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HXR Review: Forza Horizon 3

This review actually has a little story to begin with, a story about how little old me was given a helping hand by the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer. Or as he will be known by me from now on, King Phil.

I'm a massive dork on Twitter when it comes to anyone I look up to in this gaming business giving a tweet of mine a retweet or even just replying to me. When it happens, I may seem a calm man when answering them back, but deep inside I'm like an excited little school kid who has just been noticed by his favorite movie star. When writing for Honest Games Reviews a few years ago Phil followed us, and I got chatting with him via DM around E3 one year to see if we could maybe do an interview with him for the site. It nearly happened too. But with us still being classed as a small-time operation, and PR not being for it for whatever reason, it just never happened sadly.

Tweeting him last weekend reminding him of the follow he gave us/me on the Twitter account for HGR, I thought I woul…

HXR Review : Bioshock: The Collection

Remasters & I have a tormented relationship in which I can't decide if I dislike them or not. On one hand gamers are paying for the same experience because they have a fondness for a game, and on the other hand, new gamers are getting to experience a game that is looked at fondly for the very first time. The Bioshock series as a whole doesn't really fall under the classic banner for me if I'm being honest with you all. While I loved playing through both the original BioShock and also BS Infinite back on my 360, BioShock 2 slap bang in the middle of them both did nothing for me at all.

The Bioshock Collection offers current-gen console owners the chance to dip back into the underwater world of Rapture of BioShock 1 & 2, while also letting you take to the skies of Columbia in BioShock Infinite. All DLC is bundled in with this too, with the only thing missing being the MP saw in BioShock 2, which if you never played it the first time around it isn't that much of …

2K Takes Us On A Tour Of Suplex City In The Latest WWE 2K17 Trailer

2K are smashing it with the trailers for WWE 2K17 recently, with the latest one featuring a ton of superstars, as we are guided around the Gotham style setting of Suplex City. Featuring stars such as Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Big Show, and even former WWE superstar, Albertoooooo Del Riooooooo (always has to be said and typed that way, it's the rules).You can look forward to playing WWE 2K17 when it releases on October 11th

HXR Review: The Witness

Try The Witness said a few people on Twitter, and like an idiot, I listened. Here I am now giving this interesting puzzler a look for a review, with my brain just about functional to type some words on it, after it taking a battering playing it. The Witness will make the smart feel dumb while making the dumb (enter me here) wonder if life is worth living anymore. I live a very simple life, so the only sort of thing I can say reminded me of my playing The Witness was that feeling you get after you untie a tricky knot in a shoelace. No one will care that you just worked out this simple yet complex puzzle all by yourself, but inside you will feel that warm buzz of satisfaction for a few seconds as you do.
Now normally I tend to enjoy a good puzzle game when I've gotten my hands on them of late. But with the lack of story driving The Witness along, I can't lie and say that I've not found myself having to push myself to play this. Other than being dropped into this colourful a…

Trailer Three In The Mafia III "World Of Bordeaux" Series Takes A Look At Weapons

I need this game, I need it now. The latest Mafia III trailer takes a look at weapons, with knives, guns, rockets, Snipers, and much more available to play with when the game releases this October. My body is screaming out for a game like this at the moment, so I'm dying to get my hands on it.

HXR Review - The Final Station

Every now and then when using one of the many sites that us reviewers use for codes and what not, I come across a game that I've never heard of anywhere else on the Internet. Sure, half the time this would scream out "review me at your own peril", but now and again I've come across some great games when going in blind and not knowing anything at all about it. The Final Stand was one of those games that interested me because of how it looked in images I saw when finding it on this press site, looking all retro, it had my head telling me I needed to give it a look.

The Final Station is like two games in one, with one side seeing you (sort of) controlling a train, with the main portion of the game being your character exploring stations you come across while on your travels. There is a story told to you as you go along to explain the events you see going on around you, with bits of story told via interactions with other characters, but also smaller pieces found littere…

HXR Gameplay: Marvel’s Women of Power Table DLC For Pinball FX2

My love for the effort that Zen Studios puts into keeping their much-loved Pinball FX2 active with fresh new DLC  has not seen the light of day on this website as yet for some strange reason. With me being a massive fan of their work since I purchased the very first Pinball FX for my 360 wayyyyyy back in the day. Since then, they actually played a massive role in me typing these very words today, with Pinball FX DLC being my first very attempt at a review (never go looking for it) on the Intenet back when it launched. Since then they have always had my back with codes for new games and tables, which is why I'm sitting here about to type a few words on their two table Marvel DLC pack for Pinball FX2, which is coming to a bunch of formats from September 27th.

