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Headset Review - PDP LVL50 Wireless Headset

What feels like an eternity (in reality a month or two, okay three months ago, I'm sorry), PDP were kind enough to send me over a LVL50 Wireless headset to review. Truth be told it came at a great time too. Well a great time as in a perfect time that a headset is needed, what with the busy Xmas period of new games being flung at us all from every direction. On top of that, my wired branded pair from another company had seen better days. So before I even got going using these it was fair to say I was over the moon, just not in the right frame of mind at the time to put my fingers to good use and tell you all about them. Until now that is. Myself and PDP go way back. Covering multiple pads and headsets, to their more unique items like their Pixel Pals range and their gorgeous Gears of War replica lancer I got sent to me. Writing about their stuff I've found that they don't mind bad feedback. Over the years I've praised stuff they've released when it deserv

Review - Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD

Super Monkey Ball was a game that, I got to be honest, while knowing about and perhaps playing it a handful of times back in the day, it wasn't really a game for me that really stuck around in memory too long. It was only when this was revealed via the announcement trailer that my brain said "oh yeah, Super Monkey Ball, we had some time with that in the past and it was alright". So yeah, I went into this expecting just that. Nothing mind blowing, but just a bit of fun. For those that haven't ever played a Super Monkey Ball game and have no idea what it is, let me tell you. Have you ever had a gerbil or hamster as a pet? You have? Okay, so you know that plastic ball we all buy that we stick them in when cleaning out their cage out so they can run around a bit and stretch their legs? Yeah, it's that but here we stick a monkey in it. Not only that, they also have to navigate tracks that have obstacles and holes on them as you try to make it

Review - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

So a month or two ago I sat down with this game planning on getting a review out before Xmas. That obviously never happened due to life, and then a busted laptop to just even more cement my superb luck that was the end of 2019. But none the less, better late than never eh? So here are my thoughts on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Now the story of Fallen Order is nothing we've not seen before, nor is it something you will come out of thinking it was the greatest thing you've ever seen. As a guy who doesn't really have Star Wars knowledge dripping out of my fingers, you can put me in the 2% who went into Fallen Order just because it looked a good game, and that's exactly what I got.  You play Cal Kestis, a delightful yet somewhat basic lead to a videogame, who is somewhat overshadowed by a tiny robot you acquire early on known as BD-1. As Cal you start out pretty basic to begin with, but as time passes what I got was a story of growth and the opport