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Review - Need For Speed Heat (To Be Updated At A Later Date)

I honestly can't remember the last time I sat down with a Need For Speed game and felt like I was playing something special. In terms of open-world like racers, it's a genre that has a few heavy hitters in it these days. Need For Speed as a series just hasn't really took what it always had and took it that next step above. Well, not for me anyway  Sure, there have been some alright games in the past where certain new things have been added over time, but every game always ends up having that feel and vibe of a cheaper version of a Fast and Furious movie tie-in. Going into playing NFS Heat I honestly didn't know what to expect with it, as I had not really kept up to date with what it was offering this time around. I was just hopeful I wouldn't regret 25+ hours of my life once I took the dive in. The story itself sees you playing the standard guy who loves fast cars, with the police of course somehow taking the bad role of the whole thing, beca

Review - AVICII Invector

Upon hearing about the release of Avichi Invector, I was always at some point going to give it a look, either via review code or picking it up by myself. Costing just £14.99, it takes a decent collection of songs from a Swedish DJ who sadly took his own life back in 2018. I won't sit here and act like I was the biggest fan of his work going in, but this game if anything celebrates his talent, and will also open your ears to some absolute bangers if you only know a few of his songs like myself.  The game itself has a few little story like videos littered in between the six worlds that feature, with twenty five songs in total to play. The story might have some meaning behind it, but if it did it went right over my head if I'm honest. Each world you visit gives a different backdrop when playing songs, but your eyes will not actually enjoy it that much as they will mainly be focused on the play area. You do have a few sections in each song where you fly around a bit to