Now before we get ahead of ourselves here, we all know my lack of knowledge when it comes to Marvel right? I don't think I've made it clear on here just yet how I'm not one of those gamers that seem to love everyth…

Microsoft Announce Yet Another Xbox One S Bundle, This Time With Added Blocks

Do you have kids who love Minecraft? Have those same 360 playing kids been bothering you for a Xbox One off Santa later this year? Well, today Microsoft have announced yet another Xbox One S Bundle, with the Xbox One S 500GB Minecraft Favourites Bundle coming to stores on October 21st, and will cost around £249.99 here in the UK at numerous online stores. This bundle is already available in the United States and Canada for $299.99, with a release in Australia & New Zealand on Nov 1st. This bundle includes all of the following.

The Xbox One S Minecraft Favourites Bundle includes:
•Xbox One S console (500 GB) with built-in 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player, and 4K video streaming plus HDR for video and gaming – so you can experience richer, more luminous colours.
•New Xbox One S wireless controller with expanded range and Bluetooth support for Windows 10 PCs.
•Minecraft: Xbox One Edition download code, with enhanced performance and 16x bigger worlds compared to the Xbox 360 Edition.

Become A Paul Heyman Guy In Career Mode For WWE 2K17

I have said this a number of times before about Paul Heyman, but I honestly believe the man could sell ice to Eskimo he is that good at what he does. Last night we got a little look at what the career mode has to offer in WWE 2K17 this year, with Paul and his Beast looking to play a massive role in it this year. Things such as shirt sales and cutting a promos are such things spoken about in the below trailer, so all of a sudden the lack of a showcase mode isn't that bad at all. WWE 2K17 is set for release on Oct 11th.

HXR Review: PES 2017

I've written the same intro to a PES review a ton of times before in the years I've been reviewing games. Trying my best to mix things up a little for this one, I'm going to try my hardest to not mention that the other football game in this battle has been coming out on top since around PES 06 came along and turned many off the series. Nor am I going to mention that PES over the last few releases has started to pull some of that fanbase back, with some great improvements to a series that was once much loved. I Will tell you however, that I loved PES 05 to absolute bits. With it still in my eyes being the game that took me online in the very early days of owning my original Xbox. But things needed to change with PES, so I was hopeful that maybe this year might be the one (I say this to myself every year, so don't hold your breath).

I opened up this PES review package when it showed up last week to find it also having a two-sheeted press release telling me how things ha…

HXR Preview: Forza Horizon 3 Really Is Something Special

We seem to have hit the demo season of late on the Xbox One, what with demos of both Forza Horizon 3 and FIFA 17 now being available to try out on the console. Forza Horizon has always been my favourite side of the popular Forza series, with the horizon side always having more of a fun arcade feel to over its more serious motorsport themed sibling in the franchise. I don't tend to spend that much time on racers these days in truth, with the last time a racer really had me hooked being a small game called Split Second. A game which focused a lot more on the fun and crazy side of racing, rather than what grip tires I needed, or what gear I was in before reaching a tight corner. Forza Horizon strips away all this stuff and throws not only a gorgeous setting to you but also the same fantastic gameplay that we've come to expect from any of the Forza games over the years.

Loading up Forza Horizon 3, the game will allow you to live the dream, well as long as that dream is how cool l…

HXR Review - Dogos

Dogos was a game I knew nothing about up until a kind person on Twitter dropped me a DM pointing me in its direction. Like I said in the last review, the last few weeks for me have been a bit of blur, what with summer holidays and the wife being ill taking up most of my time at the moment. So big thanks to @SteveBurman on Twitter for the kind tap on the shoulder and point in the right direction.

So what's this Dogos game all about then Tony, I hear you cry. Well Dogos is the latest in what is slowly becoming a rare top-down/3D-style shooter that has made its way onto console, with me struggling to think of any others that are available at the moment (I'm sure the Internet will throw a load at me now that I've missed). Shooters such as this was and still are to an extent a genre that is much-loved by many, and this is because us old gamers have played some crackers in our youth. While graphics have changed ,and things now look a lot better in present day gaming, the same ba…

Xbox One's Freebies, Deals With Gold, and Spotlight Sale: Sep 13th - Sep 20th

Deals with gold offers changed this morning, with the standard mixed offering from MS, as well as a publisher sale by those over at Warner Bros, and some free DLC for BF4 (again). I will include links to the games and DLC I feel are worth your time in this very post, but for the rest of them you can check out Major Nelson's blog post here for the links and all Xbox 360 things that are on offer.

Free Battlefield 4 DLC
Battlefield 4 China Rising
Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth
Battlefield 4 Final Stand
Battlefield 4 Naval Strike
Battlefield 4 Second Assault

Deals With Gold:
Battleborn - £25.00
Battleborn Digital Deluxe Edition - £31.50
Clusterpuck 99 - £4.00
Dead Island Definitive Collection - £18.74
Dead Island Definitive Edition - £10.23
Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition - £10.23
Deadlight: Director’s Cut - £10.39
Forza Horizon 2 Car Pass - £5.00
Forza Motorsport 5 Car Pass - £4.00
Forza Motorsport 6 Car Pass - £6.00
Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure - £4.00
Soul Axiom - £10.71


FIFA 17 Demo Releasing Tomorrow

In what has now become a yearly ritual (much like the release of the full game), the demo of the latest FIFA game will be seeing a demo a few weeks before the full release. The demo which is set for release tomorrow (Sep 13th) will offer a bunch of teams, as well as a litle dip into the brand new Journey mode which FIFA will be offering this year (Xbox One, PS4, and PC only). You can also try out a simple kick-off match with one of the 12 teams in one of the three stadiums available in the demo (see list below). Some skill games are on offer too, with the demo offering 4 Single Player Games and 3 of the brand new Multiplayer Skill Games.

