bear after a knock at the door and Mum taking you upstairs for a little afternoon kip. Once Mum is out the room this cute little bear comes to life and talks and walks, and that boys and girls is whe