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Review - The Long Journey Home

For as long as I can remember, I've found space and technology absolutely fascinating. Both in reality and in fiction. Especially in fiction, I suppose. Anything sci-fi would instantly catch my eye and franchises like StarWars and StarTrek had a major impact on my formative years. The idea of journeying between the stars, discovering new life and new worlds is fertile ground for the imagination and the concept is obviously ripe for a video game. I'm sure many people like the idea of sailing between the stars, captaining a crew, exploring the universe and that feeling is what "The Long Journey Home" tries to tap into. The game has a simple premise. You hand-pick a crew, choose a ship and lander, then head off into the endless void. Your mission? To test humanities latest breakthrough, an engine capable of interstellar travel. While on this maiden voyage, something goes wrong. When the jump drive is activated, it mis-fires, flinging the ship and crew far across th

Review - FIFA 19

Typing up a review of a yearly released sports game can be tough, as you try your best not to sound like a stuck record or finding yourself repeating things you've said 12 months ago, but I will try my best. The FIFA series is the pinnacle of what a football game should be when it comes to an overall package of what every football fan wants from a game of his beloved sport. Offering not only a great football experience when it comes to things on the pitch (okay, it isn't perfect), but also offering the bells and whistles we see when games are shown on TV these days. FIFA will sit on the top of many lists in the next few weeks with the run up to Xmas, with it being the safe option to buy a loved one this time of year, as who doesn't enjoy a game of footy on their console of choice? FIFA 19 doesn't really do much in terms of shaking the series up if I'm being honest with you, but once again brings with it the experience and modes fans have come to enjoy or loathe

Review - Red Dead Redemption 2

As we settle into the busy period of massive releases with Xmas just around the corner, reviewers around the globe (mostly those without a huge team) are sitting in dark rooms, rocking back and forth as they try their best to keep up with the barrage of massive hits coming at them from every angle. Red Dead is one of many games that require a silly amount of time to experience everything it has to offer, with the single-player campaign alone promising 60 hours of playtime, and that's not even taking into consideration the multiple other things all over the place to take your mind off the story. I'm 56 hours in on chapter three and it still feels like I'm finding new things on a daily basis. The game sees you playing the role of Arthur Morgan, an outlaw who is part the Van Der Linde gang, led by a guy by the name of Dutch, an outlaw with a heart it seems in the hours I've spent with him so far at least. The story which unfolds in the form of a heavy tutorial based op

Review - LEGO DC Super-Villains

So it's that time again, the latest installment of the Lego franchise is upon us, and this time we are returning to the DC universe. Before we start though, I do need to confess that I do have a love/hate relationship with the LEGO game formula. Playing Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman and the Marvel games, with later titles that have released kinda just being ignored by me, with some of the newer releases either not being a huge fan of the related franchise, or I just knew what I'd be getting and wanted something different. I felt the formula had grown a little stale and predictable. This one, however, DID interest me. Mostly because A, I really do love my comic book characters, and B, this one is called DC Super Villains..That's right kiddies, this time around we play as the baddies! Now, I'm not going to lie, this IS obviously still a Lego game, and you probably know what that's going to entail if you've played any previous games. Just in case though,