Manchester UnitedManchester CityChelseaReal MadridJuventusInterParis Saint-GermainOlympique LyonnaisSeattle SoundersBayern MünchenTigres U.A.N.L. (MX)Gamba OsakaStadiums:
CenturyLinkStamford BridgeSuita City Football Stadium

Win A Copy Of F1 2016 For The Xbox One (UK Only) NOW OVER

Giveaway time once here at HXR, with the copy of F1 2016 used for review up for grabs. My review of the game can be found here, with the tweet you need to enter with found below. Good luck to those that enter. If you want more of these then show me it is worthwhile by sharing this out as much as you can.

This competition is now over.

Who's Next? Asks The Brand New Gameplay Trailer For WWE 2K17

A brand new trailer for WWE 2K17 has dropped for us wrestling fans, with old P Diddy giving us a bit of Bad Boy for life as the background music for it. Showing off a ton of backstage and in-ring footage,  the game looks to be absolutely blooming glorioussssss (said in my best Bobby Roode intro music voice). WWE 2K17 is set for release October 11th.

HXR Review - Valley

You will see a trend growing over the next few reviews on the site, that trend being me not really knowing that much about the game going into the review. After six weeks of summer holidays here in the UK, I got to a point where I seemed to miss any smaller announcements of games at the lower end of the price bracket on the Xbox One, with me only catching clips of games either via YouTube and Twitter. Valley was a game I first saw after leaving YouTube to play to itself one night, with me waking up from a midnight power nap to a guy talking about something with it playing in the background to one of his videos. Fast forward a few weeks and I saw a tweet saying a game that looked like the game I saw was coming to the Xbox One, turns out it was the same blooming game.

Valley is billed as first-person adventure game, but my summing up of it being more like being told a story while running on a treadmill with beautiful views sells it way better I think.

You begin the game hearing a phone…

HXR Blog - Excuse Me While I Rant About The Direction Consoles Are Going In

Yesterday saw Sony have a little meeting in which they shared with gamers around the world to showed two brand new consoles they have coming to the market this year. First up had the PS4 Slim (will totally get one of these at some point, I promise), and the stat stacked fanboy edition in the PS4 Pro. Now, if any of us are honest wth each other here, I'm sure we can all agree that the event felt like something put together by kids in a secondary school, in which we had a lot of image headers and buzz words thrown at us and little else. Sure we had snippets of gameplay here and there to make it seem like something, but telling the average guy/girl that said game will look amazing on this console while watching it through a crappy YouTube/Twitch app isn't really going to do it justice. This is not an attack Sony post by the way, I just want to make that clear. I was a PS1/PS2 guy growing up, but watching this last night just made me begin to think we've forgot the key elemen…

HXR Review - Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas

From time to time when doing reviews of games that I would tend to not buy for myself, I get surprised with a little indie gem that blows my mind.  The obvious call of a Zelda clone was easy to see in the image I posted up on Twitter recently (seen below). Not being a Zelda guy in any shape or form though (cue internet hate) that really wasn't the reason I wanted to give this a look.

Up until seeing Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas on the coming soon section of the Xbox store just a few weeks ago, I knew nothing about the release at all. I didn't know things like it had released previously on IOS devices and recouped the money it cost to make in just a week. Nor did I know that Final Fantasy composers, Nobuo Uematsu and Kenji Ito, had signed up to compose music for it. That last one still means nothing to me in all honesty, but I know you FF nerds out there might want to know such information ;) I sit here typing this review to you 14 hours into my time with the game now,…

Overdue Review - Rock Band 4: Guitar Edition

Overdue reviews is a section on the blog where I finally get to play and review a game a while after the game has launched. Chances are you already own it by the time I post these up, so these reviews are purely to get some content up on the blog in these early days, with games I never reviewed elsewhere being the ones I focus on

Last weekend saw me biting the bullet and picking up the guitar version of a game many of us have played over the years, with the latest version of the beloved Rock Band now being part of my collection. The likes of Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, and Rock Band have been a big part of my time spent with the more recent of consoles, with the days of playing air guitar being replaced by whatever plastic devices either Harmonix or Activision decided I needed to use to live out the dream of being a rockstar. I'll be honest, over the years I've preferred the Guitar Hero series of games due to the music in that series being more my cup of tea. That said, I have also …